29 June 2009

Mayor Daley's Legacy Of Blood

Illinois in general, and Chicago, in particular, hold a distinction few states and cities in the United States possess -- they powers that be in these two governments unilaterally, and without any emotion, deny the basic human right of self defense to its citizens.

And once again, this policy has had tragic consequences.

The devastation of that family that derives, in part, from such blatant disregard for the misery that so many Chicagoans face, lays solely these days with Mayor Daley. His arrogance in holding on to power, while residents in his city are gunned down because the bad guys know that law abiding moms, dads, grandmothers and the like are not permitted to carry a sidearm for their personal protection.

Mayor Daley and "The Chicago Way" dominate Illinois politics. People downstate cannot understand how Cook County politicos think. But they know that what Cook County wants, Cook County usually gets.

What downstaters hope is never exported from The Windy City, is the rampant crime that ravages that beautiful lake city.

So Mayor Daley, with these latest shootings, is your only answer (once again) to try to further restrict guns? What don't you understand about if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns? Gun banners think it is an arful, but stupid phrase. But Mr. Mayor, you have created a situation where life is imitating art.

When will Chicagoans, and the people of Illinois, finally find the will to throw these people out of office?

1 comment:

Papa Ray said...

About the same time the rest of us find the will to throw out Congress.

Which of course,is never.

Papa Ray
West Texas