02 June 2009

Gun Control Has Not Stopped Shooting Deaths In Chicago

Seven people slain in 24 hours this past weekend in the Windy City. A police officer cut down, taking most of the headlines.
Continued opposition to enabling women, parents, grandmothers, and other law abiding taxpayers the means to defend themselves.
What you end up with are killings -- the benefit of gun control, courtesy of Mayor Daley and others who proudly continue to push "The Chicago Way."
The graphic on the right is courtesy of Oleg Volk, a brilliant graphic artist who appreciates the Second Amendment far better than most anyone in politics in Chicago.
Oh, did I mention he is an immigrant from the Soviet Union? He truly understands freedom, and why it is important to be able to resist government that restricts the rights of its peoples.


BobG said...

In the picture is says:
Armed women are hated by muggers and Chicago politicians.How can anyone tell them apart?

Brent Greer said...

Oh zing! Guess it might depend on whether one has gone through a nasty divorce perhaps?

Ran said...

Can't. That's because the caption left the word 'thug' from between 'Chicago' and 'politician.'