02 June 2009

For Next Memorial Day . . .

First off, let me say that every day is a good day to thank a soldier for what they do for our country. Make time to thank a veteran also, if you happen to spot someone wearing a hat or shirt signifying such.

But for those who have gone before us in the fight for freedom comes a wonderful suggestion from my fellow blogger Jeff Soyer, who writes the Alphecca blog.

I will use his words to describe it:

Skip the sales. Take your kids and visit the local town war memorial and reflect for awhile. Tell your children that, quote: “Freedom is not free.” We only enjoy what we have because of so many lives lost defending us and our nation.

The Jews have a wonderful tradition of (during Passover) opening the front door, and leaving a dinner plate and glass of wine for the ghost of the prophet Elijah.

Today, when you have your barbecue, leave a seat, a place-setting for the spirit of a fallen soldier. Explain to your children, why.

Then, enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday!

What a marvelous suggestion. It is what I will do next year on Memorial Day. Thank you Jeff!

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