19 June 2009

Contrary to Euro Documentary, Women Have Little To Fear From Firearms

I don't think so.

Women have the most to fear from three parties:

1) Spineless politicians who push gun guntrol as a means of fundraising and to gain political power;

2) Gun control advocates who are more offended by a law abiding citizen possessing and possibly using firearms to defend their lives, than by the thought of a woman strangled or raped, and

3) Criminals hellbent on visiting violence upon them.

. . . . . IN THAT ORDER.

Why? Because politicians have power. You can avoid most crime by being a smart thinking and being aware of your surroundings. But it is difficult to rein in politicians who deny self defense sidearms to women and grandmas, while the former are protected by bodyguards and live in walled communities. As far as those gun ban advocates, to say that women need to be protected from the evil gun scourge . . . I think women need protection from these self-appointed, self-righteous groups.

h/t to Sebastian

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