11 July 2009

Big Columbus Westland Gun Show Today and Tomorrow, July 11-12

If you are anywhere near Central Ohio this weekend, you need to make time to head over to the big Columbus Westland Gun Show, taking place at Westland Mall on the city's (where else?) west side.

Sponsored by C&E/Showmasters Gun Shows, show hours are 9-5 today, and 9-4 tomorrow. Admission is $8. But if you are a Peoples Rights Organization Life Member, admission is free. Bring your PRO Life Member membership card, or your new C&E/PRO admission card.

And the best deal going is the join the NRA at the show. Join today or tomorrow and you get $10 off the normal membership rate, plus a nifty NRA hat, plus the full benefits of membership (12 months of magazines, insurance, etc.), AND you get free admission to the big gun show. All for 25 bucks.

Worth checking out!

1 comment:

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