17 July 2009

Mike DeWine Wants To Be Your New AG

The only sitting republican U.S. senator ever to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) wants to run for Ohio Attorney General.


Based on his anti-gun, anti self defense, pretty much anti freedom voting history in the U.S. Senate before he was thrown out by voters a few years ago, I vote NO!

We already have an attorney general in Richard Cordray who is, many believe, a wolf in sheep's clothing regarding the 2A. Although, to be fair, he did sign on to an amicus brief with other state attorneys general arguing for "incorporation" regarding the 2A; that is, that the constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights to right to keep and bear arms applies to the states and local governments, also. As in . . . "shall not be infringed."

David Yost, Delaware County prosecuting attorney, has a generally strong record on the Second Amendment. He would appear to be a far stronger choice as republicans go for this race.

I have a pretty good idea what Ohio's three big grassroots gun rights groups will have to say on Mr. DeWine's candidacy. When Sarah Palin was John McCain's VP candidate, she spent some time criss-crossing Ohio on a brief bus trip. She was being escorted by none other than Mike DeWine. I fired off a letter to her office and to the McCain campaign advising them that a DeWine/Palin combination is sort of like oil and water. Whether Ms. Palin picked up on the idea that former Senator DeWine is not a conservative, is anti-gun, and was rejected by most voters in his own party this last election cycle . . . well I don't know how that barn-storming partnership worked out.

All I know is that on the issues, law abiding firearms owners have many, many, many issues with Mr. DeWine. I guess he doesn't care.

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Ran said...

It is high time for conservative and libertarian Ohioans to re-take the Ohio Republicans from these invertebrate squishes.

Join the NRA, attend a Tea Party, invite the neighbors for dinner, join the PTO and above all get involved in the electoral process... Poll watching, campaigning or running for Office.