22 July 2009

Two Votes

The legacy media may be portraying this as an amendment that never stood a chance, but the "Thune Amendment," an addition to a military appropriations bill that would have legally enabled anyone in the U.S., with a CCW license to carry in any other state that permits CCW, failed by a mere....2 votes.

Some 20 democrats broke with their party and voted for the amendment. Incredibly, even Sen. Harry Reid, the embattled Nevada senator who is in the political fight for his life, voted for the amendment. This goes against years of anti-gun, anti-self defense votes. I believe, however, that the vote counters knew the amendment would fail -- even narrowly -- giving Reid political cover to vote in the affirmative.

Anti-gun groups are crowing at their so-called great victory. A rare victory for gun control advocates, those who choose to obstruct vital citizen safety legislation such as this amendment have been on the ropes for several years now as more and more Americans have become enlightened about their personal safety, and their personal responsibility to such. Even much of the media doesn't get it. Check out Bryan Miller and USA Today.

Here in Ohio, both my senators -- Brown (D) and Voinovich (R) -- voted against the citizen safety amendment. The votes were not unexpected. Brown has long opposed the basic human right to self defense, and Voinovich is pretty squishy on the issue, as well.

Sebastian, over at Snowflakes in Hell, posted real-time coverage of C-Span news reports leading up to the vote. It makes for interesting reading.

Most importantly, this issue isn't going away. The National Rifle Association, noting the close vote, has pledged to keep this issue in the forefront of national firearms rights and self defense policy.

Two votes . . . A slim margin and the anti self defense scare-mongers know it. And they are frightened by the continued loss of their power and influence.

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