14 July 2009

Taser Rolls Out Shocking Shotgun Shell

Self defense tool manufacturers manufacturers don't usually boast about a shotgun's non-killing power, unless that manufacturer is Taser International. This month, the leading "less-lethal" device manufacturer released for public sale a new stun cartridge for 12-gauge shotguns with a range of more than 100 feet.

It was originally developed for the U.S. Marines. But for use by the public, journalists seem skeptical. Is the media finally coming around, as are an ever-increasing majority of Americans, about how firearms are in deed the equalizer best suited for self defense? And they don't like Taser as an alternative? Or is it about the demonization of Taser International by those who have failed at demonizing guns, so they go after the leading provider of "less than lethal" tools?
An interesting debate.

Still, this is another one of those things to add to my "nice to have" list. Heh . . .

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