17 July 2009

Ohio's Waterfowl Bootcamp

Big events across the Buckeye State this weekend, with one of the biggest being the Waterfowl Bootcamp, put on by the Ohio Waterfowl Association.

Taking place at the Cardinal Center, a premier trapshooting range in north Central Ohio that has become the new home of the Ohio Trapshooting Association, the "Bootcamp" will feature many events and programs for waterfowl hunters of all ages.

Click here for a link to the event, which includes seminars on painting decoys, calling in geese, and numerous youth programs.

Speaking of youth, I will be there with two other representatives of Peoples Rights Organization (PRO) to sell National Rifle Association memberships. Additionally, I will be teaching the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, a nationally recognized and U.S. Justice Department endorsed firearms safety program for young children. The STOP! DON'T TOUCH! LEAVE THE AREA! TELL AN ADULT! message is strong, and has been adopted and taught by private citizens and police departments to kids all across North America. And with great success.

If you are in the area, stop by. The Cardinal Center is at State Route 61 and Interstate 71 in Marengo. Word is, Eddie himself will be "flying in" to teach the special "gun safe" message to kids attending the Waterfowl Bootcamp. And I am bringing a big supply of temporary tattoos, stickers, and Eddie comic books.

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