04 July 2009

Images of Freedom and Remembrance

Many thoughts come to mind on America's birthday. On this July 4, I thought the old saying that a picture is worth 1,000 is appropriate. So here is my look at various images of freedom from around the nation, my hometown, and my backyard.

Ohio Statehouse reflected in downtown Columbus office building.

The next generation of Second Amendment advocates, taken on
a SE Ohio afternoon, following our annual work camp.

At the Ohio Statehouse grounds.

Immigrant American soldiers take the oath of U.S. Citizenship

Scenes from the Las Vegas, Nev. Tea Party

Letter from a veteran at Ohio Statehouse Veterans Plaza

The Pentagon Memorial, remembering the 9-11 attacks upon the United States

Bratwurst grilling in my backyard, over charcoal,
unencumbered by frivilous restrictions on fragrant emissions as Al Gore
and other fringe environmentalists advocate.

Celebrate Freedom!
Happy Birthday America! Happy Independence Day!

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