10 July 2009

Self Defense In Public Housing Projects Advances But Some Lawmakers Say The Poor Should Be Unarmed

How is this for hateful? To make an entire class of citizens into victims -- all because of an elitist attitude that the poor should not have firearms.

Pure idiocy.

Thankfully, a growing number of lawmakers in Congress are turning their backs on the antiquated notion that self defense is somehow wrong. It is a basic human right, as more and more court decisions are showing, and as more Americans come to realize that the reason to carry a gun is because cops are too heavy.

Sorry . . . had to slip that in.

So it is good news that yesterday a U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee adopted an amendment to allow guns in public housing projects. The amendment, by Tom Price , R‑Ga., would bar any housing authority from restricting legal ownership of guns.

Jeff Soyer at Alphecca has an excellent overview, and some great commentary. And all I can say is that Emanuel Cleaver II , a Missouri democrat who sits on the committee, is a racist and an elitist. What nerve to sit on high in Washington and dictate who may live and die by arbitrarily trying to enforce his out-of-touch opinion on self defense sidearms on the poor.

He sounds like the racists of the old South, who through the mid to late part of the 1900s believed and pushed the idea that african-americans should not be allowed to vote. Because they were poor or under-educated. EVERYONE -- no matter their color or infirmity -- has the right to self defense.

Rep. Cleaver, do you even have the least comprehension how disgustingly bigoted your comments are?

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