14 July 2009

Obama Urges Ratification of Little Known Treaty That Would ID American Gun Owners to Foreign Governments

The legacy media, and the elitists in the United States say they just don't understand why mainstream Americans don't trust President Obama on the firearms issue and the Second Amendment.

Here is yet another reason and it is a doozy! The president is urging ratification of a little known treaty signed by President Bill Clinton when he was in office. The treaty would create a gun registry in the United States, and the names of American firearms owners would be available to foreign governments.

For those who say we can trust the current administration on matters regarding the 2A, do you still not get it?

Lou Dobbs and CNN have the full story. The crisis facing mainstream Americans, as eloquently outlined by Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America, is that Americans under this treaty would regulated because of the inability of foreign governments to control crime within their borders. Reminds me of a scene from the movie "10" where a minister explains to a perplexed Dudley Moore that everytime the elderly housekeep farts, they kick the family dog.

Be sure to sit down before you watch. It will make your head spin.

1 comment:

Ran said...

Another failure of the Bush Administration. W had the opportunity to tear-up this bastard of a "treaty". Buy a RINO, get a free Democrat!

What, is there anyone who doesn't think Strickland would sign it when it comes to Ohio, what with all those desperately needed TARP funds...