11 December 2007

While Colorado Parishioner Hailed As Hero, Ohio Frowns On Self-Defense For Places Of Worship

The Colorado church shootings were stopped by the courageous actions of one parishioner who used her personal firearm to save more than 100 lives, in the words of the church's pastor. Are other churches as enlightened? Are other states as progressive in empowering people, should they choose, to exercise the basic human right of self defense in a place of worship? Not Ohio, where you will be penalized for doing so. Chad Baus takes a look at the consequences of bringing a self-defense firearm to a place of worship in the Buckeye State.


Anonymous said...

On the news, they said the person who shot the gunman was a security guard for the church. That's a little different than someone just attending church with a gun on them.

Brent Greer said...

I know what you mean. It has been confusing. The first reports were that she was an armed security guard. Which leaves the impression she is a rent-a-cop, which she isn't. Then later it was reported that she was a worshipper, which she is. Then clarified to say that she attends early service as a parishioner, then volunteers as security for later services (and carries her personal firearm). The media initially was reluctant to say she was a member of the church. It is more politically correct to say she was a guard, and justify the statement that only police and guards should have guns in a church. Grassroots investigation have forced the media to be honest about this.