14 December 2007

Deer Bonus Weekend May Be A Whiteout

The "White Death" is still some 600 miles away stuck over Missouri and Oklahoma, but from the media stories you would think it were on our doorstep. It must be coming in fast. Winter storm warnings are up for most of Ohio through Sunday night with predictions for everything from 2 inches to 12+ inches of snow, with rain, freezing rain and sleet thrown in just to make things interesting. The weather guys don't know what's going to happen, but one thing is for sure -- tomorrow and Sunday are the gun-deer season "bonus weekend" in Ohio, but the weather may make things dicey.

The Mt. Kaelbling Hunt Club "membership" will take look at the situation at 5 am Saturday and decide whether to try to get in a half day hunting in Knox County at the former Christmas tree farm. Who knows when the freezing rain and whatever else will set in.

Sunday was to be a trip to Morgan County in Southeast Ohio with buddy Jude to scare up some whitetails on my family acreage there. Unfortunately, it looks like a washout -- or whiteout.
Of course, there is still blackpowder season between Christmas and New Year's Day, and bow season runs into February. But I'd rather put something in the freezer in the coming days.

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