04 December 2007

'Indoctrinate U' Website Back On The Air

The website publicizing the documentary, Indoctrinate U, a look at the decline of free speech on U.S. college campuses, is back up. The producers of the film took the site down after one of the colleges where they filmed part of the documentary was threatening legal action. I don't know the details, but sufficed to say, many universities today do not want the public to know just exactly how freedom of expression is stifled . . . pardon me, ideas that are deemed "incorrect" are stifled.

Click here for the site, and to view a documentary screening. I posted this site once before, just prior to a screening of the film in Cleveland (which I was at the last minute unable to attend), but it is worth visiting again. If it comes to a screen near you, please make the time to see this very important documentary.

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