04 December 2007

Toledo's Problems Lead To UN Designation?

Toledo, Ohio is going through some hard times. Syndicated radio host (and CNN show host) Glenn Beck has been there the past couple of days and realized quite quickly that this once great city on the shores of Lake Erie, and its anti-gun Mayor Carlton Finkbeiner are, well, different. BTW, did you know that Toledo is "United Nations Approved?" Whatever that means . . .

There are still firearms owners in and around Lucas County, which is about as inhospitable to self defense advocates as San Francisco. Unfortunately, some of the blame can be laid on current and past mayoral administrations for driving lawful Toledo residents, who own firearms, out of the city. Whats left? People who often don't have the means do defend themselves, and drug dealers, thugs and murderers. And Toby Hoover, Ohio's anti-self-defense High Priestess.

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