12 December 2007

Who Needs A Gun?

The "left" is freaking out. Apparently, even leading democrat candidates for president don't want to get involved in a discussion about gun control, and that has one Huffington Post columnist hyperventilating.

The Brady Campaign, however, continues to mix fact with fiction. They still can't decide whether the stolen firearm used by the depressed young man in the Colorado shootings was an assault rifle or an assault weapon (there is a huge difference), so they use both interchangeably in their story. Plus their usual confusion over clips and magazines. All mixed with emotional pleas designed to confuse the fact that a criminal, bent on doing harm to people in a supposedly safe gun-free zone with a firearm he stole, was stopped cold by a level-headed parishioner who had volunteered to help with security carrying her personal sidearm. She is a hero.

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