02 December 2008

Barack Obama -- Employee Of The Month

Oh sure, he's the president-elect of the United States. But to the owners of most gun and sporting goods stores, he is singlehandedly responsible for record sales of firearms.

No wonder some stores are posting a photo of him, and naming him "Employee of the Month."

Its not surprising considering that his record is one of abject distain for firearms and law abiding firearms owners, alike. I have been watching and playing a part in politics for too many years to ignore the basic tenet of governance oversight -- pay no attention to what they say . . . pay every bit of attention to what they do. And our incoming president is going to be a handful.

Gun dealers everywhere are thanking Sen. Obama for their good fortune. I also credit him for making our streets safer. There are far more suburbanites and inner-city grandmothers, both, who are out purchasing firearms before the president-elect takes office. Only one other president has been responsible for such growth in an armed populace in the U.S., and that was William Jefferson Clinton.

Who knows? Maybe Sen. Obama is good for citizen safety after all! Seeing as how he is influencing so many previously undecided people to tip toward recognition that an armed society is a polite society.
h/t to Sebastian

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