16 December 2008

Have You Seen This Man?

Have you seen this man? He is missing and it is important that he be found!

Firearms owners, up in arms over a proposal by Seattle, Wash. Mayor Greg Nickels, descended peacefully last night on Seattle City Hall to discuss the mayor's planned gun ban.

Oh, and the man who is wanted? That would be Mayor Nickels. Who was nowhere in sight last night during the meeting. Finding it incredibly difficult to defend his irrational proposal, Nickels was MIA.

Nickels has proposed a ban on firearms in city buildings and in city parks. Of course, law enforcement would be exempted from the ban. Which is interesting. Why does Nickels fear city residents? As for parks, it is well known that if the law abiding are told not to carry their legally owned firearms into city parks, then only criminals will be doing so. Just as they do now. Just as they have always done.

Further, Nickels plan would violate Washington state law. But he doesn't care what the Washington attorney general has to say. People wonder if Nickels truly did not deem it necessary to attend the meeting. Ironically, in a 2006 letter he admitted that he did not have legal authority to do what he is doing now. If this ridiculous ban on the basic human right to self defense is ever passed, my thinking is that letter will be the first piece of evidence cited in the lawsuit against Nickels.

WOW! I just had a thought! Could someone be holding him hostage? Hmmm. . . .

Of course, the Second Amendment Foundation has another thought. Surely he wasn't so cowardly to avoid facing his constituents, whom he is attempting to deprive of their basic human right to self defense. No, he was probably out looking for his stolen pistol.

Regardless, if you have seen this man, please call Seattle Police. If you can get close enough to give him a message, hand him a piece of paper urging him, for his own piece of mind, to visit this site on the Internet.

He really needs to acquire some in order to preserve some dignity.

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