05 December 2008

National Parks Reform: Antiquated Ban On Concealed Carry Reversed

The U.S. Parks Service has decided to permit concealed carry in America's national parks. The decision came down today, according to an announcement from Virginia Citizens Defense League, which led the charge on this matter.

The 25-year-old ban on firearms for self defense in the national parks has been under review for more than a year now. During this debate a lot of shrill, nonsense-laden claims have been made about how such a change "might" be dangerous. The only danger would be to criminals in our national parks, who have no business accosting law abiding citizens and families who want to enjoy themselves in these jewels managed by the Interior Department.

The National Rifle Association has an announcement about this change, as well. Here is an excerpt from its statement:

"DOI announced the rule change today and will publish the new regulations in the Federal Register. The new regulations allow right-to-carry permit holders to exercise their Second Amendment rights on national park and wildlife refuges in
those states that recognize such permits. The move will provide consistency across our nation’s federal lands and put an end to the patchwork of regulations
that governed different lands managed by different federal agencies. In the past, Bureau of Land Management and Forest Service lands allowed the carrying of firearms, while lands managed by DOI did not."

The downside is that the incoming Obama administration can change this with the stroke of a pen -- an executive order. Count on the usual suspects at the Brady Bunch, Violence Policy Center, et al to scream bloody murder on this quite reasonable reform of an antiquated ban.

You can count on much more to come on this decision . . .

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