18 December 2008

DC WANTS To Be U.S. Crime Capital

Pretty much ignoring the historic, landmark, watershed, epic Heller decision by the United States Supreme Court this summer, the District of Columbia has pretty much flipped its residents the proverbial middle finger in their effort to find some safety in the dangerous streets that are my nation's capital.

DC has passed more draconian firearms regulations, making residents there -- sick of the crime and refusal by the powers that be to go after criminals, instead of blaming guns for the crime rate -- jump through more hoops in order to legally keep a firearm so that they may exercise their basic human right of self defense if need be.

Worse, just one day after the legislation was put in place, a reporter for MSNBC was mugged outside her hotel around 6 am. I'm not surprised, considering that muggers, thieves, murderers and rapists now know that it continues to be open season on law abiding women, men, grandmothers and coeds. And that realistic self defense continues to be denied by an out-of-touch DC city council that is so antiquated in its thinking it makes your head spin.

Sadly, this reporter seems non-plussed by the event. On air, she made excuses for this criminal, stating that he probably needed some money. Hey lady, in this economy, EVERYONE needs some money. But "everyone" isn't going out and robbing people.

Criminals should be punished, and the law abiding should be able to defend themselves with more than bricks and rocks. The DC administration, under Mayor Fenty, seems unable to understand that taxpayers are not the enemy. But by denying them that basic human right to self defense, or by severely restricting the ability to exercise this right to survival, they put targets on the backs of everyone, particularly women and the elderly.

To both Fenty and the MSNBC anchor I say this: Quit making excuses for criminal behavior. For one thing, because you now are excusing what I view to be the criminal acts of the DC city council members. These people are putting politics above public safety.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is a crime.

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