15 December 2008

Happy Bill of Rights Day!

In honor of Bill of Rights Day here in the U.S., buy a book. Or order one -- TODAY!

Stephen Halbrook's renowned hands-down, end-of-the-debate work on the origins of the Second Amendment would be a good one. Actually, a number of people are working to push Halbrook's baby up the rankings at Amazon.com and elsewhere today.

To those old men who studied the classics, who understood (firsthand) tyranny, who worried about the dangers of big government . . . I thank you for the document you created. It has (mostly) withstood the sands of time. There are some who would change the meaning and intent of your words. But there are those who stand and fight to preserve that which you wrote.

So in 2008, we proclaim "Happy Bill of Rights Day!" And to celebrate, we buy books (one in particular)!

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