08 December 2008

Obama Says 'Don't Worry;' Hamm Calls Purchases 'Stupid'

President-elect Obama is telling Americans not to worry, he believes in the Second Amendment. There is no need, he says, to buy firearms ahead of his swearing in . . .

Peter Hamm of the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.), thinks it is "stupid" that so many more Americans are buying firearms prior to the January 20 transition of presidential power in the United States. Further he states in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times:

"Anyone who thinks they need to rush out and buy a firearm clearly has not
been paying attention to how quickly we make progress on this issue. We don't
think these are first-time buyers. We think they are people who already have
more than enough guns at their homes to protect themselves and are buying

Listen Mr. Hamm. I have worked several gun shows in Ohio these past few months, signing up people who want to join the National Rifle Association. And I can tell you this first hand -- we are seeing an exponential increase at these family events of people who have never before owned firearms. It is evident to anyone who attends these events.

--Suburban dads in polo shirts and khakis
-- Housewives
-- College coeds

I have talked to a lot of these folks. I have asked them why they came out this day, and how they are enjoying themselves. Most will volunteer that this is their first gun show. Most have their kids in tow and realize it is an incredibly family-friendly event. Nearly every one of these folks has said they came out because they believe there will be additional intrusive restrictions placed on the purchase of firearms, and they wanted to go through the process now while it is still legal.

Now were these people influenced by the "Hockey Mom In Chief?" I seriously doubt it. No, they looked at Sen. Obama's record, and being thinking individuals, realized you judge someone not by their words, but by their actions. And Sen. Obama's record on firearms ownership has been abysmal.

Couple that with his recent appointments to his cabinet, and his closest advisers:

  • Eric Holder -- incoming attorney general, and Janet Reno's point man on gun control in U.S. Justice Department during the Clinton administration.

  • John Podesta -- transition chief, and Bill Clinton's point man on gun control in the White House. He coordinated federal extortionist lawsuits against the firearm industry and Clinton`s failed last-ditch effort to garner universal firearm-owner licensing.

  • Rahm Emmanuel -- incoming White House chief of staff, engineered the takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives by democrats in 2006 by convincing rural firearms supporters to run for Congress. So while a liberal leadership spouts the anti-gun line, many rank and file "D" members of Congress who say they are pro-gun are worried they will be pressured to vote for anti-gun legislation. It would go something like this. "I know you support gun rights, but you know . . . if you really want federal funds for that job creation program in your district, you need to get on board and vote our way." You say that's paranoia? It happens every day in Congress.
Yes, Americans are judging President-elect Obama by the company he keeps. Not just by his words, but his deeds. And they are ignoring his suggestion that there is nothing to worry about.

When it comes to his plea not to go out and purchase firearms . . . that Americans have nothing to fear from him on gun control, reaction by ordinary law-abiding moms, dads, grandmothers, grandfathers and college coeds to President-elect Obama's position comes down to this:

He has been weighed, he has been judged, and has been found wanting.

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Guy J. Sagi said...

You're right on with your comments about new gun buyers coming out in huge numbers.

At the magazine I edit we're suddenly receiving letters from first-time buyers with requests to make the articles a little less technical, inquiring where they can take self-defense courses and one new subscriber anxious to buy his first handgun asked whether he should look at revolvers or semi-autos--we of course steered him toward an NRA instructor and course in his area.

The sudden increase in those kinds of questions isn't coming from folks with gun safes bulging at the seams.

Great blog and I'm glad I found you.