03 December 2008

St. Louis Alderman Tells Residents To Arm Themselves

Considering what is going on there, I don't blame him. Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe's advice is sound.

In fact, here in Central Ohio women are buying firearms and taking firearms safety, marksmanship/CCW classes in far heavier volume than usual thanks in no part to the existence of a serial rapist. What is gratifying is that so many women are saying "enough" and stepping up to be responsible for their own safety rather than sitting back and complaining that government and the police don't do enough.

Trust me. This guy is going to get caught. Either by the police, or someone who is ready to "stop the threat." One woman I know told me by telephone today that her daughter-in-law brought a pair of limb pruners into their home, telling her husband that that would be just the right tool to "finish the job."

Heh . . .

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