28 November 2007

Alphecca: Analysis of Heller News, Responses

Jeff Soyer describes himself as a politically independent, libertarian gun nut in Vermont. He writes the blog Alphecca.com, which I have linked to occasionally on these pages. As you know, I have written ad nauseum on the Heller case that will be reviewed by the Supreme Court. Jeff has taken a look at the same. I want to share some of his conclusions and commentary, for he is a brilliant thinker and writer.

I am linking to posts he has put on his site in the past few days. The first is a discussion of so-called "reasonable regulations," which some politicians and legal scholars state the high court should follow. But as I have written, and Jeff restates, what IS reasonable? The second piece is a look at presidential candidate Barack Obama, who appears to have discovered the Second Amendment in light of the Supreme's decision to review Heller (and the fact that he is running for president). Finally, Jeff comments on the statements by Paul Helmke, a self-described life-long republican, and his belief that the Justices will read all 27 words of the 2A and proclaim that government can enact strong gun laws. Helmke, if you didn't know, is president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Jeff sums up Helmke's position with the following: "So what he’s saying is that the Supreme Court should ignore what the Bill of Rights actually says and means and should instead 'respect' any laws that curtail those rights to excess. Anything else is 'judicial activism.' "

Very nice summaries, Sir!

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