24 November 2007

Prez Candidates War Of Words Heats Up On 2A

Presidential candidate Fred Thompson, trailing in New Hampshire, took time out to stop at a gun store there and slam Rudy Giuliani's record on firearms rights.

NOTE: Until this week, the gun issue has pretty much only been debated by the republican candidates, each trying to tout how they are "more conservative" on the 2A, than their rivals, or try to explain away why they supported gun control in the past. This will continue. But is sure to change is the democrat presidential candidates' discussion on the issue. To now, there has been none. But with the Supreme Court agreeing to hear the Heller case, the democrats have no choice but to weigh in on what traditionally has been an issue they would sooner stay away from. For review, most democrats will admit that President Bill Clinton's push for and adoption of the so-called ban on competition rifles (he called them assault weapons), was what caused the electorate to throw out the democrats who controlled Congress.

When presidential candidates from either party talk to the gun issue and the Second Amendment, I plan to make note of it here (for your future reference).

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