25 November 2007

FOR ONCE, Politics Won't Interfere With Hunt

It dawned on me this afternoon that for the first time in five years, politics won't interfere with my trip to the field to put some venison in the freezer. Each of the past several years have found lawmakers either at the Ohio General Assembly, or Columbus City Council, scheduling initial hearings on anti-gun legislation (and even sometimes pro-gun bills) either on the first or third day of deer gun season in the Buckeye State. It has been frustrating to no end. Some lawmakers do it on purpose. Others don't realize it but can't change it. I remember a frustrated City Council member, Mike Mental (now president of Columbus City Council), so alarmed at the prospect of being accused of intentionally scheduling a rifle ban hearing at a time when the leaders of organized grassroots groups were planning to be out of town, that he changed the date of the initial hearing. Credit Mr. Mental for his move. Politics? Probably. But smart, nonetheless.

Right now my calendar is showing this next week to be clear. A proponent hearing on Sen. Steve Buehrer's "No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine" legislation, SB 184, will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 5 before the Ohio Senate Criminal Justice Committee. At issue is putting into statute protections for citizens from civil liability if they protect themselves inside or outside their home. Right now there are many, many court precedents protecting the citizenry from such suits if an individual uses a firearm to protect themselves or a loved one inside their home. But putting it into law would eliminate many nuisance lawsuits against law-abiding individuals who are merely exercising their basic human right of self defense.

Enough politicking. Leaving for north Central Ohio in about 12 hours with plans to be settled into a good spot in northern Knox County before dawn.

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