21 November 2007

Heller/Supreme Court Update

Several pieces of information to share. Here is a very well written analysis by law professor Glenn Reynolds appearing in today's New York Post. In addition, presidential candidates Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani weighed in here on the Heller case. Bill Quick wonders whether Hillary Clinton might come out and join the "individual right" camp.

From "the other side," is a piece that appeared yesterday on The Huffington Post from the republican mayor of Ft. Wayne, Ind. Mr. Helmke asserts that the action by the appeals court oveturning the DC gun ban is "a textbook example of judicial activism at its worst."

There is a question of whether the Justice Department should weigh in on this case. If you want to look at comprehensive sources for information when discussing the 2A, Prof. Eugene Volokh of UCLA's law school put this little resource together.

And the best part of it all? The words from Classical Values blogger Eric Scheie, who writes that Tuesday "was not a great day for the forces of gun control. Ed Rendell's extraordinary attempt to pressure the Pennsylvania legislature failed, and the Supreme Court voted to hear District of Columbia v. Heller." A lot has been written on the latter. Regarding the former, Rendell made a rare appearance before Pennsylvania lawmakers to strongarm them to pass three extraordinary anti-gun bills. His efforts were in vain. Read about it here.

Finally, h/t to Glenn Reynolds for linking to Fr. John Zuhlsdorf, who has translated a bit of pro-gun info unearthed about Pope Pius XI.

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