29 November 2007

More Fallout From CNN/YouTube Event

Its been a very interesting night and morning. It turns out a number of the questions submitted to the GOP presidential hopefuls at last night's CNN/YouTube debate event were from people who appear to be plants for democrats. The media is buzzing with it. Even mainstream broadcast outlets, such as NBC News covered it this morning, and other cable news programs are openly chuckling at CNN's expense.

A former brigadier general who is openly gay asked the panel about the U.S. military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Turns out he is on a task force on gay rights that is officially part of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Another question was from a young man asking about farm subsidies, who turns out to have been a former intern to a democrat member of Congress. Still another questioner has ties to the Obama campaign. So some blogs this morning and conservative radio hosts at midday are asking why CNN let these people with obvious biases through their screening process. My question is WAS THERE a screening process?

Plus, the more you look at the questioners on firearms issues . . . the more you realize CNN may have picked people who might frighten mainstream voters. No one in a suit. No housewife. Just guys either firing away at a range daring the candidates to talk against the 2A, or someone who just looked a little unhinged. Perhaps I shouldn't judge a book by its cover (I do not know the questioners), but I almost wonder whether CNN picked videos for questions from people who might unnerve independent voters -- thinking that viewers/voters would judge the people sending in questions not by their words and questions, but how they look.

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