27 November 2007


Yesterday the rain. Today the wind. No deer moving at all. The most I saw were the two does on my street in Columbus as I left the house at 5 am. Wind today that chilled you to the bone. And deer don't move in wind. If you didn't know, they use their exceptional hearing and sense of smell to keep abreast of danger. And when the wind blows hard like today -- seemingly from every direction -- it messes up a deer's ability to smell scents that don't belong, and hear sounds that might spell danger. So they bed down.

I hunt with a group of individuals from Columbus on an 80-acre property, formerly a Christmas tree farm, in northern Knox County, Ohio. A fantastic piece of ground with mixed hard woods and conifers. Hills, ravines, meadow, woods, and lots of edge. And normally, a lot of deer.

Taking a couple of office days, then back into the field on Friday. I've got an entire freezer shelf emptied and ready for venison. Perhaps this weekend. In the meantime, good luck Tom N., Tom P., Jamie and Pete!

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