28 November 2007

Yet More Media Coverage, Opinion of Heller

From the:

(Shenendoah) News-Leader (pro-gun column by retired NY police officer)
Orlando Sentinel (pro-gun LTE)
(Newburyport, MA) Daily News (pro-gun column)
(Albany, NY) Times-Union (mostly pro-gun column from Ft.Worth Star-Telegram)
Huffington Post blog (anti-gun column from Brady prez Paul Helmke)
Austin American-Statesman (pro-gun LTE)
U. of Wisconsin Badger-Herald (pro-gun column)
BBC (column observing the 2A news)
(Walla Walla, WA) Union-Bulletin (left-leaning opinion, leading into . . .)
(Walla Walla, WA) Union-Bulletin (anti-gun opinion)
(Harrisonburg, VA) Daily News-Record (anti-gun LTE)
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (anti-gun LTE)
Des Moines Register (anti-gun opinion)

Particularly disturbing is this passage from the Des Moines Register column from a so-called legal scholar. I'm stunned at his word choice:

"But there is no need for the court to choose, because even if the Second Amendment is regarded as creating an individual right to own firearms, it is surely not an absolute liberty."


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