19 November 2007

Codrea Questions Army CSMs Appearance In Global Gun Control Website

DEVELOPING: War On Guns author David Codrea is investigating the appearance of a photo of an apparently retired U.S. Army command sergeant major on a global gun control website. Codrea's question is why the gentleman in question is appearing in uniform in a political advertisement in contradiction to Army regs. OR, the question is whether his name and likeness, if he is who he is portrayed to be, were used without his permission by an organization that is doing everything it can to pierce U.S. sovereignty in the area of firearms rights.

At his last update, Codrea reported that someone from the U.S. military had visited his website and spent 1:39 minutes there. From the CSMs website my first impressions are mixed. He does not sound like any military person I have heard. See what you think. I cannot imagine U.S. military personnel lending their names to this well-organized global network of gun grabbers.

My instinct is that the CSMs website feels contrived. Not real.

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