23 November 2007

Cincinnati NBC Affiliate Displays Media Bias On Guns

WLWT Cincinnati went to a gun show in Kentucky. They already knew how they wanted their report to look before they stepped one foot in the door. Super analysis from my friends at Buckeye Firearms Association.

Editors Note: The PRO Gun Shows throughout Ohio are copyrighted. If a TV camera were used there, the company managing the shows would own most of the assets of WLWT in short order after a judge ruled the station knowingly violated copyright. I have personally witnessed more than half-a-dozen instances where a television cameramen, once having read the giant banners saying such at the entrances (and flyers on about half of the vendor tables), immediately put down his camera and hurriedly start talking to the reporter in attendance. I don't know how many other instances of this I might have missed.

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