16 December 2007

Cal Thomas Continues His Conversion -- Gun-Free Zones Kill

In 1990, syndicated columnist Cal Thomas thought “sensible” gun control was okay. He changed later in the Clinton years when he learned “give them an inch and they will take them all." Today, he says the argument has come full circle.

Now, he says, the focus -- rightly -- was on the armed private citizen who stopped the carnage. And not on the man who stole a gun to commit murder in what he thought would be a gun-free zone.

Thomas adds, "Killers — ones with mental disorders, or terrorists — look for places with large gatherings to amplify their acts. That's why in recent years they have selected targets ranging from the World Trade Center, to Columbine High School, to shopping malls and now a megachurch. On the rare occasions when an armed person has been on the scene before police arrive, such acts have been stopped before further damage could be done. When no armed person has been present, by the time the police show up the killing is usually over and the gunman has shot himself."

Folks, the evidence is more than convincing -- gun-free zones are among the most dangerous anywhere. It's time to put people first, and put the blame where it belongs -- on criminals and their actions, and on misguided, feel-good gun control policies -- not firearms.

h/t to Mike Regan

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