15 December 2007


The day started off beautifully. In the field early, saw deer within the first few minutes on stand. Two of us got shots off, but no luck. Three of the four of our party saw deer today. Our fifth partner had a scheduling conflict (apparently last night he mentioned to his wife that he needed to get his gear ready, and she replied, "what gear do you need to go to a wedding?"), and was not able to join us.

To the trucks at 11 to check on weather forecasts, and call family to see what is happening an hour or two west of us. We decided to head back out for another 90 minutes. And in that time, the landscape changed dramatically. Probably two inches of snow fell, light at first, then turned to rain and sleet, then back to heavy snow. And as we were packing up, we observed that finally in this entire season we have a bit of snow on the ground. We are finally able to gain some perspective of the landscape, and see things at greater distances due to the new contrast.

All of this as we are packing up. Our one hour, 15 minute ride up was a harrowing two hours back. In 4WD most of the way. And then in Columbus, just dealing with lousy drivers who act like they have forgotten it snows in winter in Ohio. Crazy drivers.

I felt safer in the woods surrounded by men with guns.

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