10 December 2007

Strickland Stumping Again In Iowa; Cordray Positioning Himself For Guv Seat

Keep an eye on the Ohio Statehouse during the next 12 months. Gov. Ted Strickland may not be long for Columbus as he is a likely possibility to be tapped as a VP candidate. The Columbus Dispatch has details of his second trip to Iowa to stump for Hillary Clinton.

Also, you heard this here first. If Strickland leaves, we won't have Gov. Lee Fisher around for long. Look for populist Ohio Treasurer Richard Cordray to make a move toward the big chair in the Ohio governor's office. He currently is pushing his "the government needs to do more to bailout homeowners" story with radio stations and newspapers around the state. Look for this to continue for the forseeable future as Cordray gets his name out among those who may not know him or his story. I know his story, and how he re-invented part of his past in his bid for state treasurer. More on that later.

Cordray's message is hitting home with tens of thousands of Ohioans who are worried about the economy and their mortgages. His approach is similar to that of New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer, who as that state's attorney general was a crusader for those who feel the deck is stacked against them. he filed suit against every company and industry you can think of. He was elected overwhelmingly as that state's governor, but is stuck in a quagmireof his own making. Right now, he would not be re-elected.

I will continue to rub the crystal ball and peer into the political future of the Buckeye State. Whatever I see, I'll let you know.

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