15 November 2007

Soccer Moms Attend In-Home 'Taser' Parties

I guess Tupperware, Longaberger and "unmentionables" parties are passe. See it here on CNN.

Wouldn't it be nice to have your significant other bring something fun back from, say, a Smith & Wesson party?


Anonymous said...

a colt for me thank you! and i want to place an order for the match grade AR-- HAH! can i get that in a nice earth tone?

seriously, my wife used to host these chef/kitchen knives parties and basket parties. she always used to get a hostess gift from the manufacturer. can yo imagine what a host/hostess gift would be like from smith or colt or ruger or browning? hahaha love it

Anonymous said...

just found your blog for the first time. linked here from alphecca. nice job! i'll be addint you to my regular reading list!