31 August 2008

Is McCain's Palin Pick Designed To Put 2A Into Election Discussions, Debates?

Clearly, with the pick of Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, GOP standard-bearer Sen. John McCain wants to reach out to women voters, as well as to core conservatives who have been put off by his mushy stands on gun control, campaign finance reform and other issues.

But some are suggesting that while Palin props up his wishy washy history on the firearms issue, by bringing her into the race it puts anti-self defense extremists on the defensive. Gov. Palin is an articulate defender of the Second Amendment, a life member of the National Rifle Association, a hunter and lover of moose stew.

Could she be a way for republicans to push the basic human right of self defense and other citizen safety issues related to firearms? An area that McCain himself and the democrats really don't want to talk about, unless they are demonizing competition rifles (so-called "assault weapons").

Newsweek magazine takes a hard look at this issue.

Anti-Gun Detroit Mayor Seeking Plea Deal

Lawyers for Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick have proposed a deal in which he would plead guilty to two felonies, make restitution and serve five years' probation in exchange for avoiding jail time, according to the Detroit Free-Press.

Yeah, I'll be he is looking for a deal. The guy who wants to criminalize lawful activity -- firearms ownership -- by linking up with New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is in a world of hurt.

Maybe next time he will work harder to keep his nose out of law abiding taxpayers' business and worry more about his own problems, like lying to investigators, or keeping his anger in check and not assaulting process servers.

30 August 2008

Cool Observation Of The Day

Two dads, five boys, the side of a large corregated cardboard box as a target, and three AirSoft guns, all properly equipped with orange tipped barrels (two pistols and one shotgun).

Kids policing the ground for spent "rounds" of those little foam beads the guns shoot. No one shooting at each other or at animals, or even pointing these toys at each other.

And get this. All of this taking place in plain view in the middle of a large city park in north Columbus. A couple of people with kids moved away quickly as they walked or rode a bike into the area, clearly being afraid of boys being boys with toys that boys and girls have played with for over 100 years (well, toy guns that is; AirSoft is a new creation).

No worries about political correctness or concern of offending anyone. Just plain good weekend fun on a hot summer afternoon.

It was nice to see.

Palin Likely A Sure Hit With 'Bitter Gun Clingers'

Say Uncle has some great pics and comments regarding Gov. Sarah Palin, her support of the 2A, and how the Second Amendent may play into the U.S. presidential election.

Rachel Lucas chimes in on Gov. Palin and discusses how she is resonating with women, and conservatives in general. One commenter called her "Ronald Reagan in a skirt." The more creative folks out there are putting together some intriguing posters.

Her husband and she are union members, hunt moose, he is a commercial fisherman, and they have five kids.

PLUS, here is a profile of Gov. Palin from People magazine. An interview about everything for the masses.

This race is getting interesting . . .

Post Writer Talks of McCain, Obama Experience Divide

An interesing piece in the New York Post by a writer, an Alaska native, who posits that Sarah Palin, McCain's VP pick, marks the creation of a "brilliant trap." Read it and let me know what you think.

AND still more on sexism and the two tickets running for office for prez and vp of these United States, pus how Hillary supporters are reacting to Mrs. Palin's entry into the race.

29 August 2008

Is Pro-Gun Palin McCain's Pick For Veep?

UPDATED: Friday, August 29, 2008, 11:21 am -- It's official. It will be a McCain-Palin ticket!

If Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is John McCain's pick for VP, it appears she is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. Works for me, thus far.

A far cry from Sens. Obama and Biden on the left, to be sure. Now if McCain wasn't so wishy washy on the subject . . .

Obama Mentioned Firearms Once Last Night And Used It As A Scare Tactic

Look at the 9:48 pm entry by Ann Althouse, a law professor who live-blogged Obama's nomination acceptance speech last night at the democrat convention.

The senator from Illinois has a reference to firearms. Ms. Althouse has an observation.

BTW, here is the full text of Sen. Obama's acceptance speech.

28 August 2008

Preparing For Gustav

As Gustav bears down on the U.S. Gulf Coast and New Orleans, thinking people prepare. Some are evacuating.

At least Gov. Bobby Jindal won't let firearms be confiscated this time around.

Legacy Media Reporter Arrested On Public Sidewalk For Doing His Job

This is just so wrong on so many levels. Arresting someone for being on a public sidewalk? For doing their job? ABC News has the story, because -- they ARE the story.

On what charge? Someone at Denver PD is going to be in trouble over this, and ABC -- the one of the Big 3 legacy mainstream TV network media -- won't let this one go. If the Left thought the media would ignore this one, they are sadly mistaken, I believe.

27 August 2008


"My bottom line reaction to Hillary Clinton's speech Tuesday night: Good, but not quite very good, for Barack Obama in 2008. Even better, if things should turn out like they might, for Hillary Clinton in 2012. Clinton's speech was carefully tailored, like the very attractive orange pants suit she wore."

Say it isn't so . . .

26 August 2008

Heller Attorneys Worked Pro Bono, Ask Court To Award Them Fees, Expenses

The attorneys who were victorious in the landmark, watershed, historic (insert the appropriate adjective here) Supreme Court case that defined the meaning of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, have asked a federal judge to award them more than $3.5 million for attorneys’ fees, plus $13,215.30 for expenses and court costs.

"In a motion and memorandum filed with U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, the attorneys said that they had achieved “one of the most profound and important victories available under our system of justice.”
Yep. They all worked pro bono. Translation: They bore the cost of prosecuting this case personally. In my book, they've earned every penney they're asking for.

And then some . . .

Is Our Privacy Gone?

Did we give it away? Was privacy stolen from us?

This is not a firearms story, but an important piece for anyone involved in civil rights issues.

A new Wall Street Journal story has a fascinating look at how in just a decade many people in America and Western Europe have largely given up -- voluntarily -- their privacy via personal information, but claim that they guard their privacy fiercely.

OF COURSE, then there is always the issue of voter privacy. Funny how those in the United States who complain the most about data privacy, secret FISA warrants and such, have no problem with the government tracking voters -- from cradle to grave.

Hmmm . . .

Headline Indicator of Subtle Bias

Here is the headline from the Associated Press: "Pakistan: Top U.S. Diplomat Escapes Gun Attack."

Yes, marauding hordes of wayward firearms descended upon a diplomat from the United States in Pakistan. The attacking AK-47s, the result of Soviet Cold War era radiation experiments gone awry, were not successful in their assault upon the diplomat, but a nearby rickshaw driver was injured.

Okay, as you can guess, I wrote that with tongue firmly planted in cheek. But it goes to my point. The headline shows there was a gun attack. Parse the sentence, it means an attack by a gun. Now, the story could have just as easily been headlined, "Top U.S. Diplomat Escapes Attack."

Once you get into the story, you realize the AP editors have led you astray. There were two men, they were the attackers. And they were armed with AK-47s. And you'll love this language too -- "they sprayed her car with dozens of rounds of ammunition."

Back to Journalism 101 for both this headline writer and story author.

Woman Slain While Screaming 30 Minutes For Help In Gun Free NYC

"A Queens mom was hacked to death by her ex-boyfriend in a College Point apartment building early yesterday, screaming for help for more than a half-hour before neighbors called cops, authorities and witnesses said.

"Police found Ebony Garcia, 21, lying in a pool of blood inside her cousin's apartment on 121st Street near Cove Court just after 2:10 a.m. She died a short time later."

But at least the bad guy didn't use a gun. Too bad she wasn't allowed to have one in gun-free New York City. Her chances of being alive, had she defended herself with a firearm, would be much improved. This is truly a tragic story. And a wholly unnecessary outcome.

25 August 2008

Say It Ain't So Joe!

Did You Know???

One of the more surprising twists in the debut of Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s running mate has been the Democrats’ decision to highlight Biden’s work on the 1994 crime bill.

Yes, that's right. The same bill with the Clinton gun ban and numerous other anti-gun provisions.

h/t to Traction Control

Quotes Of The Day

"It is both amusing and disturbing to see people squealing like a victorian matron sighting a mouse whenever someone sees a gun. Honestly, rural America is awash with guns and such communities are far safer than urban areas. If someone cleared a hotel in my hometown because someone walked in with a deer rifle, the laughter would never stop."

"The funny thing in this episode is the hysterical (and no other word fits) reaction to a very normal event in red state America, a hunter checking into a hotel. Evacuating a hotel because a hunter has a gun speaks to a very unstable mindset."

-- Shannon Love, regular contributor to the ChicagoBoyz Blog.

Trouble In Denver

UPDATED: Monday, August 25, 2008, 3:08 pm -- Bad link fixed to the DNC Disruption organization below. It should work now. Sorry.

Many types of trouble brewing in Denver this week:

- Tensions boiling in Obama, Clinton camps

- Protesters protest against Dems not doing enough anti-war protesting, and the police anti-protest warehouse that has been set up to house those who get a little too out of hand

- Twister hits south of city as Dems converge on Mile High City

BTW, here is one of the groups that has taken residence in Denver this week.

Meanwhile, the latest polls show the race between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain for president of the United States remains a dead heat.

They May Say They Support Hunting, 2A But They Are Still Scared Of 'The Tools'

"A Wyoming hunter who accidentally caused a security concern at the Grand Hyatt hotel Saturday says he's sorry for the problems he caused and didn't know the Democratic National Convention was in town. When Joseph Calanchini walked into the Grand Hyatt hotel with 2 rifles and 2 pistols Saturday around 4 p.m., Denver Police evacuated House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) from the hotel until they arrested Calanchini and made sure it was safe for Pelosi to return.

"I didn't even know the DNC was in town. I don't watch the news," said Joseph Calanchini from the Denver City Jail where he's being held on bond. "If I had known, I would have done things differently. It was a simple mistake."

"Calanchini, who talked to "9Wants to Know" from the Denver City Jail, says he had the weapons because he's getting ready to go on a hunting safari trip in Limpopo Basin, South Africa on August 28. He plans to hunt warthog, impala, baboon and jackals with a friend there. He says he had just picked up his rifles from the Sportsman's Warehouse and had them in a locked gun case when he checked in at the Grand Hyatt. The clerk checking him in noticed the rifle case and called security."

The newly gun-loving democrats can't be too careful, can they? Let's see how this one shakes out.

Sadly, I think Mr. Calahchini isn't going to make his hunting trip, for which I am sure he paid handsomely.

h/t to David Codrea

24 August 2008

Property Rights

I always thought the 2A was the "poor relation" of constitutional law, but maybe after the Heller decision things have changed.

Eugene Volokh has a good look at two decades of property rights jurisprudence. Not a firearms story, but of interest to most folks who support the Second Amendment.

Quote Of The Day

"Obama is sending a message with the selection of Biden for VP . . . . and that message is a big middle finger to American gun owners."

-- "Brad," commenting on a post about what Sen. Barack Obama was thinking when he chose Joe Biden to be his VP running mate. See the post and all comments at Transterrestrial.

23 August 2008

If You Are Scared of 'The Job,' Get A New One

Officers in Prince Georges County, Maryland, continuing to defend their botched drug raid, now say they killed a local mayor's two black labrador retrievers because . . . "they felt threatened."

Which is interesting, considering that reports note that one of the dogs was running away when it was shot.

Okay. Here we go again. At the risk of offending the many great LEOs who read The Ready Line, I feel compelled to say the following:

If you are afraid in this job, leave it. It is not compulsory service. It is a job you voluntarily signed up for. It's a career you chose, it didn't choose you. Nor were you tapped to step up. You are paid to do the duties you chose over being a software engineer, plumber, PR practitioner, teacher, or any other myriad of career choices. Remember, you never received a police department draft card. You volunteered.

Botched raids occasionally happen. But to penalize others, to rationalize your actions in botched raids and the aftermath, restrict others rights', to criminalize otherwise lawful activities "because you are afraid" speaks volumes.

If you are afraid, get the heck out of your police department. Now. Before you get someone killed. I hear the postal service is hiring.

Obama Picks Biden

UPDATED: Saturday, August 23, 2008, 10:46 am -- An interesting analysis on the Biden VP pick. Why "the candidate of change" has chosen the ultimate Washington "insider" is raising some eyebrows. Some say it shows weakness.

Sen. Barack Obama has tapped Sen. Joe Biden to be his running mate on the democrat presidential ticket.

Biden, a perennial presidential candidate himself over the years, is long on foreign policy experience, an area Obama is lacking.

On the Second Amendment, Biden is as much of a disaster as Obama. Biden has advocated keeping in place the discredited and ineffective ban on so-called "assault weapons," and has been a supporter of those who want to "close" the mythical gun show "loophole." He has also voted against increasing penalties for criminals who commit gun and drug crimes.

Ironically, Biden has championed women’s safety in the past, passing bills "that protect women from domestic violence and discrimination in the workplace." But the domestic violence legislation he has supported has been about creating more "pieces of paper" to increase penalties for domestic violence. He won't, however, support legislation that would more readily enable women to protect themselves with a firearm.

All in all -- this is an anti-Second Amendment, anti-self defense presidential ticket if ever there was one.

22 August 2008

The Modern Pentathlon: Bane of Sports Snobs and Goal of Past Olympian

Everyone is a critic (present company included).

So it is not that surprising that a journalist has his nose out of joint about the International Olympic Committee deciding to do away with softball as an Olympic sport until future notice. Now, granted, the United States wins it hands down every time the Summer Games roll around. I tend to agree -- because no other country is winning is no reason to get rid of softball.

Nevertheless, a writer for MSNBC says that if the IOC wants to be rid of sports, get rid of more obscure sports. The writer, obscure himself, says start with the modern Pentathlon, an event that combines five separate sports -- shooting, equestrian, running, fencing and swimming. This obscure writer's beef with this obscure event: no one knows what it is. But that is where he is wrong. People who take part in the shooting sports, equestrian events, running, fencing and swimming ARE aware of the event.

Anyway, here is his take on softball's demise at the Olympics and the invention of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

I am a fan of the Pentathlon, which combines three skill sports with pure athleticism. I'm not surprised that a sports snob would look down his nose at something that combines so many disciplines. It's too easy to make fun of something you don't understand. Plus, Baron de Coubertin was an eccentric who also is easy to poke fun at .

IN RELATED OLYMPICS NEWS, you need to take a look at this wonderful feature video story about Olympic Pentathlon competitor Sheila Taormina of the United States. Already a past Olympian, competing in triathlon and swimming relay events, she had a dream to compete in a third different event. She chose the Pentathlon. Amazingly, she had to learn three of the five sports in order to compete, and nearly lost her home to foreclosure because -- being new to this particular event -- she was unable to secure sponsors to help offset her training and travel costs.

The second of these two stories is incredibly inspirational and worth the time. Be sure to watch the video continue after NBC's inserted commercial break. Plus, you might learn a little bit more about this event. While it is a sport not terribly well known to the general population, the Pentathlon (in my estimation) requires far more athletic ability than badminton.

Of course, now I will have to keep looking over my shoulder for the next few months. Surely, I will have offended the fanatical followers of and participants in competitive badminton . . .

20 August 2008

When Your Argument Is Failing . . .

You hype and hype and hype, and obfuscate, of course, until the unwashed masses don't know what to think.

Some anti gun show brainwashing taking place along the Mass Pike.

Strange Bedfellows (Or Not So Strange . . .)

The ONE time Sen. Barack Obama endorsed a gun owner for a political office.

The irony cracks me up . . .

18 August 2008

Real Estate Agent Glad 2A, Heller Decision Are Out There

I work in commercial/investment real estate. Andn any street anywhere can be dangerous.

The story link takes you to the story of a man who, with his wife, had finished showing some investors property that was for sale. What happened later that night is a testament to the importance of the Supreme Court's Heller decision for every American.

Here's a taste:

"On June 28, only two days after the Supreme Court announced its 5-4 ruling
that Washington, D.C., citizens have the right to bear arms under the Second
Amendment to the Constitution, I found myself standing in a pool of blood in
York, from a man I had just shot. It was not my intent that evening to test the
Second Amendment or kill somebody, but events unfolded to make it necessary for
me to draw my weapon to defend myself and others."

Read it. Pass it on.

17 August 2008

AHSA Endorses Obama

he anti-gun group, American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA), which poses as a pro-gun group, has endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Brigid has the details in a piece titled "Wolves In Sheep's Clothing." Read it all, and pass it on. What these posers do and how they present themselves is more than intellectually dishonest.

15 August 2008

11-Year-Old Speed Shooters

Guess what? A California TV station has positive coverage of speed shooting championships near Ventura. What's more -- they featured two 11-year-old shooters.

Details and video here from ABC7.

h/t to Ahab

No Shotgun Wedding Here; This Couple Is Into Rifles

The rootin,' tootin,' shootin' marriage of a Czech and an American shooter.

And they both are competing -- and won medals -- for their respective nations.

Quote Of The Day

"When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that's when all of these shootings started. Why would you put it out there that a group of people can't defend themselves? That's like saying 'sic 'em' to a dog."-- Superintendent David Thweatt of the Harrold Independent School District in Texas in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Texas School District Will Allow Teachers To Carry

The Israelis have permitted teachers and staff at primary schools to carry firearms for years in their schools, because they truly practice their policy that the kids' safety comes first. That decision is courtesy of the late Golda Meir, the forward thinking prime minister of that nation in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Texas school district that is taking this step follows in giant footsteps. Congratulations on the courage of forward thinking administrators who believe that the protection of childrens' lives is THE paramount responsibility of a school district.

"To deter and protect against school shootings, trustees have altered district policy to allow employees to carry concealed weapons if they have a state permit and permission from the administration. The 110-student district lies 150 miles northwest of Fort Worth on the eastern end of Wilbarger County, near the Oklahoma border.

"Superintendent David Thweatt said a main concern was that the small community is a 30-minute drive from the sheriff’s office, leaving students and teachers without protection."
A smart thinker, this Superintendent Thweatt.

Ohio: Robber Goes For Victim, Gets Lead Instead

Potential victim carrying thousands of dollars. Instead, the bad guy learned that more and more good guys legally carry self defense sidearms.

Details are here.

h/t to Buckeye Firearms Association

A CCW Revolution In Illinois?

Residents in one Illinois county may upset the Chicago stranglehold that is upon the entire state.

Click here for the full story.

13 August 2008

Denver Protesters' Future May Involve Cages, Sting of Stun Guns

Visitors to Denver, attending the Democratic National Convention, won't find moats or castles. But they'll find something resembling a medevil torture chamber.

Cages, yes. Oh yes, cages-a-plenty!

Cat-of-nine-tails? Not that I'm aware of. The rack? Not likely, though I'm sure The Left feels George W. Bush probably keeps one in the basement of the White House.

But stun guns . . . oh yes, there will stun guns.

12 August 2008

CHICAGO: Area Mall Shooting Investigation Takes Turn; Survey of 1st -8th Graders Reflects Dangerous Policies of Mayor Daley

Two interesting stories out of Chicagoland this month:

First, police sources say there are two working theories about the deadly shooting at a shopping mall in Tinley Park, Illinois - a Chicago suburb. One theory is that the mall murders are related to another group of murders. And second, that another angle is of financial wrongdoings at a defunct Texas church. One of the victims in the mall shooting was the church's former associate pastor.

Second, the Chicago Sun-Times is out with a story claiming that "half of all fifth through eighth graders" are afraid of being shot.

A shocking story. But then . . . CAN YOU BLAME THEM? Considering that their parents, grandparents and caregivers are not permitted to legally use -- let alone possess -- the most effective tool available to protect them. The better question is for Mayor Daley, who should be asked why he supports anti-victim, pro-criminal policies that give Chicago children nightmares?

What say you, Mr. Mayor? Please explain to these children why YOUR policies are causing them such stress! Do it . . . please? . . . for the children?

Note: Read the survey itself. I've worked statistical analysis, and these questions are so leading that most researchers would not possibly stand behind them, support them that is, without smirking (or being embarrassed).

If You Live In Baltimore, Don't Go On Vacation . . .

"Gun owners in Baltimore whose firearms are stolen would be required to report the theft to police under legislation approved by the City Council yesterday - despite questions about whether the proposal is legal.

"Supporters, including Mayor Sheila Dixon, say the bill will help police track stolen weapons used in crimes, but the city's law department has questioned whether Baltimore can legislate gun control, typically a state issue."


It appears, also, that if you are on vacation when your home is burglarized, and are not even aware that your firearms have been stolen (and, of course, have not filed the appropriate "stolen gun" paperwork), you are in violation of this law.

At least the law director gets it.

Very sad. Politicians with too much time on their hands doing the bidding of fringe groups. And in this case, breaking the law, to criminalize the actions (or, the "not-fast-enough-action-to-suit-the-do-gooders) of otherwise law abiding taxpayers.

Texan Sets Olympic Record In Men's Double Trap

Texan Glen Eller captured the gold medal today and set two Olympic records in the Men’s Double Trap competition at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

"Eller, a member of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU), who finished 12th at the Sydney Games and 17th in Athens, entered the final round today four targets ahead of Italy’s Francesco D’ Aniello with a qualification score of 145, setting a new Olympic record. The previous Olympic record of 144 was set by Ahmed Almaktoum of the United Arab Emirates at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

"After missing his first pair in the final, Eller ended up shooting 45 targets and finished with a total score of 190 targets, setting another Olympic record and taking home the gold."

Very, very cool. Congratulations Mr. Eller!

Another Thought On Why We're Winning . . .

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece on why firearms owners are winning the intellectual argument regarding the danger students, faculty and staff face on our victim disarmament zone college campuses, and why allowing CCW holders to have the option to be armed on campus is a good thing. Advocacy groups, blogs like this, and honest debate is helping more and more Americans realize they have a vested interest -- a benefit -- in law abiding women and men having the option to be armed. Even on the quad, the oval, or whatever the central gathering place is called at most institutions of higher learning.

To protect everyone's basic human right of self defense.

Caleb, better known as Ahab to his readers, has a great piece on the same issue. Why we are winning. Specifically, he notes that while firearms ownership groups are not afraid to invite anti-gun advocates into the arena for intellectually honest debate, the other side does its best to censor pro-gun, pro self defense argument.

"Meanwhile, anti-gun people ban pro-gun activists from commenting, delete comments from their blogs, and generally avoid open debate like cockroaches avoid the light. I will give Paul Helmke props in that he was willing to attend that function, that was pretty out of character for an anti-gunner to do that.

"That’s the big difference though - anti-gun people will constantly and consistently attempt to turn the argument about guns into America into an emotional issue, citing x,000 people killed with guns every year, or talking about blood in the streets, etc. Meanwhile, we argue with facts, statistics; our debate thrives in the open because it’s based on logic and reason, and not on appeals to emotion."

Right on, my friend. Right on.

So which side is showing just how intellectually bankrupt they really are?

11 August 2008

This Is Troubling

Before it was just a bad dream that everyone assumed would never happen. Now it appears that anti-gun Sen. Lieberman may well be on John McCain's short list of VP possibilities.

Not good at all . . .

Of course, for us political junkies, the Dems have interesting plans for the independent senator from Connecticut (who caucuses with the democrats) if he comes anywhere near the GOP convention.

10 August 2008

Who Will Be The Political Party Of Gun Control?

The democrats have already stepped to the front of the line with the following (remember folks, so far it is just a working draft . . . but you get the picture):

We can work together to enact and enforce common-sense laws and improvements, like closing the gun show loophole, improving our background check system and reinstating the assault weapons ban, so that guns do not fall into the hands of terrorists or criminals. Acting responsibly and with respect for differing views on this issue, we can both protect the constitutional right to bear arms and keep our communities and our children safe.

Uh huh . . . interestingly, they preface all this with the party's support of the Second Amendment, which is a seachange. But it's just words . . .

I am curious what the republicans will say about firearms in their 2008 platform.

TSA Considers Giving Airports Broad Authority To Ban Firearms Everywhere

I'm not sure an administrative agency has the legal power to do this, but the Transportation Security Administration reportedly is considering giving airports the authority to ban firearms in areas NOT considered to be high security concerns.

Specifically, those areas not "secured" on airport property. This would include all areas of the terminal not within TSA checkpoint control, parking garages and lots, roads, and other places where currently law abiding citizens can carry firearms and self defense sidearms.

"Airport officials and lawmakers are watching closely as the TSA weighs a request by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to modify its security program to impose an airportwide ban on guns. It is the first such request to TSA from an airport.

"Federal law bars passengers from bringing weapons to or past airport checkpoints. But in many airports, state law allows passengers to carry guns and knives in unsecured areas such as a main terminal — often to airport officials' dismay.

"Airport officials and lawmakers are watching closely as the TSA weighs a request by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to modify its security program to impose an airportwide ban on guns. It is the first such request to TSA from an airport. "Any decisions we make that affect (Atlanta) could affect every other airport in the country," TSA spokesman Christopher White said Thursday.

"Federal law bars passengers from bringing weapons to or past airport checkpoints. But in many airports, state law allows passengers to carry guns and knives in unsecured areas such as a main terminal — often to airport officials' dismay."

Here is the best rebuttal to this PSH:
"GeorgiaCarry.org lawyer John Monroe said the airport gun ban jeopardizes personal safety: "You might like to have a gun in your car because you come home on an 11:30 p.m. flight."
Of course, I have to throw in an observation about the bias that exists in this story. It is hardly a balanced story, but it appeared on Page 1 above the fold. Out of the 12 graphs comprising this story, one single paragraph -- a mere 31 words -- provides rebuttal commentary.

Courtesy of Mr. Thomas Frank, writer for USA Today.

BTW, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue enthusiastically supports allowing law abiding citizens to carry their self defense sidearms onto airport property. Calling it "a good idea," Gov. Perdue noted that he without question would want his wife to have the option of carrying a firearm for self defense on "long terminal walks."

If you've ever flown through Atlanta, and come in or out of the airport toward parking, etc., the governor makes a very good point . . .

Early Results of USA Shooting At Beijing Olympics

U.S. shooters have performed well, and in several cases, finished barely out of medal contentionat the Olympic Games taking place in Beijing, China.

Full details at USA Shooting's website.

09 August 2008

Columbus Gun Show: Day One A Success

Updated: Sunday, August 10, 2008, 6:25 am -- Hey, it would be too cool if "The Nuge" stopped by today. Especially seeing how he was in Columbus late last night entertaining at the Ohio State Fair. Who knows?????

The return of the Columbus Gun Show went off generally without a hitch. A few hiccups here and there, but a good crowd through today at the first show to take place within the city limits in 19 years. There were some older visitors looking around wistfully . . . talking how surreal it was to be back at Franklin County Veterans Memorial. Many of these people attended what everyone assumed would be the last ever -- FINAL -- gun show to take place within the city confines back in 1989. To see the happy looks on their faces was most enjoyable.

First off, congrats to Steve and Annette Elliot for a fantastic first day! The partnership that has been forged between C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows, and Peoples Rights Organization, I predict, will be strong.

Secondly, I ran into many old friends. Steve and Bill Bangert from Utica, Ohio were there until closing; A. Esq., a frequent commenter to this blog stopped by and introduced himself; Michael, a fellow hunter and fellow real estate agent I met years ago when he relocated to Ohio stopped by and said hello; I visited at length with Steve Loos from Buckeye Firearms Association; Pat Cherry, the venerable coach of the Ohio State Rifle Team (and an individual who has coached Olympic athletes and shooters from various national teams) and I had a great visit; and Jim Corbett, a great guy who has invited me to hunt on his place at New Matamoras, Ohio more times than you can imagine came up from his Ohio River home to take in the show.

I also talked to a number of vendors and attendees, and had the great pleasure to converse with many visitors who wanted to catch up, and see what is happening in politics. There were even some who wanted to stop in and find out what is happening with a certain former show manager who many would like to see hung in the public square by his nether regions. Of course, several of this same individual's minions could not keep themselves away from the show.

Along with a number of Peoples Rights Organization volunteers, I worked the NRA and Peoples Rights Organization table, and did some door/ticket duty. C&E/ShowMasters has a great concept. Join the NRA or PRO, and get into the show free. At one point there were people standing four-deep to join one of these two organizations.

I will be back tomorrow. A great crew today: Roland Millar, Randy Van Fossan, Mike Regan, Matt Grashel, David Zimmerman, Matt (sorry, last name is escaping me), Terry (same problem, sorry), Jim Pryor and any others I am forgetting about. I'm sorry if I left your name off. Like I said before, a few hiccups but the team pulled together and it went off very well -- at least from our perspective.

If you are at the Columbus show at Vets Memorial tomorrow -- Sunday -- drop by and say hello!

08 August 2008

DC Continues Attempt To Circumvent High Court

Dave Kopel and Alan Levy have a very thought-provoking write up on the District of Columbia, and how officials there continue to thumb their nose at the U.S. Supreme Court, and the needs and wishes of its own residents.

Here's a sample:

"It's time for Congress to use the power granted to it in the Constitution to "exercise exclusive legislation" in the District and uphold its residents' constitutional rights. It can do so by passing the District of Columbia Personal Protection Act now pending in Congress, with a few adjustments. This bill, introduced on July 31 with 57 cosponsors, would prevent D.C. from passing regulations that discourage the private lawful use of firearms or otherwise suppress residents' Second Amendment rights. It is the result of a compromise between the National Rifle Association and House leaders. To ensure broad-based, bipartisan support, we propose four modest congressional actions that would preserve some home-rule authority while erecting a commonsense framework for restoring the right to self-defense in our nation's capital.

"First, Congress should change how D.C. processes gun registrations. Currently, residents must complete an application form, submit photographs, prove residency and good vision, pass a written test, pay a fee, be fingerprinted, and have the gun ballistics tested. The entire process can take months. Congress should mandate a more streamlined process for D.C. based on
the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which is already required by federal law for all retail firearm sales. Background checks are usually completed within a few hours.

"Second, D.C. still bans all "machine guns," improperly defined as any gun capable of firing 12 or more rounds without reloading -- even if the gun owner has a magazine with fewer rounds. As a result, only revolvers or single-shot handguns can be registered. But semiautomatic handguns constitute about three-quarters of handguns sold in the U.S. Banning them violates the Supreme Court's rule in District of Columbia v. Heller against "prohibition of an entire class of 'arms' that is overwhelmingly chosen by American society" for lawful self-defense."

FINALLY: The Return Of The Columbus Gun Show

Its been a long time coming. For many readers, you have NOOOooo idea how long it has taken to get here. The hoops, the debate, the politics, the disarray caused by a former show promoter who needs to be hung by his genitals (or worse).

But it's here. The return of the Columbus Gun Show. A Downtown show. After an absence of oh . . . what, 20+ years?

Presented by C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows, in conjunction with Peoples Rights Organization. Two great organizations (disclaimer: I am an officer of the latter, and I really like the Elliots, the couple who own the former) making a difference for firearms owners, and most importantly, for the Second Amendment.

I hope to see you in Columbus this weekend. I will probably be working either the NRA or the PRO table. If you spot me, please take a moment to introduce yourself!

DC Residents Form Pro-Gun Lobby Group

Washington DC firearms owners, tired of the shenanigans being waged against law abiding citizens by the DC City Council, have formed their own advocacy group -- Capital Gun Owners.

Its leader, Amy McVey, says the group's top priority is to lift the District's continuing ban on semi-automatic handguns (DC classifies such as machine guns, so that means its police officers all carry machine guns on their hips, if you follow the Council's logic), and allow residents to carry sidearms outside their home for personal protection.

"We're at a point where we're feeling our way here," said Mrs. McVey, who was the first D.C. resident to register a handgun after the District's 32-year-old ban on handguns was struck down by the Supreme Court in June. "I'm sure our mission will evolve as needed."

"The group includes co-founders George Lyon and Gillian St. Lawrence, who were among the six plaintiffs in the initial challenge to the District's handgun ban in 2003, which led to the District of Columbia v. Heller Supreme Court case.

"Mrs. McVey said the four-day-old group will lobby for less gun control and provide residents with gun-education resources as more of them seek to own guns. The formation of the group comes as the District is taking fire from two sides — U.S. District Court and Congress — on its still-rigid gun-control laws."

Read the full story here.

07 August 2008

Illinois Governor Has Plans To Raise Millions Across The State To Fight Chicago Crime

Let's see. What's wrong with this story?

Normally, parking meters and red light cameras are used to regulate traffic flow and reduce the incidence of accidents at high-traffic intersections. Normally, a politician gets his or her hand slapped -- HARD -- when they talk of using such to raise money.

Because it is supposed to be about regulating traffic.

So, how are Illinois residents reacting to Gov. Blagojevich's plan to "raise millions" to fight crime in Chicago by installing speed cameras on Illinois highways? No one knows -- yet. But he has plans . . . BIG plans.

"In the long term, the governor is considering installing speed cameras in each direction of every interstate in the 20 State Police districts across Illinois to raise $50 million a year in revenue -- enough for 500 more troopers. The money could support an "elite tactical team" and bolster everything from crash investigations to cold-case murder probes, Trent said."

Most of the money, however, is to be earmarked for Chicago crime fighting. The city with the most restrictive gun laws in the state, if you didn't know, has the highest violent crime rate in the state. Sound vaguely like Washington, D.C.? Which had its figurative head handed to it by the U.S. Supreme Court, and now continues to flout the intent of the court. In Chicago, all the talk is about fighting guns, instead of fighting gangs.

Interestingly, the LETS RAISE MONEY angle is now accepted, and more important than regulating traffic. Arizona is doing the same thing, according to the Chicago Sun-Times article.

This one will be interesting to watch.

Bloomberg 'Quizzes' Prez Candidates

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain have each received questionnaires from the Michael Bloomberg-funded "Mayors Against Illegal Guns."

Whatever an illegal gun is, but that's a question for another day . . .

Regardless, the simple, six-question survey is described as a document to help the candidates focus on "common sense steps necessary to fix the nation’s broken background check system." The question is: "who's" version of common sense?

And as another blogger friend of mine has noted more than once, the anti-gun approaches are rarely common nor do they have sense.

Check out the full story, and view the "survey," all courtesy of the NY Daily News.

Bloomberg has made no bones about his distaste for lawful firearms ownership, and repeatedly has thumbed his nose at the benefits of firearms for self defense. While the name of his group sounds all powerful, in reality he is the money behind it, and he needs the buy-in of other anti-self defense mayors to give his effort credibility.

Its too bad the MSM/legacy media are all too willing to lend a free hand without asking reasonable questions as to his motivations.

Anti-Gun Detroit Mayor Ordered To Jail

Anti-gun Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick has been ordered to jail by a circuit court judge for failing to notify the court of his trip to Canada, and for violating terms of his bond.

The controversial mayor, who is being investigated on perjury, misconduct and obstruction of justice charges, related to a civil trial, humbled himself before Judge Ronald Giles, who would not play along.

"Despite Kilpatrick's humble apologies to the court beforehand, Giles said he needed to treat Kilpatrick as an ordinary citizen and sent him immediately to jail. Giles revoked Kilpatrick's bond and suspended all travel."

I think more bad news is probably coming Mr. Kilpatrick's way over time. He has played fast and loose with his power in the Motor City. Detroit residents who believe in self defense and the right to own firearms -- unfettered -- probably have a little bit of a smirk on their faces this morning.

06 August 2008

The Ultimate Barbecue

No further explanation required . . .

03 August 2008

Ban The Assault Boats

"Police in New Jersey are searching for the driver of a boat after a deadly hit and run on the water that left one person dead and four others injured."

I'll bet the driver was never subjected to a background check before he bought his boat, assuming it is his.

Ban the assault boats. For the children.

Anti's SHOCKED That Pro-Gun 'Mole' Worked In Their Midst

Frankly, I am shocked . . . SHOCKED . . . that the anti-gun folks are shocked.

I have sat in many meetings over the years, local, regional and national, where we knew there were"plants" from the anti-gun groups seated with us. Taking notes, taking part in discussions, asking opinions, and more boldly, asking about strategy. That is why "family business," as I refer to it, is discussed with those you most closely trust.

Both sides do it. Get over it.

This whining by States United to Prevent Gun Violence is really to distract from the fact that fewer and fewer Americans -- and lawmakers, for that fact (and the Supreme Court) -- are paying attention to their intellectually bankrupt arguments.

As the wizard told Dorothy and her buddies on the way to Oz, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." In this case, it's more like, "pay no attention to the fact that the courts and lawmakers agree that gun control doesn't work . . . SOMEONE IS SPYING ON US."

Geez . . .

Thanks BFA

The folks over at Buckeye Firearms Association picked up my piece on firearms being lawfully carried on college campuses, and republished it on their website. At issue was whether the "campus firearms" discussion is being won or lost by thinking Americans (hint: we're winning!).

Thanks guys!

Anti-Gun, Anti-American Culture Review From UK Newspaper

Okay, not much really gets under my skin. Really offends me.

But this -- crap -- paints all firearms owners as backwoods rubes. Worse, it suggests that if you are not voting for Obama, the great champion of the underclass, then you must be uneducated, a believer in God, and more.

It is a book review, but the reporter is as biased in one direction, as is the book author in another direction.

Here's a sample from the Times Online review:

"Shouldn’t all these faltering rednecks, the front line of victims of Wall Street excess, be beating a path to Obama’s door? Or is there really so much racism in working-class America that they won’t vote for a Democratic would-be saviour just because he is black?"
I mean, are they serious? Not everyone is a victim of Wall Street "excess," whatever that means. A lot of people are the victims of their own greed. Racism? There are a lot of people who are not supportive of Sen. Obama because he has so little experience and has been making enough wind with recent position flip-flops to power a couple dozen power-generating wind turbines. Many of them are african-american, too. His opposition comes in all colors.

I would seriously consider voting for Condy Rice for president. Her position on the Second Amendment is FAR closer to mine than Mr. Obama's. ARGH!

Check it out for yourself.

I am not impressed with this review of "America" from our distant British cousins . . .

The VP Candidates

Well, the news is mixed . . .

Here is an update on the leading candidate to join Sen. Barack Obama on the democrat's ticket -- Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. Not a friend to gun owners.

It appears there are two leading candidates to join Sen. John McCain -- former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, and Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor. Cantor looks good for firearms owners, while "Anyway The Wind Blows" Romney has been a mixed bag.

But then, until the conventions, it is anyone's guess who the back-ups will be, right?

Do Celebs Truly Aid Presidential Candidates?

Not firearm related, but an interesting take on the U.S. presidential campaign. This will be the one and ONLY time TRL looks at celebrity gossip. Frankly, it seems more people appear to care about the lawsuits between Brittany Spears' dad, mom and Brittany friend Sam Lufti, and her custody battle with what's-his-name, than care about the future of the United States culture, security and prosperity.

Anyway, ABC News takes an interesting look at whether celebrities help or hurt presidential candidates.

Personally, I think both John McCain and Barack Obama have done a good enough job with "foot in mouth" disorder. McCain continues to struggle to appeal to the conservative base, while Obama is backing off so many of his earlier positions it makes Michelle's head spin.

It might be entertaining for at least a month-- just 30 days -- to retire the candidates' TV commercials and see their celeb surrogates slug it out.

A Heidi Montag-Young Jeezy vs. Oprah Winfrey-Barbara Streisand tag-team deathmatch? Winner take all?

Of course, it all begs the larger question. Does anyone care about celeb opinions and political endorsements.

Graffiti Vandals Turning Violent

What's wrong with this "picture?"

Graffiti "artists" in Los Angeles are turning to knives and guns to defend their vandalism. Some members of a graffiti "crew" even sprayed a six-year-old kid in the eyes with paint when they noticed he was watching them put their message on a wall.

Once again, its not about weapons, it's about certain youth having no respect for others' property or life. Sadly, it is going to get them killed by a homeowner or business owner who is either defending themselves when they confront these criminal kids.

Even more sadly, police are saying "just let them do it" and deal with it later. Talk about enabling!

Market Forces At Work

The SiteMeter dilemma that sent shock waves through the blogging world has been resolved, apparently.

Interestingly, many people said the obvious solution was to install Mozilla Firefox. Now while Firefox is a much better browser than Internet Explorer, there is dilemma many face. Since IE has been the 800 pound gorilla, and business and enterprise knows that the vast majority of the known world uses IE, there are a number of sites that do not support Firefox.

In my case, for my business, there is a much important Multiple Listing Service that I am unable to access from my home office with Firefox. And for now, the MLS has no immediate plans to support Firefox. So I still rely on Internet Explorer. This is far more common than most people realize.

But as I told a handful of bloggers, and blog readers yesterday who emailed or called me, merely switching over to Firefox (while a good idea) would not solve the real problem. And Microsoft, maker of IE, was not going to patch things to help SiteMeter and some bloggers. Why should they? Again, they are the 800 pound gorilla that expects others to cowtow to them.

No, I predicted, once SiteMeter realizes that most of the blogging world is removing their product from their sites, in order that their sites continue to work, SiteMeter will fix the problem that IE created. As I expected, SiteMeter solved the issue and all is well and good with the blog visitor counting world this morning.

Market forces at work. I should charge a fee for my predictions next time.

02 August 2008

Shooting Sports A Big Part of Olympics, Big Draw For Fans Around The World

Sprinters, swimmers and tumblers in sequined leotards may drive T.V. ratings in the U.S., but there are at least five lesser-known Olympic disciplines that draw rabid fans around the world, according to Time magazine.

Could the shooting sports be one of them? YES!

Time has a brief write up on who is expected to clean up in the shooting medal count.

BTW, did you know that in the 1900 Olympics in Paris, live pigeons were used as targets? It was news to me!

Site Was Down -- SiteMeter Causing IE Fits

Updated: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 11:36 am -- Well, Primordial Slack has a fix for the SiteMeter/Internet Explorer 7 problem. Lucy found it and posted it, too. Not sure if I want to go that direction right now. Am thinking SiteMeter -- the organization -- will find a fix instead of asking us to jump through hoops to use their tool. Once everyone starts taking their tool off their sites.

Market forces have that kind of power, you know.

Nevertheless, GET THE WORD OUT!

If you had trouble getting into The Ready Line the past few days, you were not alone. Blogs that use SiteMeter to count visits (TRL does) was somehow interfering with visitors who use Internet Explorer 7 as their browser. And visitors to my site would get a big "site not found" message. Apparently it is affecting people all over the internet.

If you used FireFox to browse, however, you had no problem. I had read issues regarding SiteMeter early this morning, but when alerted by another blogger last night that they could not read my site or get into their own, that's when it became MY issue.

Blog buddy Lucy and I worked this morning to figure it out. So I have removed SiteMeter for the time being until the problem is resolved. IE browser users -- you should be back in now!

If you are a blogger and use SiteMeter, get it off of there until that company gets their tool fixed! Most of the known world uses IE for a browser. And the two are not -- for now -- compatible. If you can't get into your blog site to do so, install FireFox and do it. Or get a friend who has Firefox (and whom you trust with your password info) to go in and remove SiteMeter for you. For now, it's the only way people will be able to see your blog.

Technology can be so frustrating at times . . .

01 August 2008

Notes From A Gun Show Debutante

Observations from a Brit living in the U.S., visiting his first gun show.

Calling it part of his "ongoing remedial education in American cultural literacy," Clive Crook writes that the show was nothing he was conditioned to expect.

" . . . There is a political dimension. Aside from other motivations - sport, self-defence - the gun-show universe is about pride, self-reliance and resentment at being bossed around. Distinctively American traits, wouldn't you say? Best in moderation, no doubt - but, still, where would the country be without those attitudes? I may get thrown out of Georgetown for this, but I say good for them."

A good read.

h/t to keepandbeararms.com