30 September 2009

Supreme Court Agrees To Review Chicago Case

UPDATED: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009, 4:39 pm -- Here is more detail on the incorporation case, which will hopefully determine whether the Second Amendment only applies to federal law, or to state and local law as well. The latter is where it should be. Currently, there is a split in opinions at the U.S. Court of Appeals level.

Meanwhile, here is updated coverage from CNN. Not a bad wrapup, actually, considering...
PLUS MORE from The National Law Journal's Legal Times.

Its going to get even more interesting!

CNN is reporting that the U.S. Supreme Court has just announced it will accept an appeal over the constitutionality of gun restrictions in Chicago, Ill.

Several organizations filed lawsuits against the city of Chicago, immediately following the Heller opinion by the High Court, over its ban of handguns. The city's argument, that the ban keeps the city safe, is so much hogwash. The largely discredited lie is an attempt to explain away the ban. Of course, this city, one of the most dangerous in the city because of violent crime, would do well to get in line with mainstream America. More of its peoples would likely be alive, but that doesn't fit the "control" playbook of Mayor Daley and his cronies.

More to come as this story unfolds.

Arizona Bars And Restaurants Soon Will Be Safer Places

Concealed handgun license holders in Arizona will soon be able to carry their sidearms into restaurants and bars.

Lawmakers there, understanding the public's will and interest in the basic human right of self defense, decided that self protection should not end becasue you enter a place of commerce.

Of course, the usual shrill fear-mongering is taking place as the media -- desperate to paint progress in a negative light -- turns over one rock after another to find someone who doesn't like the new law. They found a few and used them as the lead-ins for their news coverage of the change.

The bottom line: Decades of bigotry against law abiding citizens who merely want to be able to defend their lives continues to erode.

29 September 2009

Many Big City Despots Keeping Citizens Defenseless

The Heller decision is past, with the U.S. Supreme Court affirming once and for all that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to own a firearm. Further, their decision reversed Washington DC's antiquated ban on handguns.

So why are many of the nation's big city mayors trying to keep law abiding citizens from purchasing ammunition?

Read all about it.

27 September 2009

Overheard At A Gun Show

"It's not a weapon. It's a long-range, precision paper punch."

-- in reference to a .50 cal sporting rifle.

21 September 2009

Seattle Mayor Ready To Toss Grenade Over His Shoulder As He Leaves The Room

Outgoing Seattle, Wash. Mayor Greg Nickels (the definition of "outgoing" here not one describing an extrovert) appears to be planning to try to make mischief before he leaves office.

In violation of the laws of the state of Washington, Nickels appears to be ready to push through a proposed rule that would ban legally-carried firearms in city Parks and Recreations Department facilities

Nickels, long an anti-self defense politician, lost a bid to be his party's nominee for re-election last month when he lost that race. Clearly, voters in Seattle had lost faith in him and increasingly were suspicious of his motives as he has pushed and pushed and pushed one anti-gun initiative after another. On Friday, the proposal to ban guns in parks was put forth.

If the proposal becomes law, Alan Gottleib of the Second Amendment Foundation says there will be lawsuits.

17 September 2009

222 Years Ago Today

222 years ago today, the United States Constitution was signed.

Make a note....

11 September 2009

Lest We Never Forget

Eight years ago today our world changed here in the United States. There are those who would continue to exploit this horrible attack to take away the Second Amendment firearm rights of every American. Who use the fiction of so-called "loopholes" to try to destroy gun shows, which in fact are an expression of the First Amendment right to assemble, and share information about what is happening in the body politic in this nation.

9/11 . . . We must never forget the tragedy that is that day. How we felt the next day. Unified. Defiant. And proud of our freedoms.

Those freedoms are too easy to take for granted. And they are worth defending.