31 December 2010

Linked To Another Blog -- In N. Carolina

A great blog written about firearms issues and other items of interest in North Carolina.

One big broo-ha-ha the author is writing about: a recent incident where an honors student might or might have not been found in possession of a paring knife (in the end she did accidentally bring it to school). And the special meeting of the entire local school board that was called to discuss the issue; and the fact that the powers that be went into executive session then came out and told the public -- and media -- essentially nothing.

Interesting reading. Scary too. People with power telling the people they represent ... nothing.

But then that's nothing new . . .

30 December 2010

RIP Aaron Zellman

Rest in peace, Mr. Zellman.

You were an acclaimed author, and a fighter. You were an inspiration, you were a leader. You were passionate, your voice is heard in so very many areas, and your "in-your-face" attitude garnered national attention -- and results.

You were a lion in the good fight. Most of all, and most importantly . . . you did well. Shalom my brother.

Other reports on the passing of Aaron Zellman, THE voice of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) can be found below:

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Time And Change

My many friends and colleagues who have fought the arms wars, and were in the trenches before me, have told me about the heady, dark days back in 1989.

That is when anti-gun laws swept the nation following a shooting at a McDonald's restaurant in California. In many cities, as in Ohio's capitol city of Columbus, laws were passed that viciously restricted firearms ownership. Or caused outright bans. Columbus city officials twice pushed to ban competition rifles, and twice Peoples Rights Organization filed suit -- and won federal cases both times. Other cities had similar experiences, and local pro-gun groups sprung up all across the United States to do everything they could to stop the push to take away basic freedoms of law abiding Americans. Some states instituted outright bans that withstood court challenges. Or passed registration schemes, simply saying they weren't confiscating, just wanting to know where such firearms were held. Then within a year or two changing their minds (now that they knew who owned such guns) and requiring they be turned in within a few months or the owners (who had registered their guns honestly thinking the government was telling the truth) would have felony charges filed against them.

I know people here in Ohio who in the years following 1989 felt they likely would wind up in prison, for there was no way they were going to give up their firearms. I know of people who bought land in order to bury firearms for the future, for the same reason. I know prominent people in important positions in Ohio, people with names you would recognize, who were convinced they would die in jail. Again, because they had weighed the possibilities and would not comply -- would not give up their firearms -- if ordered to do so.

These are not stereotyped crazy gun wingnut types that the Left likes to scare the general populace with. These were -- are -- doctors, lawyers, realtors, state employees, city employees, blue collar workers, white collar workers, architects, contractors, retirees . . . . you name it!

What would have happened was the ultimate in civil disobedience, no different than a woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus in the deep south. To do the right thing. To make a difference. To teach all Americans what it is to stand up for your rights.....

Fast forward to today. In talking with one colleague yesterday, he is still amazed. Thinking back to 1989, and to today, where we have a court ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court affirming the state's general law putting all firearms regulation in the hands of Ohio lawmakers. The recent victories over draconian gun laws in Chicago, and before that Washington DC. The passage of concealed carry laws in Ohio some years back after 15 years of slow, slow, but steady progress. The very fact that democrats, generally anti-gun across the nation, no longer talk about gun control in elections because it is obvious the argument is a poison pill that in the past decade continually sinks their party.

Time and change. Interestingly, firearms owners who see forward movement tend to quit joining groups, and no longer get fired up. Because they think everything is said and done. Things will be better now. True that, but the question is, for how long? The other side, when it wins (which fortunately for us good guys has not happened for a while), continues to push the fight. Like an army, not content with achieving the current goal, strives to take the next hill.

Pro-freedom, pro-gun advocates and supporters need to keep pushing. To not get complacent. To not be apathetic. For the other side is digging in to continue their fight even though their nose is bloodied and they've got a few broken bones.

The cause for freedom, the fight for freedom is won by sustained campaigns. Coordinated movement, strategies and tactics, proven time and again in certain states can be replicated in others. I only wish that stalwarts like Neil Knox, founder of The Firearms Coalition, who passed several years ago, and Aaron Zellman, the genius behing Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (who passed on 21 December of this year) could have seen what happened yesterday. In Neil's case, he missed the DC and Chicago supreme court victories, too. I know he would have smiled. I hope Neil and Aaron are both smiling today at what has transpired in Ohio. Neil knewmany of the advocates in Ohio, including this author, and came here about 17 years ago to conduct a grassroots training exercises so that we may take back the rights that were being bartered away by politicians seeking votes.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep fighting. Just because the tide has been turned from the very dark days of 1989 and beyond doesn't mean everyone can rest on their laurels. There is still much, MUCH to be done.

Ohio Victory As Supreme Court Rules On CCW/Home Rule Suit

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday in a 5-2 decision that the general law putting the responsibility for all firearms regulations into the hands of state lawmakers does not violate Ohio's home rule law.

Many newspapers have concluded through editorials and coverage (not all, just pretty much those in large urban areas, however) that cities -- again -- are being told they don't have a voice. They do. Its just that state general laws in Ohio have no bearing on home rule. The law was never a pre-emption bill, though anti-gun advocates and even some pro-gun organizations called it such. There is a clear difference, which is why The Ready Line years ago referred to the legislation as "a general law." Because it has meaning and legal definition. In fact, the opinion itself refers to the state's "general law." Lawmakers chose that language for a very specific reason.

Interestingly, some headlines say that state law trumps local law. No, that's not true. The reality is that the cities are not permitted to trump state law. To say otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

The implications? City officials in various pockets of the Buckeye State that want to enact bans on competition rifles and to restrict where law-abiding CCW license holders can take their sidearms cannot do so. The reality, which most thinking people and lawmakers realize, is that the nit-picky laws that had been passed in the past by these little city-states were really about control, and not about crime reduction. The Supreme Court looked solely at general laws vs. home rule. And found the argument being made by the cities to be wanting.

This, for now, pretty much ends the push by large municipalities to up-end CCW laws and restrict the right to own various rifles and other firearms for all lawful purposes. The city of Cleveland filed the case, with Columbus and other 'burgs closely watching and lending quite vocal support.

I've got to say something else, too. Richard Cordray, a democrat who lost his re-election bid as Ohio attorney general to former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, called the ruling a victory for every gun owner in Ohio. My hat is off to the gentleman. I have always been suspicious of Mr. Cordray, for he wasn't a supporter of firearms rights some 15 or so years ago. Quite the opposite. He was a vocal opponent of private ownership of competition rifles, among other firearms. But he has truly come around. Become enlightened even. Thank you for the strong words Mr. Cordray. Now if only the man who won in November has the same feeling. Mr. DeWine has long been an anti-gun republican -- in fact is the only republican U.S. senator to ever receive an endorsement from the anti self defense advocates at the Brady Campaign.


Back to the ruling. Guess what? There won't be blood in the streets as a result of this very thoughtful decision by Ohio's high court. Because it was never about crime control. It was about politics from the beginning.

More coverage here:
Cleveland Plain Dealer
New York Times
Buckeye Firearms Association

25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

A joyous Christmas to you all! Wherever you are in the world, and no matter your circumstances, let there be peace in your heart for just this one day!

24 December 2010

The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped

Just in time for your holiday travel entertainment!!!

Great friend and hunting buddy Tom Nagel, a prominent Central Ohio attorney, has penned a hilarious song that pretty much sums up most Americans' feelings about how travelers are being treated at U.S. airports.

A fierce advocate regarding the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, his "Charlie and the TSA" just cracks me up. The subtitle is "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Here is a sample of the lyrics to give you a taste . . .

"See, Charlie doesn't like to get zapped with x-rays and he doesn't like to be seen nude.
And he really doesn't like to have his testicles fondled by a half-trained, half-wit dude.
And did he ever return? No he never returned, and he feels just like a dope.
He is lost forever in the bowels of the airport. He's "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Accompanying Tom on this video, now making the rounds on YouTube, are many of his friends who regularly join together on Thursday nights for acoustic jam sessions.

Nicely done Everyone!! Wow Tom . . . I had no idea when you were sitting up in a nearby tree waiting on Bambi's mom or dad to come by that you're not reading your paperback. You're composing! Some great rhymes, too. "Tin foil in their shorts, flight aborts" had me laughing. But "slippery slope" and "wouldn't be groped" should make everyone think. At least I hope it does.

BTW, be sure to click on the arrow to pull up the lyrics and follow along!!!

21 December 2010

Feds Declare War On Firearms Dealers, Rifle Owners

Under the guise of "we're doing it for the children," (okay they're actually saying they are doing it because the Mexican government won't enforce its own laws), the U.S. federal government via the BATF is planning to instruct gun dealers to report the names of anyone who buys more than two centerfire rifles within five days. Specifically, any rifle over .22 caliber.
"Papers please."

Again, this is because the government of Mexico doesn't enforce its own strict anti-gun laws. So because a government that is slowly being taken over by drug cartels won't do its job, law-abiding Americans are to be penalized by having their names (and of course addresses, etc.) information turned over to federal authorities here?

How does that make ANY snes?

The initiative, supposedly will start in the border states with Mexico. And it will only take place for a short period. IN A PIG'S EYE!!! Nothing having to do with more draconian gun regulations only lasts temporarily.

17 December 2010

Rare Injuries From Outdoor Gun Ranges Being Blown Out Of Proportion

Outdoor firing ranges are under fire across the U.S., and today the latest salvo is being fired by USA Today newspaper.

The story outlines "problems" ranging from the rare stray bullet, to overblown fears of lead creating groundwater problems, and of course, noise.

Read it, and please pass it on.

Quotable Quote

"Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers."

-- Aristotle

10 December 2010

Catch 22 (Chicago Style)

Oh yeah, talk about circular logic. The powers that be in Chicago USA either are both with it, or go for special high intensity training on the subject (extra points for anyone who sees the acronym).

So, you need gun range training. Only you can't get gun range training . . .

Specifically, attorney Alan Gura has filed an appeal in a Chicago case regarding that city's ban on gun ranges.

Folks it doesn't get any more interesting than this!

09 December 2010

Nutty Editorial Of The Day

From today's Columbus Dispatch, in reference to two bills before the Ohio General Assembly that would further loosen Ohio's cumbersome car-carry CCW law, and allow concealed firearms in restaurants, comes the following spoonful of pablum:

"If state Rep. Danny R. Bupb, R-West Union, gets his way, convicted drug dealers would be able to pack heat."

Hmmm . . . to the genius at the Dispatch who penned this editorial, and to the committee that rubber stamped it without so much as a though, I posit the following: CONVICTED DRUG DEALERS ARE ALREADY PACKING HEAT!!!

The ivory tower that is on South Third Street in Ohio's state capital continues to amaze . . .

Unfortunately, because of the "weenie factor" in the Ohio House of Representatives, the bills are expected to die today. The sponsor says they will be reintroduced next year during the new session of the legislative body.

08 December 2010

Bloomberg Tacks To Middle For Possible National Run

NYC's Mayor Mike gave a speech this week that has some folks wondering if he is considering a run for national office. Or at least a push toward the national stage.

In his presentation he talked much about a "middle way." Not left, not right. Interesting since while he is a registered republican he is pretty liberal on a lot of subjects. And of course, the pants shitting hysteria he feels about firearms is widely known.

Interesting position Mr. Mayor. We will all be keeping watch on you.

I wonder if he has designs on the White House, considering the republicans really have no front runner for the 2012 presidential elections? The things that make you go hmmm . . . .

07 December 2010

Day Of Infamy

Remember Pearl Harbor . . . .

Dec. 7, 1941 -- "A date which will live in infamy."

06 December 2010

OHIO URGENT: Car Carry Fix, Restaurant Carry Bills Moving; Your Assistance Needed!

***** URGENT *****

If you are an Ohio resident, discharge petitions are to be signed for Ohio Restaurant Carry and Car Carry (both CCW) fixes on Tuesday.

Click here to go to the Buckeye Firearms Association site to see who still needs to be called in order to garner support for this common sense measure.

03 December 2010

For Your Holiday Reading List

Something to read during the downtime over the holidays, or to ask Santa to put in your stocking when he visits your home.

A new book by respected writer Alan Korwin, entitled: Your Gun's Hot, The Perp's Not: Now What?

Sounds like a page turner to me! Pick it up at Amazon.com.

01 December 2010

New 'Game Changer' In Soldiers' Hands

Now this looks like something fun . . .

A prototype of a programmable "smart" grenade launcher that uses microchips as sort of a guidance tool is being deployed in Afganistan. Specifically, the shoulder-fired weapon's projectile "finds" the enemy, even if the enemy is hidden behind a wall or other cover.

Way cool . . .

30 November 2010

Injustice In New Jersey?

So is the case against Brian Aitken a giant piece of injustice?

You read and decide.

Gov. Chris Christie has been asked for clemency for this man. I plan to read up more on this case and weigh in with my own thoughts this week. Clearly one needs to know the laws regarding firearms when one spends anytime in a particular state.

But this seems over the top. But then again, hey, its New Jersey!

29 November 2010

Should You Renew Your NRA Membership?

Always a good question. My short answer would be yes, but the explanations are complicated AND I can come up with many reasons not to. I love arguing both sides of a debate!

Needless to say, there are many reasons to say yes. True, there are many things I disagree with the NRA on, but they are the 800 pound gorilla in the room on the 2A. Which is why members need to keep their feet to the fire, just as it did in the Harry Reid episode (more farther down in this post).

Other things I agree with. Like the endorsement of Ted Strickland over John Kasich for Ohio governor. It is a single issue group people!!! And the records of these two men are very different when it comes to the Second Amendment. Still, there were those who thought that the NRA only endorsed republicans. It doesn't. It never has. And I am a registered republican, in case you were wondering.

Anyway, The Captain's Journal had a good, albeit short piece yesterday on this very question: Should we renew our NRA memberships? The author of that blog wonders why there were kudos for Harry Reid from LaPierre, though ultimately no NRA endorsement of his re-election to the U.S. Senate. The kudos came because Reid, though he has sheparded anti-gun legislation through the Senate, steered millions of federal dollars for a shooting range in his home state. So they had to say something nice....

Have Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox had their run at the helm? Is it time for new leadership? This is a debate that has been going on for some time.

And shows no sign of abating.

25 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

To you and yours, I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Much to be thankful for. My friends, my family, my health.

And a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and a conservative House of Representatives being sworn in early next year, and .......

Best wishes My Friends!

24 November 2010

Obama Nominates Gun Grabber To Lead BATF

Not suprisingly, after months of criticism by the Brady Campaign because he has not yet nominated someone to head the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), President Obama has delivered the antis what they want.

A gun grabber.

Obama nominated fellow Chicagoan Andrew Traver -- an avid anti-gun advocate -- to head the federal agency.

The Brady Campaign has been whining for some time now that without someone to head this increasingly politicized agency, that violence will increase. Never mind the fact that for two years the agency hasn't had a political appointee at its head and violence continues to decrease across the U.S.

SSSShhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone that it could be because more and more regular folks are carrying firearms for their protection. Which makes Joe Thug a little wary of mugging granny at the ATM.

Anyway, Traver has a long history of anti-gun advocacy. Among his positions -- he is against private ownership of competition rifles (SBRs that cause PSH among the unenlightened). He is head of the BATFE Chicago field office. You know, a city with some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation. Where, um, sorry Mayor Daley and Mr. Traver -- so-called "gun violence" is out of control. Largely because of the aforementioned gun restrictions. And here's the rub with this nomination. The federal agency is not supposed to be pro-gun, or anti-gun. It is supposed to investigate alcohol, tobacco and explosives crime, and be a firearms dealer regulatory group. The agency already has become politicized, starting with the Clinton-Reno administration. But with him at the helm, we may reach new heights of hypocrisy.

Mr. Traver still has to make it through the confirmation process in the United States Senate. Though, there is some talk that the president, facing an uphill battle, may make a recess appointment and put him in place without a Senate vote. Might be a rocky road to the top. And you can bet that pro-gun senators -- both republicans AND democrats -- are going to go through his background like a TSA agent rifles around an elderly woman's privates. He has close ties to the anti-gun Joyce Foundation, and has been complimentary of the work of the virulently anti-gun Legal Community Against Violence, a California think tank that has been exporting gun grabbing legal strategies across the nation.

No wait, thats not right. That is insulting to those senators. Lets just say his "activities" will be subject to blazing, intense scrutiny. Like walking into one of those controversial full body scanners.....

15 November 2010

Important News For Politically Correct School Administrators

Some things are just important:

A school kid recently was told not to attach the american flag to the bicycle he rides to school. Because it might offend someone . . .


Well, many civic-minded American citizens found that suggestion offensive. In fact, many "bike" riders rode with the young man to his school the day after the controversy made national news.

Click here to see what happened.

These clowns who are teaching our kids not to express love for their country . . . pure idiocy. There can be NO other explanation.

11 November 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

There are many men and women who toil next to you and I on a daily basis in the workplace, or live on our street, or we pass them on the sidewalk.

Many, though you would not know it, are veterans of our nation's military services. Please take a moment today -- it is the least you can do -- to thank a veteran whom you know. Thank them for their service, for their sacrifice, for taking low pay to stand in harm's way on your and my behalf.

Once it was Armistice Day. A celebration taking place at the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. Celebrating "the war to end all wars." At least that's what it was called back in the early 1900s. Today it is known as "Veteran's Day." It is a day worth remembering those who stepped away from a typical life, donned a uniform and defended this nation.

To the many U.S. veterans around the world, I say "thank you."

03 November 2010

Happy Trillion Dollar Wednesday!

HAPPY Trilion Dollar Wednesday!

Yes, in case you didn't know it, today is the day the U.S. Federal Reserve will announce it plans to flood the markets with boatloads of newly printed cash, in an attempt to .... ahem..... stimulate the economy.


There is no better way to fire up inflation (which, BTW, is already here). Don't think inflation is here? Have you seen the portion size of stuff being sold at the groceries? Loaves of bread are smaller, cookies themselves in packages are smaller, soup cans are smaller. True, prices have not gone up but you are getting less.

The Conservative Revolution that occurred last night cannot get in place soon enough!

On Recycling and Nancy Being Forced To Turn Over The Keys To The Jet

Well it was a night for recycling, AND throwing out the trash last night!

Voters across the U.S. said "enough," and with their votes demonstrated they are suffering from serious buyer's remorse.

In California, former Gov. Jerry Brown was recycled back to the governor's office, at 72, some 40 years after he was first elected to the high office there. In Ohio, republican Mike DeWine, trounced by people in his own party some years ago for being such an ineffective and liberal leaning U.S. senator, was recycled back into the fold and elected Ohio attorney general. Of course, nepotism played a part in that -- a member of his family is head of the Ohio GOP, and pushed Dave Yost off the AG nomination train in favor of Mikey. Yost ran for and was elected auditor of state, but he would have been more effective in the AG's post. DeWine's real goal is the governor's seat. More on that later.

On throwing out the trash? Anti-gun democrats all across the nation, with a few exceptions, were pushed out the door by voters who were in an anti-incumbant mood. Amazingly, Harry Reid hung on to his Senate seat in Nevada, as did Barbara Boxer in California. Tea Party candidates across the nation did fairly well, though a high-profile race in Alaska seems to be going the way of the write-in candidate (actually the republican office holder who lost her primary then in a fit of anger stayed in the race).

Our new governor has a mixed record on firerms. John Kasich. Much has been written here and elsewhere, and I won't comment on it again, at least for now. But his feet will be held to the fire and actions speak louder than words. Outgoing Gov. Ted Strickland is solid on the 2A. Always has been, always will be I would venture. But his belief in Obama's social welfare programs always troubled me. Still we have a chance to do good in the coming years. As long as conservative lawmakers at the state level and nationally remember what brung 'em to the party!

For me, it should be about fighting for the nation, to get it back on track and out of this "give-away" mode we have been in for the past two years. When candidates suddenly talk of fighting for their political lives, instead of talking about fighting for the country, well.....

Now for those who say right away, "oh great now there will be gridlock," I remind them that Madison and others created a nation with divided government. The executive and legislative are supposed to balance each other, along with the judiciary. But one should never be a rubber stamp on the other. I found it humorous and frustrating at the same time that President Obama would blame republicans for his inability to get his agenda passed, when in truth it was people in his own party. The democrats controlled both houses. They steamrolled healthcare and some other issues through over the strong objections of a majority of American citizens. But on other issues he had trouble, and blamed the GOP. Intellectually dishonest at a minimum.

Truth be told, gridlock is good. It is a way to force compromise. And in the case of issues that far more problematic, it is a way to stop bad legislation its tracks. To kill it.

Steve Stivers and Rob Portman are great people to go to Washington. Going to the House and Senate, respetively, they will get things done. I have not yet met Mr. Portman, but I know Steve Stivers. Honest, focused, and with a keen understanding of what it takes to move the country forward instead of turn us into a welfare state. Stivers will replace Mary Jo Kilroy, whose concession speech sounded like a victory rally. "We got this done, we got that done!" It was surreal. But then, maybe that was her goal: Sacrifice a longer term in order to put in place extreme concepts that would be hard to undo. I just don't know....

Here's a truth: Mary Jo's accomplishments, though little known by the masses, were to vote in a pay package that gives her thousands of dollars a month for life in her Congressional pension. She also voted in a healthcare package, far different from the aspirin you and I will be allowed under ObamaCare, for herself and other members of Congress that is quite the cadillac. Once again, Congress exempted itself from what it pushed onto the masses. No wonder she was excited. She never has to work another day in her life and she will have excellent healthcare, courtesy of the American taxpayer. Yeah, she got a lot done alright.

Overall, however, balance has been restored to Congress to some extent. There could have been further gains, but the American people have spoken. Harry Reid, hated by many in his state of Nevada, will still likely be president of the U.S. Senate, but the democrats have only the slimmiest majority. In the U.S. House of Representatives, fellow Buckeye John Boehner will likely be elected Speaker of the House, replacing the universally reviled democrat Nancy Pelosi. There is much work to be done. And pro-gun, pro freedom candidates were elected all across the nation last night.

In an interview with a national candidate this morning on NPR, the newly elected lawmaker commented that America is a land of second chances. And he was grateful that voters are giving republicans a second chance to make right what they screwed up after the 1994 elections. Then, we got a great congress that gave a balanced budget to President Clinton (which Clinton signed then took credit for), then started spending willy nilly in later years. And in the mid-term elections during President George W. Bush's tenure, they were voted out of power.

President Obama has to realize at this point his rough-shod attitude about "enemies" (his latest word for American citizens who disagree with him, though he has since apologized) has got to stop. He will be the one who looks like a bully. He has tried to blame his problems on republicans and Bush, but to no avail.

The American public spoke last night and said it wants conservatives front and center in the debate. For one, I relish the opportunity...

Mostly pro-gun, pro 2A candidates won last night. The Tea Party movement, once villified and mocked, is real. It is not a party. It is a philosophy that the powers-that-be have got to wake up to. The electorate already gets it. The White House needs to take the pulse of America, instead of sitting idly by and thinking "oh they will get used to it."

For as we saw last night, nothing is permanent.

As for my fellow Ohionas, Mr. Kasich I wish you well. I hope you demonstrate with your actions what you have hesitated to express with words, but have told others you believe. Mr. Dewine, you are being watched. Your anti-gun stance personal feelings need to be put in the back seat. I am told you now have a CCW. You should step up and talk about your new feelings about firearms. Talk about how you were wrong before, or how your views have modified. It will go a long way toward building support among 2A advocates in Ohio as you prepare your run for governor in eight years.

And now we wait, and watch....

Oh, and Nancy Pelosi has to hand over the keys to the jet! Heh....

01 November 2010

What You DON'T Want To Hear When You Work In A Gun Store

Anyone who has ever worked in retail has probably combined a mental or even written list of the odd things you hear while behind the counter.

Marko has worked in a gun store before, and has compiled an interesting list of the things you just do not want to hear....

Elections Tomorrow!

UPDATED 3:43 PM, Monday, November 1, 2010 -- Here is a piece from Buckeye Firearms Association's Ken Hanson, which touches to the Kasich/Strickland battle for the hearts and minds of gun owners better than anything I have published. Nicely written Ken!

I had a long, enlightening conversation with Steve Elliot yesterday about the upcoming elections and the expected tidal wave of "more conservative" lawmakers expected to be swept into office with Tuesday's national vote.

Steve, along with his wife, Annette, operate C&E/Showmasters Gun Shows. Steve was in Columbus for a show at Westland mall over the weekend and I was working with Mike Regan and Jim Pryor at the NRA member recruiting table. It was a good weekend for both the family show, as well as for NRA new memberships.

Our conversation covered a number of races across the U.S., and here in Ohio. The differences between Gov. Ted Strickland and challenger John Kasich. Strickland endorsed by the NRA and and A+ rated candidate because of his long, long, long time support of the 2A, and firearms owners. But he is a supporter of President Obama.... And Kasich, somewhat more fiscally conservative and, until very recently, hostile to and then absolutely silent on the 2A, though he is finally making some noise in the closing days of the election that he is a pro-gun guy. His vote for the assault weapon ban when he was in Congress in '94 doesn't help him terribly, and the fact that when he launched his race for governor he wanted his surrogates to go out and tell people he wouldn't take their guns -- rather than do it himself -- raised A LOT of eyebrows. Damn cowardly, most said, including this author. Plus, it was a clear sign he hadn't changed his stripes. But, like I said, lately he has made some positive noise himself on the subject. Finally!, Although his surrogates filed a claim complaining that his "F" rating from the NRA is false (as publicized in an ad by the Strickland camp), that claim was thrown out because the info in the ad is.... wait for it.... TRUE!

We chatted extensively about the Cordray vs. DeWine race for Ohio AG. The former gun control supporter (democrat Cordray) who now says nice things about guns, vs. the former U.S. Senator who is the only republican from the Senate ever to be endorsed by the Brady campaign. I really wish Cordray had signed with other state attorneys general stating that he did not want to see the meaningless assault weapons ban from 1994 re-instituted. Across the aisle, DeWine really wants to be Ohio governor, but after being soundly defeated in his last senatorial election (mostly because gun owners and other conservatives wouldn't support another term for the RINO) he is settling for a run at AG in order to get into the state office "rotation."

And in the closely watched Ohio 15th congressional election, where first term congresswoman and gun control supporter Mary Jo Kilroy is being challenged by former state senator Steve Stivers, the race is close, but leaning toward Stivers. Stivers is pro-gun, but the fact that he was a bank lobbyist about 10 years ago (he has done many other things since) is being dredged up because Kilroy's campaign is grasping at straws in order to get traction.

In our conversation, Steve Elliot noted that in a number of earlier, already-decided races -- Brown in Massachusetts, Christie in New Jersey, and another guy in Virginia -- the polls had their numbers in place right up until voting time. Interestingly, the conservatives won, in almost every case, by 10 points higher than the polls were projecting. So what does that say about Tuesday night's results? Could we see something similar? Where voter disgust for the ridiculous economics of "hope and change" and the harm it is causing our economy and our families is higher than the pollsters are showing? Could there be not just a tidal wave of conservatives swept into office, but by significantly higher vote margins than anyone anticipates?

Who knows? One thing is for sure. There is a clear "throw the bums out" mentality across America right now. If you are an incumbant, you are in danger. If you are a left-leaning incumbant, in most (not all) cases you are in REAL danger of losing your election. And you know it!

The legacy media, in typical PSH mode, is freaking out about the election. Nina Totenberg at NPR is saying she is very worried about the outcome of the election. Geez Nina aren't you supposed to keep your opinions of how you "feel" to yourself? Isn't that what got Juan Williams fired? And Chris Matthews over at MSNBC on his Hardball show was having kittens because a couple of conservative candidates, Sharon Angle among them I believe, said something about the Second Amendent coming into play if the country continues down the road it is on with the treasure of the nation's citizens being looted to pay for more and more social programs. Matthews and one of his panelists both opined that "this is not the way we do things in America."

Er, uh, Mr. Matthews, I am surprised I have to break this to you. You seem like such a smart guy. But it did happen one time previously. I know you are the world's foremost authority, but PLEASE consult a book on American history....

I and many other policy-wonk types expect to stay up all night and watch returns come in. I have been invited to a few candidate parties to watch the election results being tallied but not sure if I will head out. May hit a local pub and watch with a friend. But Steve's take was interesting. "There won't be any need to watch it all night," he said in his familiar Virginia drawl. "This thing will be over by nine o'clock."

And there you have it. Other than to see what happens with Harry Reid's race for survival against Sharron Angle in Nevada, or to see Barbara Boxer squirm out in California, the sea change will likely hit the institutional Left like a brick wall almost immediately after the polls close.

And it may, indeed, be a very good night for the 2A, and for preserving liberties in the face of a two-year firestorm storm intrusion into the market, and our lives, by the federal government.

21 October 2010

Women With Guns . . .

. . . are a good thing!

At least so I believe! I met Paxton Quigley several years ago at an event and was quite taken by her book. When I was teaching personal safety classes it was one of the books we recommended that people pick up. It was, and still is, a valueable tool for everyone, but was written with women in mind.

The Washington Post (of all publications) has a guest blogging column in its "Political Bookworm" section this week. In a nutshell, she makes a compelling argument for why women should be armed. The sidearm was in the old days, and remains today, "the great equalizer."

Her observations are many. Here are three favorites of mine from the guest blog she has penned:

People who fight back should be celebrated for their prowess – and many women are quietly learning to defend themselves. But in our culture it is considered unwomanly to pursue a self defense plan that gives you some peace of mind. That attitude only empowers men who commit crimes against women because the criminals recognize that women are easy targets.


(regarding interviews with prisoners).... They said if they knew women were armed, they would think twice. Consider what happened in Orlando when women began buying guns after a wave of violent assaults. The police gave training sessions which were publicized in the papers. Rapes plummeted in Orlando while increasing in the surrounding cities.

and finally....

It is difficult to admit that our free country is also prone to predatory violence. But when we leave the survival of women to chance, we sell them out. Perhaps this explains why many women enjoy seeing Nikita blast a bad guy with her AK 47. For once, a woman is celebrated for taking control.

Read the full story by clicking here.

19 October 2010

Medical Journals Continue To Mimic Medieval Barber Logic

Or at least the editors of the leading medical journals continue to show off their irrational phobias about inanimate objects.

The latest, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, makes about as strong a case as the idea that if someone is washing their dog, and a shooting across the street occurs, the dog should never be washed again. Because, of course following that twisted logic, that every time the dog is washed someone will get shot.

Anyway, the article posits that background checks should be extended to private party sales of firearms because it will reduce shootings. Only, they provide no evidence to support their already weak argument.

Hmmm...and these people call themselves physicians? One step away from being scientists? You know, medieval barbers bled people to cure sickness because it would rid the patient of evil humours. The argument in the latest journal argument holds just about as much water as the argument for leeches in the 16th century.

09 October 2010

Burden of Proof and ALLEGEDLY Dangerous or Mentally Infirm

Attorney Eugene Volokh asks a very good question:

... What burden of proof is constitutionally required for denying gun rights to the allegedly dangerous and mentally infirm?

Some states, among the most notorious being California, can take away an individual's constitutionally protected firearms rights for a period of time simply because they were "observed" at a mental facility. There might have been a worry that they were a danger to others, or they might have wanted some psychiatric counseling. Either way, IMHO, their constitutional rights are being trampled upon.

Volokh explores the issue further. A very good read. Take a look and pass it on.

04 October 2010

Chicago Home To U.S. Most Dangerous Neighborhood

In one sentence . . . because the powers-that-be have for decades kept the city's law-abiding population forcibly disarmed.

And that, my friends, is a perfect example of unintended consequences. The anti-self defense crowd has turned the Windy City into a shooting gallery.

And they have the gall to defend their actions, too. Unbelieveable.

01 October 2010

Celebs And Their Gun Permits

It used to be that the vast majority of celebrities would rail against guns. But quietly, it would come out, many of them carried themselves because of their "unique" station in life -- being in the public spotlight.

As if being notorious . . . er um I mean notable . . . made you more equal than others.

These days, not many celebs talk down guns. But more and more evidence points out that the folks we see on TV and in the movies (and some radio folks) are carrying for their personal protection.

People magazine has a story on permits issued by New York City, among other places. In the Big Apple, for example, you have to show that you are in some danger or that you carry large amounts of money.

Thankfully, I live in a state where the only thing you have to do is get training and pass a criminal background check, although the latter shouldn't be a factor IMHO. The only requirement should be that you are making a choice not to be a victim of crime.

At least in Ohio, regular moms, grandmothers and other adults don't need to prove to some uncaring bureaucrat how "needy" they are based on their 15 minutes or more of fame.

Click here to read the People story.

22 September 2010

Cleveland Announces 'Voluntary' Gun Registration

I have no words for this.

Other than to say that the only explanation is that the Cuyahoga River has caught on fire again and the elite politicos are breathing the fumes. Their latest statements are entirely, totally, wholly, without shame. They are woefully out of touch with the mainstream, and their constituents. Please let it be river fumes!

Read Chad Baus' excellent essay on this matter over at Buckeye Firearms Association.

Like I said, the proposal itself leaves me mostly speechless.

18 September 2010

Debunking Firearms Myths and Whoppers

ITS Tactical has a great piece on debunking 9 classic myths and whoppers about guns. Everything from stopping power to experts, from dryfiring to how police and military are supposedly better shots than private citizens, and so on.

A good read. Check it out here.

17 September 2010

What Of Fictional DNA Police?

So here is a discussion from out of Left Field.

Not so many years ago I did some consulting work in the Deep South. I keep in touch with a number of my contacts there, including one colorful sheriff who said if I ever needed anything -- ANYTHING -- to call him.

Now as you readers know, I have a number of LEOs throughout Ohio and other states who are readers. Among these are many I now count as good friends, and we do favors for each other as the need arises.

But there is something to be said about actions of a so-called "DNA Police." The idea that certain elements without our society, who are a blight on the population -- often predators themselves -- should just disappear has intrigued writers for decades. Of course the "DNA" moniker is a more recent addition to the storyline. Right or wrong? We all have our opinions, to be sure.

Recently I saw a commercial touting for sale DVDs of the cable television character, Dexter. This is a guy who is a police "blood spatter expert" in Miami, Fla. But he is also a serial killer, unknown (of course) to his co-workers. What better place for a killer to hide but in plain site? Delicious irony to be sure, and I do love me some irony. When the show made the move from cable to sampling on network television some years ago, I wrote in these pages how I found fault in the way it glorified serial killers. But I have to admit, it was an interesting show. And the public loves it. If you've not seen the program, Dexter justifies his "compulsion" by only removing from society the scum of the earth: those individuals who prey on others. Killers, rapists, perverts and other users. For viewers, Dexter is an "anti-hero," someone who uses distateful methods, who isn't the nicest of guys, but who does good works. Many in society would say he does more good than harm.

Yeah, ironic, isn't it?

So when I saw the Dexter DVDs ads recently, I couldn't help but draw a parallel between that storyline and a colleague in Louisiana. You see, in the show, Dexter takes his victims out in his boat into the Atlantic ocean and "drops off" his victims. My mind flashed back to the individual, a LEO, who more than once suggested that if I ever needed someone to disappear that I should drop him a line. "People get lost in the bayous all the time and are never heard from again!" A pretty ostentatious statement I thought. And yet his buddy, another LEO, is sitting there, stone-faced, nodding his head at the statement.

The things you learn over crawfish and alligator etouffee, chickory coffee and beignets.

Can someone change? Child molesters live their entire lives under the microscope. The only way it is known whether they have been successful not to harm a child again is to die without having done so. Because they are always suspect. What about serial predators? Preying on the weak in society? Should DNA police take a role? There are those who would advocate that such actions are a help to the police, though the law says it is vigilantism. Maybe just the suggestion of such an outcome makes someone take a different look at their life.

The spector of jail does not keep people from hurting others. The spector of the death penalty does not keep people from murdering others. But what about the unknown?

Was my sheriff friend's tongue firmly planted in his cheek? Who knows? I only once ran it by a handful of buddies at an area county SWAT unit. We had finished shooting and were taking a break. I ran the idea by them, purely as a hypothetical (we do that a lot). They just -- collectively -- raise their eyebrows. And there it was! Two of them nodding their heads in unison. Bobbleheads, but both commenting in the non-verbal affirmative.

For full disclosure purposes I have never taken advantage of that southern gentleman's most interesting offer. LOL. At least not yet . . .

But as a close friend, ChiefofD's M.B., likes to say, "for all things there is a first time." That raised MY eyebrows.

Frankly, citing that particular quote . . . I think the latter watches too much Star Trek.

14 September 2010

This Is All You Need To Know

Headline: Violent Crime Continues to Decrease While Gun Ownership Skyrockets . . .

So much for the merchants of doom and gloom, who link every pro-self defense argument with the spector of blood in the football stands, or on a park bench, etc. Such intellectual dishonesty is rampant among the anti-2A cabal, but never have their arguments been proven without a reasonable doubt to resemble shrunken cancer tumors being radiated under health-causing chemicals. In this case, the arguments shrink under, well . . . the Truth!

So here is the latest headline that can be drawn from new Federal Bureau of Investigation stats regarding violent crime in the United States in 2009. It shows crime continues to drop -- even while during an economic upheaval that conventional wisdom would suggests breeds more violent crime.

Could it be because more and more law-abiding Americans own, or are even carrying, firearms?

The things that make you go hmmm . . . .

11 September 2010

Never Forget . . .

An image that symbolizes of the need for Eternal Vigilence . . .

"Every time our country stands in the path of danger, an instinct seems to summon her finest first. Those who truly understand her. When freedom shivers in the cold shadow of true peril, it is always the patriots who first hear the call." -- Charlton Heston.
Never Forget.
Today, I am attending 9-11 remembrance services taking place on the green in Worthington, Ohio. I hope you will find a moment to remember how you felt on September 12, 2001, and reflect upon those, and honor those who have gone before us in the fight for freedom.

My How Times Have Changed: Upcoming Senate Hearing on Firearm Regs Not What You Think

From all reports coming in now, next week's hearing in front of a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee appears to have to do with protecting firearms dealers. Specifically, giving the BATF more latitude in dealing with dealers who have minor paperwork violations. Currently, there is no "justice" when a minor error is found. Today's agency rules require that a dealer be thrown into the depths of hell, metaphorically speaking, if even a comma is out of place, or if someone writes the word meaning a number, instead of using a numeral.

Of course, all eyes will be watching. The Committee will be reviewing bills that are supported by the National Rifle Association and National Shooting Sports Foundation.

09 September 2010

A Little Candlelight . . .

Way cool! Announcing shotgun shell candles!

Check out the "how-to" by clicking here!

08 September 2010

U.S. Senate Judiciary Schedules 'Firearms In Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform in the Federal Regulatory Process'

Heads up folks, the Senate has scheduled an ambiguous hearing for next week, titled "Firearms In Commerce: Assessing the Need for Reform In The Regulatory Process."

At first glance I want to think this is some sort of landmine being planted for down the road, something that will be a danger to the firearms rights of all Americans. But if you understand the political process, it would be legislative suicide for the ruling democrat party and President Obama to blatantly attempt to further curtail the Second Amendment. Though . . . ahem. . . that has not stopped the dems from plans to implement a series of new taxes at a time when the economy desperately needs an infusion of capital from the private sector. Something no same businessperson would advocate considering the moving target that is the U.S. tax code at this date.

For more on the hearing next week, Hot Air speculates.

This bears watching. Stay tune . . .

Been Away For A While . . .

Well I haven't actually been away. Just preoccupied with events that, incredibly, hit closer to home than the 2A. Family member embezzled more than a half million dollars from another family member, and I have been at ground zero since March 2009 trying to sort out and clean up the mess. Guilty party pleaded out and faces prison, though he denies he did anything wrong. He even tried to hide behind legal documents saying, "yes I took the money, but I was allowed to." A three-day scheduled trial that was resolved about four-and-a-half hours after it started. Victim has only a few thousand dollars left, and her real estate holdings are for sale to raise funds. A few avenues available to recoup monies, but likely she will never be made whole. At 83, she is distraught but her resignation has turned to resolve that she will find a way to survive.

More than the money, her anguish today is mostly about betrayal.

So I am back, though posting will be limited for a while until I get ramped up again. I am also ramping back up on activities at work.

19 July 2010

Dennis Henigan Inserts Foot in Mouth . . . Again

The Brady Campaign is out with more statistics and "grades" on state gun control laws.

And, as always, the metaphorical "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" (that would be Sarah Brady, Dennis, et al) shoots itself in the collective foot with its own statistics, comments, and relationships.

The full details are here . . .

04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!

Two hundred and thirty four years ago today, a group of courageous men took upon their shoulders what they knew would be a monumental task: severing ties with Great Britain.

Two days prior, they had voted after significant debate, to become independent from England. Now, they would be affixing their names to a piece of parchment that may well result in their deaths as traitors, or rebels, those who rejected the tyranny of King George.

The resulting document, the American "Declaration of Independence" was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie on a hot, steamy day.

It was a move that forever changed the world . . .

Happy Birthday America!!!

31 May 2010

Happy Memorial Day

While you are gnoshing on your hot dog or brat, or goofing around in your yard without a care in the world today, remember those men and women in uniform who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedoms here in the United States.

21 May 2010

Brother Has Been Found

Thanks to all who took the time to help search for my brother, or who sent along a word of encouragement. It is appreciated.

My brother was located in Indiana and will be returning to Ohio sometime next week. He has some hurdles to face, but at least he is safe.

Thanks again.

27 April 2010

My Brother Is Still Missing

Gone a month now. He has not been in touch with his family since Easter. If you have seen or know the whereabouts of Howard Greer, he is a danger to himself as he has threatened suicide a number of times. It is imperative you contact authorities so we can get him some help. If you hear from him or see him, please call 9-1-1 or the Delaware County, Ohio Sheriff's Office at 740-833-2800. His children are desperate to get their dad back.

Thank you.

And thank you for the assistance, kind notes, and conversations from a handful of you. I won't name names. You know who you are. I appreciate the help you have given me and my brother's family.

So How's That Gun Control Workin' For Ya Chicago???

With apologies to many other bloggers who have asked the same question. But, sufficed to say, there is NO better question.

At issue? Chicago political leaders are suggesting that the National Guard be brought into the Windy City to help quell the out-of-control violent crime there. "There" being a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. Laws that Mayor Daley and others would like to see exported to other cities.


As the Jammie Wearing Fool says, apparently as the organizer-in-chief has left Chicago for DC, apparently things are more disorganized there than unusual.

31 March 2010

My Brother Is Missing

He has some legal troubles. Is likely suicidal.

Last seen in Powell, Ohio sometime last week. Last contact on Friday, March 26, 2010.

His name is Howard Greer. Photo and more data is on the link above. Might be driving a white Ford Windstar minivan with Ohio license plates. If you think you have seen him, call 911 or the Delaware County, Ohio Sheriffs Office at 740/833-2800.

23 March 2010

Potential Supreme Nominee Not 2A Friendly

Goodwin Liu, a Berkeley, Calif. law professor, is quietly being discussed as a potential U.S. Supreme Court nominee by President Barack Obama, should the opportunity arise.

Right now, Liu has been nominated to sit on the 9th Court of Appeals. He is controversial on the Second Amendment, particularly since he was highly critical of two recent Supreme Court decisions involving firearms, both finding federal gun control restrictions unconstitutional.

Read what law prof Eugene Volkoh has to say on the matter.

Frankly, I am not surprised that a jurist with Mr. Liu's credentials is being suggested. He fits a stereotype that the political hard left in Washington loves. That same group having long had an irrational fear -- nay, a hatred of firearms, no matter that they save lives.

And remember my brothers and sisters. Hatred . . . is a sickness.

19 March 2010

Illinois Prove (Again) It Is Out Of Mainstream

Proving once more it is hopelessly out of step with the times, with the mainstream, and with the opinion of its residents, a committee in the Illinois House of Representatives passed legislation that would ban so-called "assault weapons."

Ironically, this legislation passed committee just a week after several bills that would overturn the state's antiquated ban on concealed carry moved forward.

Is the legislature there, as a whole, rather bi-polar?

Or to SBRs just give lawmakers so much PSH that they turn into babbling fools passing contradictory legislation?

Your thoughts . . . ?

07 March 2010

George Will Agrees With Me (Oh, and Alan Gura)

George Will agrees with Alan Gura's point in the recently concluded McDonald v Chicago oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court.

"Privileges and Immunities" was at the heart of Gura's argument. And at the time the 14th Amendment was ratified, it was clearly understood be be the heart and soul of that amendment. Sadly, it, like other rights, has been watered down.

Will writes eloquently on the matter for the Washington Post. Check it out, then pass it on.

06 March 2010

Central Ohio FNRA Reunites Friends

Years ago I served on the Central Ohio Friends of NRA committee, the group that plans that particular dinner and auction annually benefiting the NRA Foundation. Of course, competing priorities of work, personal life, etc. conflict over time and I stepped away from the committee.

There are some 25 or so such committees across Ohio, planning similar events. Of the funds raised, all of it is pooled, and half goes to NRA Foundation for national projects. The other half stays in Ohio to fund local projects such as improvements to club ranges, assist with JROTC projects, women's events like Women On Target, Refuse To Be A Victim seminars, youth events, and much more.

Interestingly, I had not been back to an event, held annually at Villa Milano in NE Columbus, in about four years. I was back for the first time this evening. I wasn't able to stay for dinner due to, you guessed it, competing family priorities. BUT I spent time during the "gathering" portion of the event (that's PC speak for "cocktail hour") catching up with old friends and acquaintances.

First to catch me was Kay Cornell, an educator who was out front helping attendees with pre-paid tickets. Her husband Mike, who was just inside the door, is the committee treasurer this year and pulling his hair out tracking it all. They are great people and officers at Pickaway County Sportsmen Inc. I have taught NRA classes with them both, and been honored to have been asked to help with Women On Target events their club has sponsored.

Brian Hoover, NRA rep for southern Ohio and I had a chance to catch up. We were bemoaning the relative "health" of the Eddie Eagle suit that is used in Ohio. It has seen better days. I told him that when a family member of mine portrayed Eddie this summer for an Ohio Waterfowlers outdoor event this summer, I recognized the suit right off. Specifically I recognized some of my duct tape repairs in the headpiece from five years ago. An old suit (hint hint to the NRA HQ folks who might be reading this).

Roger Antolik is a great guy, a personal coach by day and in his offtime is a leader in Four-H Shooting Sports in Ohio. He has coached many youths over the years and some of those kids have gone on to become champion shooting competitors in college and beyond. I was privileged on a couple of occasions in past years to be a speaker for the NRA Youth Education Summit (YES) Ohio conferences, because of an invitation by Roger and his wife, Sue. I spent some time with Jim Hughes, state senator from the 16th district, and we learned that we both are related to the outlaw Jesse James. Jokes flew around about our mutual relation and Jim's and my occupations as a an attorney, and a Realtor, respectively.

Two guys I see around my real estate office regularly came in tonight. Jack Kocka is a commercial lender, and Bob Deis is a real estate agent in my office. It was Jack's first time at an FNRA event and, sufficed to say, it is one he will always remember. I chatted with Craig Henderson, an insurance agent and member of the Central Ohio FNRA committee about insurance, duck hunting and real estate. Ken Hanson, a Central Ohio attorney and legislative liaison with Buckeye Firearms Association, and I chatted about upcoming bills coming before the Ohio General Assembly regarding car carry and restaurant carry. Important news is soon to come and I will be writing about these issues in the coming weeks.

Seeing as how I live just a few miles from the main campus of The Ohio State University, I used to stop in all the time to visit with Pat Cherry, long-time coach of the OSU Rifle Team. I have gotten busier as the years have gone by and I was delighted to have a chance to visit with Pat this evening also. He's got a great crop of competitors, and super support from the university athletic department. Budget? Well, it's never enough but they plug on and shoot respectable scores, ranking among the best college shooting teams in the U.S.

Anker Bell, local attorney grabbed me. We had not seen each other in years either. He came through a class initially as an NRA Personal Protection In The Home student, and later came through an NRA Certified Instructors class I assisted in. He is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment and it was great to see him. In addition, I finally met Steve Nafzger, chairman of this year's COFNRA planning committee. We had only talked on the phone a few times, and exchanged emails. It was great to put a face with a name and voice.

Jesse and Teri Cyrus have long been the official printers for the COFNRA programs and they were there, as well. I had not talked to either in almost a year. And old friend Pam DeLile, who has been battling cancer after recovering from a devastating stroke several years ago was (like a trooper) working one of the raffle tables. Decked out in red, white and blue, Pam is more tired these days but she makes up for it in enthusiasm. We both remembered I owed her a phone call from a few months ago that I had forgotten to return. Shame on me.

Just before I headed out I was approached by David Yost, who arrived just as everyone was sitting down to dinner. Dave is a county prosecutor in Delaware County, is running for state auditor, and is an old friend. Before I got into real estate and he broke into public service, we both were journalists. We met in college at Ohio State, and later both worked at the now defunct Columbus Citizen-Journal, he as a staff writer for the city desk and I as a stringer/writer for the state desk. He's running a strong race for state auditor and as a former county auditor, before he became a county prosecutor, is highly qualified for the post. It was nice to just be able to catch up away from politics, away from discussions of the law, etc. He is a strong 2A supporter also.

Missing in action tonight were old friends who either have back pains or illnesses that kept them away, folks who had some of those competing priorities, another good guy who just lost his job so is watching his pennies rather than splurge on a benefit dinner (I don't blame him), friends who are going through rough times in their lives and just want to avoid others for a while, and others who are no longer on this Earth, and have gone before us in the fight for freedom.

Millions of dollars have been raised in this fashion all across the U.S. Millions have been raised in Ohio. For two years running I sat on the Ohio Committee that evaluated and funded projects. That was six or seven years ago. These were day-long affairs where people from all over the state sorted through projects of every shape and size, most of them grant worthy, and made very hard decisions about who would receive grants (and for how much), and who wouldn't.

The NRA Foundation's motto, or message, is a simple, yet powerful one: Teach Freedom. Tonight, a bit more money was raised to do just that. I wish I could have stayed. Coming back to visit friends I had not seen in years . . . it felt like I had never been away.

The FNRA event in Hebron, Ohio, near Buckeye Lake, is next Saturday evening. I hope to get out there and stay for dinner this time. Maybe I will see some of you out there.

03 March 2010

Neighbors Young and Old Band Together In Chile To Protect Life, Property

Hundreds of survivors of the devastating earthquake that wrecked Chile, one of the economic powerhouses of Latin America, are banding together to protect themselves -- and their property.

The banditry that erupted almost immediately shocked most in this peaceful nation. Enough!, said its residents, and people are arming themselves since police and rescue forces -- stretched terribly thin -- are unable to be everywhere at once.

Kind of the same argument thinking Americans make when reasoning why the private possession and unfettered use of handguns and long guns is so very important in the United States.

An eye-opening report from a nation that has been bloodied, but is not down. Thankfully, its residents have an answer for looters. "No more . . . "

'Doctor Zero' Has An Opinion On Firearms

If he were an Ohioan, I would refer to Doc Zero as "The Anti Toby Hoover." A similar life story to the anti self defense Ms. Hoover, but this Florida resident has a completely different take on the Second Amendment.

I am not going to comment on his essay, titled quite simply, "To Keep And Bear Arms." You need to read it, and pass it on.

Well done, Sir, well done.

02 March 2010

On The Subject Of 'Fear-Mongering'

Recently I have heard radio news reports regarding the Chicago case that was argued before the Supreme Court today, CCW in U.S. national parks, and the latest stats regarding the huge jump in CCW licensure among Ohioans in 2009.

This latter story drew the ire of Toby Hoover, head of the so-called Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. She claimed that more Ohioans got their concealed handgun licenses because of "fear-mongering." Unable to sleep, I found myself hearing this news story repeated every hour on the radio last week during the middle of the night. Over and over I heard that self defense advocates are fear mongers led by the National Rifle Association.

Hmmm . . .

Well that drew my ire. First, there are plenty of areas where the You see, Ms. Hoover is an expert at fear-mongering. She and individuals claiming to be affiliated with her organization have come before various committees of the Ohio General Assembly on numerous, numerous occasions over the past decade, each time warning that there would be dire consequences if gun regs were loosened.

Antiquated prohibitions have been lifted, the original CCW law (a horrible bill that never should have been made into law in the first place) has been greatly improved, and the Buckeye State is safer because the bad guys, as I say so frequently, don't know whether granny is armed.

And there has been no blood on the grass in Cleveland Stadium (well, actually it has been torn down, but its replacement also has seen no such carnage); blood is not running down park benches, shootouts in our streets are not commonplace, by any stretch of the imagination; etc., etc., etc.

So who is -- or should I say, continues to be -- the fear monger?

To Ms. Hoover and her supporters, I sympathize with your personal stories, in particular that of Ms. Hoover. Ma'am, I understand YOUR reluctance to want to possess or carry a firearm. But you have no right to deprive me of the basic human right of self defense because of what you choose not to do. You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.;

But as long as you and the Bradys and the folks at Violence Policy Center, and the fringe group out at Legal Community Against Violence continue to work to infringe on my rights and the rights of every Ohioan, I will continue to point out through your own words and deeds who the real fear mongers are.

Here's a hint . . . they are the ones who go through life living in fear, want the government to step in and protect them no matter how intrusive it might be, and they don't care whose rights they infringe upon, as long as they get their way.

Sounds like bullying to me. If these were school kids, they would be suspended for their actions.

Chicago's Mayor Daley: "We Have The Right ... '

UPDATED Tuesday, March 2, 2010, 4:04 pm -- Analysis from SCOTUSblog here, analsis from Legal Times here, podcasts of oral argument testimony here, the full transcript text of oral testimony here. and analysis from law prof Eugene Volokh.

That the justices are leaning toward incorporation is a positive move, but that means they may be considering implementation thereof (due process rather than priveleges and immunities), is disappointing). The gun controllers will paint the opinion, in the end, as a victory because the Supreme Court did not give carte blanche approval for firearms, but instead may well leave room for some restrictions. Either way, the "control of the people" crowd have clearly lost another big round today.

In response to the lawsuit argued before the U.S. Supreme Court this morning, pitting regular folks against the city of Chicago, Mayor Daley had these words:

"We have the right for health and safety to pass reasonable laws."

You know something? I don't disagree with that statement. But an utter, absolute ban on the single, most effective self defense tool, and leaving residents to the protection of the outmanned and financially stretched Chicago police department, borders on the irresponsible. There is no way he can intellectually defend such a ban as being in the best interest of health and safety.

For nearly 30 years there has been an absolute ban on handguns in the city of Chicago. And during that time the city has become one of the most violent metropolitan areas in the entire United States. The bad guys know that law abiding people will, well, abide by the law. Leaving criminals in control of the Windy City's streets.

In response, what does Chicago do? It institutes unconstitutional house to house "voluntary" searches. Searches for firearms that quickly are ridiculed not only by residents but by most of the nation. Within days, the searches were terminated as the city realized the ineffective "answer" was turning into a public relations nightmare.

But city leaders, desperate for political control, maintains the gun ban is necessary. But the statistics do not support their argument. In fact, crime stats there are a nail in the coffin of the gun control theorists.

Not so, you say? Consider the following. About a year and a half ago, the long-time ban on possession of handguns in the District of Columbia was overturned because it, rightly, was found to be wholly unconstitutional. The gun control theorists chimed in with their tired, well-worn and proven to be false arguments that there would be a wave of violent crime in DC. Fast forward to present day. In the past year, violent crime is down 25 percent in the District of Columbia. Read that sentence again and let it sink in . . .

After the 10-year long national ban on so-called "assault weapons" expired, the same chicken littles falsely insisted, as most fear mongers do, that the sky would fall. That our streets would be filled with machine guns and every other odd "weapon," creating mayhem and leaving blood in our streets. The reality? No uptick in violent crime. Read that sentence again and let it sink in . . . In fact, violent crime continues it slow downward trend in the United States, thanks in part to the passage of concealed carry laws. The bad guys do not know whether granny is packing a .45 semi-auto in her purse, and the fear of dying in a robbery attempt is having an impact on crime across the U.S.

When CCW passed in any number of states, including Ohio, the warnings were that there would be blood on park benches and on the grass in Cleveland Stadiumm. Neither happened. It was much ado about nothing.

Attorneys for the City of Chicago, several plaintiffs, and the National Rifle Association, all gave oral arguments this morning before the High Court.

According to most court watchers, justices seemed not to like the Chicago ban, at least based on their questioning of attorneys in the matter. Many individuals and local, statewide and national advocacy groups were on hand outside the Supreme Court building in Washington DC this morning to spread their various messages. From people carrying signs saying that self defense is a basic human right -- the same message that is at the core of this blog -- to people protesting what they claim is easy access to firearms. I would take exception to the latter argument, considering that in the old days you could go into a Sears store, or Western Auto, or local hardware store and pick up a gun, no papers, no background checks, just cash and carry or lay-away.

The decision is expected until the summer. In anticipation of this court case, several suburbs of Chicago dropped their bans on handguns, knowing, in my opinion, that the case -- and the argument -- is a loser.

Time will tell . . .

01 March 2010

Chicago 'Incorporation' Case Goes Before U.S. Supreme Court

Oral arguments are tomorrow.

Click here to read a pretty decent summary of the case.

Personally, I favor an opinion utilizing that part of the 14th amendment that forbids a state from making or enforcing any law "which shall abridge the priveleges or immunities of citizens of the United States."

Oral arguments, scheduled to take place for one hour, are set to begin at 10 am at the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington DC.

More to come . . .

27 February 2010

National Parks Whining: Much Ado About Nothing

A little something happened during that past week, pretty much occurring without a hiccup. Except for the shrill whining coming from the anti self-defense fear mongers who goaded the media into coverage of an important citizen safety rule change.

Yes, I'm talking about the carrying of concealed firearms in U.S. national parks.

Of course, in its attempt to placate the anti gun crowd, got it wrong. Most national news stories noted that people with "licensed guns" can carry them in the parks. That is so very wrong. There is not much "gun licensing" that occurs in the U.S., and nowhere here in Ohio. The story they missed is that visitors to parks are safer because law abiding citizens who have licenses to carry concealed may now do so in our national parks.

Sigh . . .

Read it here. Interestingly, the usual "anti" diatribe was trotted out. Tired, but they use it anyway -- the most frequent objection being that with loaded firearms in parks there might be more violence. Guess what? There might be less violence as those who prowl the parks to prey on innocent families will think twice about doing so now!

26 February 2010

Poll: Majority Says Government Is Threat To Rights; And This Is News . . . ???

In what some are calling a shocking poll, CNN says a majority of Americans say that government is a threat to citizens rights.

I would posit that government has ALWAYS been a threat to citizens' rights.

That's why the founders of the United States, in the early amendments to the U.S. Constitution (the former formally known as the Bill of Rights) specifically outlined what government COULD NOT do. For the very reason that they knew, hundreds of years ahead, that government would ultimately get too big for its britches and attempt to rule every facet of everyone's lives.

Just like what the revolutionaries fought to get away from during the American Revolution . . .

So, here is the poll from CNN.

Fifty six percent of people questioned said they think the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses a threat to the rights of ordinary American citizens. That is a troublesome statistic. And refreshing at the same time.

Troubling because it is not just those more knowledgable who feels that way, but ordinary citizens. Refreshing, however, because those same ordinary citizens are becoming enlightened to the problems we have in this nation.

2009 Sees Record Number of CCW Licenses Issued In Ohio

Ohio county sheriffs issued a record number of concealed handgun licenses in 2009, according to Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

In 2009, 56,691 licenses were issued -- a number well above that set in 2004 when Ohio's concealed carry law first went into effect. That year, 45,497 licenses were issued.

My friend Linda Walker, region leader for Buckeye Firearms Association, in an interview with local radio stations, said it best -- when you factor in both the increase in home invasions being seen in neighborhoods in pretty much every city around Ohio, plus President's Obama's abysmal record on gun rights, you have some pretty good reasons for rational, thinking people to make the decision to obtain their CCW.

Click here to go to the news release issued by the Ohio Attorney General's office.

22 February 2010

Tennessee CCW Permits Way UP

Okay the news coverage in the Volunteer State is a bit misleading. The reporters are writing it as if you need a "permit" to own a gun in Tennessee.

You don't.

But as in many other states, you do need a license to carry a concealed firearm. And that is what this story is really about. According to state records, the number of Tennesseans licensed by the state to carry concealed increased by nearly 51,000 people last year -- a 23 percent increase -- to 268,711.

A pretty safe place to be these days. Read all about it at KnoxNews.com.

21 February 2010

Political Meddling At Ohio Highway Patrol? Where Is The News Here?

Gee . . . the worst kept secret in the Buckeye State is now being talked about -- political meddling in the inner workings and decisions of the Ohio Highway Patrol.

Today people are shocked, SHOCKED to learn that political decisions led to the scuttling of a planned criminal sting at the Ohio governor's mansion involving workers there. SHOCKED because no one can imagine how politics can get in the way of law enforcement, right?

Well, consider the following: Firearms owners in Ohio have long known of politics interfering with clear thinking at the OHP, particularly when it came to concealed carry reform efforts during the past decade. The OHP superintendents and others would routinely express their displeasure, if not outright concern, about allowing law abiding Ohioans to legally carry a concealed firearm. You see, it was prohibited for more than a century until the early 2000s. One of their more obtuse objections was that state troopers wouldn't know who is carrying a gun in a car. Even though ALL state troopers (and most smaller jurisdiction law enforcement agencies) are trained to assume that each and every occupant of every car that is stopped is armed. That led the patrol to insist on a ridiculous provision that those individuals carrying in their automobile carry in plain sight.

Sigh . . .

It was also the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, a salary benefits bargaining union that repeatedly kept sticking its nose into the safety concerns of average Ohio taxpayers. With nonsensical objections, lawmakers for reasons only they might be able to understand, listened to the FOP and watered down Ohio CCW -- incredibly important and long overdue citizen safety legislation.

Most often, after a wink and a nod from anti safety governors such as George Voinovich and Bob Taft, both of whom hated the idea of their constituents being able to legally carry. Both these politicians are primarily responsible for the OHP opposing the reversal of the antiquated ban on concealed carry. This went on for more than a decade. You have got to ask yourselves why any thinking person would fear a law abiding neighbor, let alone a politician fearing a law abiding constituent . . . right? Seriously, both these republican governors had their flaws -- particularly Taft.

Anyway, the latest news made me laugh out loud today when I read it. The only people who are shocked, SHOCKED I tell you to learn of political meddling in the Ohio Highway Patrol are those journalists and taxpayers who are clueless about what happens in day-to-day state politics.

Shocked? Nope. Another business as usual day. Something Ohio moms, grandmothers, granddads, fathers, uncles, aunts, collectors, competitors, hunters and others -- firearms owners all -- have known all too well is now known by a few more folks across the Buckeye State.

18 February 2010

Bill O'Reilly Steps In It With 'OK' On Gun Confiscation During Weather Emergencies


This makes no sense whatsoever. Moreso, its ILLEGAL! New Orleans tried breaking the law and learned the hard way it wasn't a good idea.

During an interview on a recent show, most observers agree thehost of the popular FOX News show seemed ill-prepared. Frankly, long-time O'Reilly watchers know that Bill is not the Constitutionalist that he portrays himself to be.

Washington Supreme Court Bitch Slaps Bradys, VPC, et al

The supreme court of the state of Washington has ruled today that the Second Amendment is incorporated in the state. That is, the Second Amendment applies to state and local jurisdictions in Washington State. It is not just a federal guarantee.

Which is, as I understand from my civics class in high school a million years ago, what the 14th Amendment guaranteed!

Another good set of links here at Eugene Volokh's place.

The anti self defense crowd are not happy campers today . . .

14 February 2010

Gun Owners In India Have Had Enough

Believe it or not, in the land of peaceful resistance spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi, there are people who own firearms. Collectors, target shooters, hunters, and so on.

But a cultural group that has stayed in the shadows, content to enjoy their sport without drawing attention to themselves (and without the protection of a constitutional amendment, like the United States), has had enough. Recent pushes by lawmakers in India spouting PSH nonsense about the so-called "dangers of guns" has resulted in a mobilization of firearms owners.

Enough is enough, they are saying.

Read it here. I wish them well!

11 February 2010

Americans Have No Expectation Of Privacy?

From the desk of of President Barack Obama . . . .

Once again, he proves that he doesn't give a damn about civil rights, or civil liberties. Yes, there is no provision in the U.S. Constitution that protects our privacy. But the last time I checked, the Supreme Court opinion many decades ago legalizing abortion created a narrow expectation of privacy, in this case, for a woman's body.

So why not whip up a Roe defense for this travesty regarding mobile phone privacy that the Obama administration is pushing? Seriously, don't they think Americans will care about a Justice Department statement saying that Americans have no expectation of privacy? Are they nuts?

Read the full story here.

Trust me folks, these kinds of decisions aren't made in a vaccuum. This one had to have been blessed in the Oval Office, or at a minimum, the West Wing.

Scary times these days with each new edict coming from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave . . .

08 February 2010

NC Mayor Bans Transport of Firearms Due To . . . Bad Weather?

The mayor of King, North Carolina has sparked outrage after her "state of emergency" declaration included a ban on the transport of legally owned firearms -- whether you had a CCW or not -- in privately owned vehicles.

She is defending her actions, saying she didn't declare martial law. But she may as well have. The only place you could have a firearm, she says, was on your personal premises.

Hmmm . . . and if you had to travel to pick up someone stranded, your child perhaps, Madame Mayor? Would YOU have gone unarmed? Or would you have had a police officer with you to protect YOU?

The outrage, IMHO, is justified. A number of U.S. state, in the wake of the events in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, have passed legislation prohibiting the confiscation of lawfully posseessed firearms during a state of emergency. Some states have gone even further in their prohibitions against what government can do in regards to restrictions on firearms, which may be the only defense against looters or other thugs who take advantage of natural disasters to make mischief.

03 February 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm......

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 4, 2010, 12:39 AM -- Paul Caron, who edits the TaxProf Blog, has picked up this story also.

And quite seriously, Instapundit blog author and law professor Glenn Reynolds reminds us (and federal agencies) in a commententary on Mr. Caron's post that U.S. taxpayers own a lot more of these firearms than the IRS.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is acquiring shotguns.....

Click here to see the IRS' Request For Quotation (RFQ).

02 February 2010

Early Draft Of U.S. Constitution Found In Philadelphia

An unknown, early draft of the U.S. Constitution have been found in a Historical Society of Pennsylvania building in Philadelphia.

Titled "Continuation of the Scheme," the papers had been filed in another area of work authored by James Wilson. While filed among Wilson's other papers, it should have been filed among other drafts of the Constitution known to exist. The paper is written in Wilson's handwriting.

"Two drafts of the Constitution in Wilson's hand had been separated from his papers long ago. One of them included the beginning of still another draft and was apparently seen as part of a single working version, instead of a separate draft. Toler said "The Continuation of the Scheme," including its provisions about the executive and judiciary branches, completes that draft, making it a third."

Oh, and before anyone tries to weave alternate meanings into the word "scheme," please keep in mind it was a word commonly used in the 1700s that meant "plan." Not as the Huffingtons, Bradys and others would have people think that something evil was afoot.

Overall, this is way cool news..

01 February 2010

Is The Violence Policy Center Trying To Reinstate The Black Codes?

During a dark time in our nation's history, bigots went around laws passed in the 1800s guaranteeing the vote to every man, and instituted rules that required "tests" as requirements to vote.

It was discrimination pure and simple.

And it appears the Violence Policy Center is pushing the same once more with outright discrimination against african americans in the United States. Specifically, the anti-gun rights group that Barack Obama repeatedly voted to fund while he was a director of the Joyce Foundation believes that black Americans are too violent to deserve the entire Constitution. Thus, it wants to reduce their access to firearms.

Columnist Bob Owens says that for an organization to make a public declaration that suggests an entire race be denied the same level of constitutional protections as others is both shocking and bewildering. I could not agree more! Owens notes that the study received financing from left-wing groups dedicated to social engineering, including the David Bohnett Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, and the Public Welfare Foundation.

"While progressive groups such as these typically have a stated goal of helping underprivileged minority communities, some of their attempts to affect what they view as positive social change can be viewed by critics as ham-handed and condescending — or, as in this instance, verging on outright racist."

Amen Brother. Read Bob's full post here.

Interesting isn't it? If a right-wing group had suggested that african americans be denied some of their constitutional rights, the national media would be all over this. Once again, the bias shows through like a million watt spotlight on the darkest of nights.

31 January 2010

The Pumpkin Cannon

A fun read.

Check it out by clicking here.

27 January 2010

Deep Thinking On The Austin Gun Show Debacle

So a question.

Assuming the "agreement" between law enforcement authorities, BATF and the show promoter agreeing to prohibit private transfers are true, under what authority, local ordinances, or code (state or federal) does law enforcement have a right to enforce a PRIVATE AGREEMENT?

You can't get police to take a police report on a private parking lot if there is a car accident.

At worse, I think all they could do would be eject you from the show. I'm not an attorney, but I cannot think of a single precedent that would allow BATFE or Austin Police to be the enforcers of a promoter's new "rule."

Thoughts anyone????

26 January 2010

Quote Of The Day

"I don't think its only those of us who shoot in the city who realize how much freedom we have lost. But its amplified and seen in our anger, our frustration and hopelessness about gun rights. Anger, fear and hopelessness are three of the reasons that people like you and me fall for the crap we read about. And our neighbors hear about. About gun violence, which always allows those terrible laws to be passed. We are conditioned to believe this crap. Conditioned, like a baby elephant in the circus. Did you know that if you chain up an african bull elephant at birth to an extremely large chain, that after a while this full adult, the largest animal in the jungle, will be conditioned not to pull on its tether. That after time it can be tethered to a dog leash? That it will not resist? Conditioned. Thats what Americans are becoming. Conditioned."

-- Kenn Blanchard, host of the Urban Shooter Podcast and the author of Black Man With A Gun