31 January 2008


Cows with guns.

I can't explain it. Though there is a message about prisoners unjustly caged (well, it depends on your perspective I guess) using firearms to gain their freedom. You just have to watch it.

WARNING: The easily offended and humor-challenged might not be able to stomach the large number of puns in this music video.

Gun Show 'Loophole' Going National (Again)

Look out! Here comes New Jersey's accidental senator, Frank Lautenberg -- again.

And this nonsense about "unlicensed dealers" at shows . . . how is a housewife who is selling her daddy's shotgun a "dealer?"


A child in Georgia was suspended from school for three days because he was writing with a pen that had a Glock logo on it.

Asks Dustin: "What exactly does that school administrator have against a perfectly nice Austrian family name?"

Zero Tolerance=Zero Thought

POSTSCRIPT: Cooler heads eventually prevailed, and the father reports that he was successful in convincing the school officials to not only withdraw the threat, but also the formal reprimand that already had been placed in his son's educational file.

When You Ban Guns, Criminals Will Use Knives (If They Don't Have Their Guns Handy)

From Australia. Ban the assault knives. They cause road rage, just like guns cause, well . . . crime?

Knives kill.

California MSM Gets It Wrong Again

But then they probably got it wrong on purpose just to further shake up their readers (and sell more newspapers). The Liberty Zone calls it zero tolerance stupidity.

Live-Blogging The Dem Debate in Hollywood

Updated Friday, Feb. 1, 2008, 1:15 pm -- The stars were shining during the Hillary/Barack democrat debate last night, wrapping up the last debate before next week's Super Tuesday primaries.

And then there were two . . .

Spur of the moment thoughts from Roger Simon as he live-blogs the dem debate that took place tonight in Hollywood.


Latest presidential race headlines:

Los Angeles to host dem debate tonight
Obama breaks fundraising record
Obama supporters growing, poll says
"Unknown" Obama wooing Hispanic voters
Clinton buys full hour on Hallmark Channel
Texas guv endorses McCain
Romney says McCain Using Nixonian Tactics
McCain Appears To Have Changed Tax Cut Stance
Clinton (Bill, that is) has creates more controversy for Hillary
Clinton says she can control her husband
Clinton stood by as Wal Mart fought unions
Suzy Sarandon "not sure" of Clinton as president
Obama says Clinton is divisive
Obama most liberal senator last year
Arnold formally endorses McCain
McCain allegedly suggested Justice Alito "too conservative"
GOP candidates in their own words
Romney on the economy
CNN on Huckabee
CNN on Paul
Paul's billboard gets Californians talking

And last but not least . . . Dem race to last past Tuesday

A Tragedy In Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 19:25 pm -- Sailorcurt has updates on this case. He also sent me a correction. I inadvertently wrote that this event occurred in Maryland, when in fact it all unfolded in Chesapeake, Virginia. My apologies for the error. Thanks for the note, Sailor!

"Here’s hoping Frederick escapes Cory Maye’s fate. This guy shouldn’t be in jail. He should be compensated by the City of Chesapeake. As should the family of Detective Shivers. And these raids need to stop."

The full story is here and here. I'm not by any means defending folks who enjoy recreational pharmaceuticals occasionally. But the militarization of America's police departments is growing exponentially at a devastating cost.

Similar stories out of Georgia, Texas, Colorado and Minnesota.

McCain Continues To Slam Business; Business and Others Are Becoming Annoyed

A number of people are getting tired of John McCain's unceasing attacks on business. His line about service to your country being found in "patriotism, not for profit" is wearing thin. National Review this week took him to task for continually brow-beating private industry.

Here's my advice to Candidate McCain: Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

  • Private industry is what pays the taxes that enable you to pay for your government initiatives.

  • Private industry is what creates jobs (though the government seems to be doing a good job of boosting employment in its own ranks) . . . that's sarcasm folks, not an "attaboy" for government growth.

  • Private industry leads innovation, not government.
Mark Steyn, who penned the NRO piece, asks the following: "If greed is to be punishable, why doesn't he start with a pilot program applied to, say, the United States Senate and report back to us in five years how that's going?"

You da man, Mark!

Bloggers A Threat?

Our federal government (rightfully) fears a cyberstorm from a number of sinister sources, among them (wrongfully), bloggers.

"Imagined villains included hackers, bloggers and even reporters. In one scenario, after mock electronic attacks overwhelmed computers at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, an unspecified "major news network" airing reports about the attackers refused to reveal its sources to the government. Other simulated reporters were duped into spreading "believable but misleading" information that confused the public and financial markets, according to the government's documents."

The Associated Press has the "sky is falling" story.

The OutsideTheBeltway blog has some choice words.

And fellow blogger Inmuscatine says, "We should not fear our government, our government should fear us. That being said, I don’t recall reading a case where a blogger has published national security secrets, as has the MSM. Logically, it would seem the government should be more wary of the MSM spilling the beans than any blogger."

Nicely written.

Latest Star Power Endorsement For A Presidential Candidate

Huckabee has Norris, McCain has Stallone, now Ron Paul has Arlo Gutrie.

An example of showing how the far, far left and the far, far right ultimately come back to meet each other again.

Presidential Candidates Staying Mum On Gun Control

"Ironically, though these laws represent the ultimate goals of the gun “control” (actually gun ban) movement, they epitomize that movement’s political downfall. For Democratic candidates, an Eleventh Commandment has evolved: “Don’t mention guns”—while formerly anti-gun Republicans Romney and Giuliani now declare themselves faithful advocates of gun rights."

The words of Don Kates, noted criminologist. Read his full report here.

Attorney: Meaning Of 2A Could Change

"Moreover, the Second Amendment is contained within the Bill of Rights, which the Founders drafted to safeguard individual liberties from government infringement. It simply defies logic that the other nine amendments would protect individual rights, but the Second Amendment would apply only to militias and restrict individual rights."

Excerpted from a guest column by a Florida attorney in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper.


Should US citizens accused of domestic abuse lose the right to bear arms?

Some say yes, some say no.

NSSF Takes First Data Corp. To Task

Back on Jan. 10, I told you of the national credit card servicing company that was refusing to process transactions regarding firearms because it did not understand federal firearm laws.

Well, the National Shooting Sports Foundation has now gotten involved.

"Furthermore, the policy of First Data and Citi Merchant Services interferes with the receiving and shipping of inventory from and to federally licensed firearms retailers, distributors and manufacturers. This inventory supplies not only law-abiding Americans, but military and law enforcement agencies as well," the foundation said in a letter to First Data Corporation, which operates Citi Merchant Services.

Let Me Be Your President

Well, not me. But all of the talk of presidential politics made me think. What if a regular guy were elected? The media likes the idea. Last year, the BBC ran a dramatic miniseries about a housewife who was elected Prime Minister of England.

So why not here?

One of my favorite baritones, singer/songwriter/comedian Mark Lowry, wrote this piece during the 2000 election season about running for the Oval Office. He makes some good points. Performed at the Kennedy Center in New York City.

Humor (At The Expense of Everyman Hero Jack Bauer)

Did you ever see the Saturday Night Live satire, "What If?" One of my favorites was "What If Napoleon had a B-52 bomber." There was the little general, standing behind Dan Akroyd at the controls of the aircraft, with Akroyd explaining to the puzzled emporer the capacity of the bomb bay and speed from the United States to France's enemies.

Anyway, what if . . .

Jack Bauer of 24 is trying to save the world . . . in 1994 . . . with the technology of the day (AOL 3.0, Prodigy, pagers, phone booths, you get the idea).

Hilarious spoof; absolutely worth watching, especially if you are a fan of, you know, saving the world, and gadgets.

h/t to GeekWithA45

Anti-Gun 'Gun Guys' Misrepresent Counter-Protest In Virginia

Stating that "gun proponents openly mock victims" at the Virginia statehouse assembly last weekend, the so-called "Gun Guys" this week have their noses bent out of shape because honest citizens took exception to the planned "lie-in" photo-op.

Simply put, supporters of firearms on campuses to prevent carnage such as the Virginia Tech shootings showed up for the public demonstration (as is their right, and had their say. The message of personal responsibility resonated with the public.

And the gun control zealots are angrier, and more sullen than ever.

Ohio AG Dann Tells Ohio Supreme Court To Deny Clyde's CCW Challenge

From the Associated Press:

"Attorney General Marc Dann asked the Ohio Supreme Court on Monday to throw out the city of Clyde's challenge to a state law allowing people to carry hidden guns."


Another Reason Why Teachers Should Be Armed

. . . Because they could put a stop to the carnage, though rare, that occurs in victim disarmament zones such as schools.

BTW, the Israelis handle it differently than we do here in the United States. Here, the young people in a similar example would all likely be dead before our authorities make it to the scene.

In Jerusalem, the situation was handled. Quickly. And the injured students all lived.

Any questions?

30 January 2008

Poe: Don't Blame Liberals For Gun Control

This is the biggest problem firearms owners in America face today. Elected office holders, in a political party that historically has supported the Second Amendment, turning around and supporting increasingly restrictive regulations -- all for political favor.

In FrontPage magazine, writer Richard Poe reminds us that we should not always blame liberals for gun control. I agree! And personally speaking, I don't blame the left solely for the inexplicable attacks on the rights of law abiding citizens who own firearms.

Giuliani, Romney and McCain -- and more -- republicans all, have all had a hand in gun control. Some worse than others.

In my region of the nation, we saw Bob Taft, Ohio governor and great-grandson of a president, disgraced and pleading guilty in court for shoddy record keeping when it came to campaign donations. Even at the end of his second four-year term, he attempted to reject common sense firearms legislation (HB347). The bill was a general law putting all gun regulations in the hands of state lawmakers, rather than local politicians who for decades exploited home rule powers and used gun control as a red herring to prove they were "doing something" about crime.

Taft vetoed the bill. The Ohio General Assembly voted, for the first time in his rein as governor, to overturn his veto. The measure became law.

As I have written before, it's hard enough to stand guard against the gun controller straight ahead, constantly on the attack. It's even more difficult to guard your flank against those who tell you they are your friend, and not to worry, but who quietly support such draconian measures and hit you when you let your guard down.

Always be on guard!

Murder By Gun Control

Some time ago, L. Neil Smith penned a brilliant essay on the gun controllers.

He advised they really need to look deep inside themselves, and proclaim who they truly are:

"Stupid, insane, or evil. Those are the choices. Be honest.

He follows:

"Make no mistake: you victim disarmament types are sick, sick people, in the
words of T.D. Melrose, who'd rather see a woman raped in an alley and strangled
with her own pantyhose than see her with a gun in her hand."

A good read.

Drunkblogging the GOP Debate

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 11:31 pm -- Here is a complete transcript of the debate from CNN.

Updated: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008, 10:37 pm -- Green wraps up the debate.

Stephen Green, martini in hand, "drunk-blogged" the republican debate being held at the Reagan Library in California.

Entertaining, AND informative.

BTW, California's "Governator" will be campaigning with John McCain in the Los Angeles area on Thursday. Does anyone else see another McCain endorsement right around the corner? Moreover, will there be any quid pro quo?

Report On SB184 In Ohio Senate (No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine)

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 10:49 pm -- Here is a report from the hearing by Buckeye Firearms Association. The eloquent Linda Walker, a BFA leader, penned the following: "Wednesday was another great day for pro-gun, pro-self-defense, and good people of Ohio. SB184, known as Castle Doctrine, received a third hearing and the anti-gun, anti-self defense, anti-crime victim social do-gooders had their say. While anyone would have a hard time explaining and defending their view of the world, the people they choose looked more inept than ever."

From my telephone conversation last night with Linda after the hearing, I think her words are an understatement. Nice catch, too, that Jeremy Burnside isn't just a rep for the Ohio Association for Justice (formerly the Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers), but actually has an incredible bias he did not disclose to the committee. Gotta love the internet for research!

Updated: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008, 9:14 pm -- Observers at the Senate hearing tell me that Ms. Hoover, in her testimony, was complaining that with CCW, Ohioans for the past four years have been walking around with loaded guns. No kidding!? Now, if SB184 passes, she alleged in testimony that law abiding citizens would have the right to be judge, jury and executioner if confronted. Said one observer in a telephone call to me tonight, "I couldn't believe it. She was shilling for violent criminals!"

Members of the Ohio Senate Committee on the Judiciary - Criminal heard both proponent and opponent testimony on Senate Bill 184 today, a bill that would provide civil immunity to an individual who uses force to defend themselves against a violent attack.

Among those testifying: Randy Van Fossan, chairman of Peoples Rights Organization (his testimony may be found here); a trial lawyer, Jeremy Burnside (opponent of the bill) who maintained that everyone deserves their day in court (even violent criminals suing crime victims who shot the criminal in self defense); Toby Hoover (opponent of the bill), executive director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence ; and a representative from Ohioans for Concealed Carry (proponent of the bill).

Also, David Johnson from Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association testified in favor of the legislation.
As soon as I have copies of their testimony, I will post them to this site. I had to leave the hearing early, actually BEFORE testimony on SB184 began. Senators got bogged down with discussion on other bills regarding stalking and mandatory prison sentences.

My contacts in the room with whom I have spoken since the hearing took place say Ms. Hoover took a good grilling from several of the senators, among them Sen. Steve Stivers, Sen. Tim Grendell, and Sen. Lance Mason. One of the questions being, and I am paraphrasing here, "You mean to tell us I have to retreat in my own house?" Another question, "You mean criminals have more rights than I do?" Allegedly, she did her best to dodge some of the obvious answers she did not want to give. Mr. Burnside also was grilled heavily by members of the panel, who took exception to his "nine scenarios" that could occur if Ohioans are granted civil immunity for using force to defend themselves.

Another senator, whose name escapes me, noted Ms. Hoover's "irrational fears" when she predicted blood in the streets and the Wild Wild West if CCW legislation passed, asked if she had evidence there would be carnage if SB184 passes. She dodged the question.

Also, it was noted that the Fraternal Order of Police has come out formally in opposition to the bill. People, the FOP needs to remember it is a police benefits bargaining union, and needs to quit trying to derail the rights of private citizens -- or in this case -- quit trying to prevent average citizens from getting back some rights they are currently denied. Plus, this bill has no impact on police. With all due respect to the many law enforcement officers who read The Ready Line, and the many LEOs who are my close friends (and whom I go out of my way to support), police carry sidearms, their leadership admit they can't be everywhere to protect everyone, and if I die because the police didn't get their in time, they are immune from prosecution.

If a police officer is on the scene where I am being attacked, however, doesn't it make sense that pretty much any situation should be taken care of by the LEO and I would have no need to draw a firearm. Right? So what logical reason can the FOP possibly have to oppose this bill, other than to keep its name in the news?

County prosecutors, who some have said are strongly opposed to this bill, are coming back next week to testify, as is the FOP representative. Which is interesting, considering there were a number of county prosecutors from around the state in the hearing room for the legislation regarding mandatory sentencing.

I anticipate SB184 will pass out of committee next Wednesday, and head to the full Ohio Senate. Hopefully, it will move along unscathed. We'll see.

More to come. . .

Regulate The Assault Batteries

Some are suggesting that disposable batteries -- a pollutant of sorts -- and no matter how efficient, should be considered a controlled substance and, as such, should be sold under the same restrictions as prescription drugs or guns.

Right. First off, there is no market for used batteries that I'm aware of. Secondly, and thankfully, you are still able to buy and sell guns among law abiding individuals in private transactions. I don't think there would be such a battery market.

h/t to Instapundit

ATF's Mike Sullivan On The Ropes

It appears that Mike Sullivan, the acting BATFE director who is awaiting Senate confirmation as full fledged director -- well, he has some skeletons in the closet.

Viewed as horribly anti-gun, his ties to anti-self defense and gun control organizations has now been exposed. Ryan Horsley at Red's Trading Post has published an eye-opening list of the gun grabbing groups with which Mr. Sullivan is linked.

His confirmation is being held up in the Senate by a handful of senators -- and for good reason, it appears!

Today's Dropouts

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 1:02 am -- Oh my . . . a serious independent bid for the White House is being assessed. The exploratory committee for Ralph Nader has been formed.

Updated: Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2008, 11:13 pm -- Giuliani dropped out and endorsed his old buddy, John McCain.

John Edwards is out of the presidential race. Rudy Giuliani is expected to exit tonight.

29 January 2008

It's McCain In Florida

McCain wins Florida primary; rumors say Giuliani to endorse McCain.

More to come . . .

Boston Anti-Gun Blogger Puts Herself In The Non-Profit 'Safety' Business

Sebastian over at Snowflakes In Hell notes that one of the few anti-gun bloggers, Nancy Robinson, is setting up a not-for-profit coalition in Boston to "track sources of illegal guns and learn how they end up in the hands of teenagers and criminals." She is best known for whining to the New York Times that "progressive" politicians and grassroots organizers weren't paying attention to gun control.

There is some bad grammar in the news story, published in the Boston Globe. Frankly, I'm not clear whether she is the executive director, or whether her teenage son has been given the post, but I digress . . . Sebastian has some solid insight as to why Ms. Robinson's efforts are misguided.
Personally, I would suggest that contributors to the group, as well as pro self defense activists in the area, keep a close eye on "Citizens For Safety's" finances. Here in Ohio, it was discovered that an executive director of a similar "coalition" is really a one-woman show who grabs a lot of headlines.

. . . And pockets a lot of dough from giant anti-gun foundations. For the children.

House Passes Stimulus Plan; Senate May Slow It Down

Updated: Thursday, Jan. 31, 2008, 12:52 am -- This news story from the Politico about illegal aliens receiving "rebates" will piss off conservatives, to be sure.

By a 10-1 margin, the U.S. House of Representaties passed the so-called economic stimulus plan that will enable me to get some of MY money back to buy a new toy. But the Senate plans to muck it up, potenially adding more benefits, er, uh . . . refunds to Americans who overpaid their taxes (since the government clearly doesn't need it).

So I may not get my shopping money after all. If the Senate doesn't pass the House version, President Bush says he's pulling out the veto pen. But then, if they muck it up, the Senate WOULD be upholding my philosophy of "gridlock is good." Meaning, if Congress is quibbling, they aren't diminishing American rights.

Let them quibble. I'll just have to sell an additional property or two to make up what the government isn't going to send me . . . er, uh, the rebate they are mailing, or . . . the gratious refunding of my own hard earned dollars. God my brain hurts.

Hypocrisy, Part II

"What interests me is that a lot of people who frown on cigars and go ballistic if anyone lights up a cigarette near them have no problem smoking pot themselves or being around others who do. Will this lead them to:

"1. Now react violently to the threat of second-hand pot smoke the way they do
cigarette smoke? . . . "
Jeff Soyer points out that the people who would enjoy regulating EVERY LAST THING you do have a new weapon in their rhetoric. And those who enjoy some "herb" from time to time (Notice, I do not partake) now would find themselves between the proverbial rock and a hard place.

Personally, I don't really care whether pot is a cancer risk. The potential hypocrisy of it all is what intrigues me.

USSA Weighs In On Chicago Ban Ordinance

The U.S. Sportsmens Alliance has issued an alert to the hunting community in Illinois regarding the dangerous proposals being pushed by Cook County (Chicago) politicians.

GASP! Bill Clinton Visit (Cough)To Cleveland Closes e-Check Station (Wheez)

Bill Clinton is campaigning for Hillary in Cleveland this evening. Traffic around Dante's Restaurant on Rockside Road is going to be a mess. And the local emissions check station will have to close early. Sigh . . .

Of Commas And Unnecessary Dissection

Brother-in-arms Jude Cuddy has been pondering the Heller/Parker case, and considering looming legislation here in Ohio regarding No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine philosophy.

His opinion, from Behind The Berm as always, is straight to the point:

"I ran across an NRA publication, "The Second Amendment Primer," that has a few direct comments that are particularly appropriate to the "Heller" case. Witness lately the cacophony of opinions on which way the court will rule. Emperical evidence suggests that the DC ban is unconstitutional, but we must work within the system to prevail upon others the folly of such draconian laws.

"It is interesting that there are already arguments about the placement of the comma, secondary or subsidiary standards, etc. All of the legal scholars have weighed in on the matter. However, no less an authority than Thomas Jefferson had this to say regarding the Constitution and the Bill of Rights:

"On every question of construction let us carry ourselves back to the time when
the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates,
and instead of trying what meaning can be squeezed out of the text, or invented
against it, conform to the probable one which has passed."

"I see no reason or room to dissect the Second Amendment."
Amen, Brother.

Political Humor

Recordings discovered on John Kerry's answering machine the morning after he endorsed Barack Obama for president (instead of his 2004 VP running mate John Edwards).

NOTE: Must be the REAL reason why this blog received an NC-17 rating. It really can't be because I write about firearms and politics. Right?

Pro, Anti-Gun Advocates Agree On One Thing: DOJ Brief Got it Wrong

"The assertion that government has the constitutional authority to place a "reasonable restraint" on a right enumerated in the Bill of Rights when the Amendments were specifically written and adopted to restrain the powers of the federal government is beyond an absurdity. Where does the federal government, Mr. Clement, get the constitutional authority to change the meaning of an Amendment that restrains federal power? If the federal government has this power, then the Constitution and Bill of Rights are meaningless because government can simply modify or remove any restraints on its power."

The above words come from an essay written on the Price of Liberty website, and are a response to U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, who wrote the much disputed Department of Justice amicus curiae brief in the District of Columbia v. Heller case now before the Supreme Court.

Interestingly, Dennis Henigan, vice president at the Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.), notes in an article he has written for Legal Times that the DOJ brief is the result of a collision course set in place during the tenure of former Attorney General John Ashcroft. Ashcroft, a capable and well respected attorney, turned his back on the bandwagon mentality inside the DC beltway, and courageously wrote a detailed opinion that the Second Amendment is, indeed, an individual right.

Later, DOJ filed a brief in the case of U.S. v. Emerson, and said the 2A does protect an individual right. Further, another opinion by the Department of Justice in 2004 quoted the meaning of the Framers and left anti-gun attorneys speechless in its depth, breadth and thorough endorsement that the 2A is an individual right, and demolished the "collective rights" myth. At the time, accomplished attorney Stephen Halbrook, an expert on the Second Amendment and firearms law (and a friend to an Ohio organization with which I am connected, Peoples Rights Organization), wrote about both Ashcroft's letter, and the Emerson brief on several occasions. Further, attorney David Kopel, writing of Emerson, noted that significant numbers of cases from federal district courts and federal courts of appeal which said that the Second Amendment does not guarantee an individual right were "superficial and conclusory." Bottom line: they provided almost no legal reasoning which would persuade a neutral reader.

Back to present day. Writes Henigan of the DOJ's amicus brief in Heller: ". . .Most troubling, the department’s brief asserts that the amendment guarantees “an armed citizenry as a deterrent to abusive behavior by the federal government itself.” The appearance of these words in a legal brief by the Department of Justice should be alarming to the Supreme Court and, indeed, to every American. If an “armed citizenry” is a constitutionally protected “deterrent” to abuse by federal officials, this would imply that the greatest protection should be given citizens who are arming themselves against the threat of such abuse."

Yes, a threat against the people by an out-of-control government, directed by politicians who exploit their power for their own ends, in continual violation of the Constitution. If you read any of the Framers personal writings from the late 1700s, that is EXACTLY what they had in mind.

Henigan further asks: "Does this mean that federal authorities are constitutionally barred from taking action against the stockpiling of illegal weapons by extremist groups, the organization and training of armed private militias, and other preparations for violent dissent by those who believe that the federal government is engaged in “abusive behavior”? Can it be that the Bush Justice Department regards preparation for armed insurrection as constitutionally protected?"

Illegal weapons? Once again, what is an "illegal weapon?" Stockpiling? I know judges (and not just in my home state of Ohio) who have a couple safes full of firearms. The grabbers would call that an arsenal. Sorry, arsenals are where the military keeps firearms and ammunition. And what is an extremist group? The anti self defense cabal would have you believe it is the NRA.

In this nation, one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The government has nothing to fear from law abiding Americans, yet the gun control laws that Henigan, Helmke, Sarah Brady, Josh Sugarmann at Violence Policy Center and Ohio's own Toby Hoover (at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence) support are aimed at regular folks, NOT criminals, nor terrorists. The fear of terrorists and criminals is used to prevent honest taxpayers from exercising their Second Amendment birthright.

Henigan's analysis of the 1932 Miller decision is off, as well. But, Legal Times picked up his article, and that helps give him and his organization credibility.

Simply put, the argument in Washington DC is about handguns. Yes, it is about a larger issue; personal freedom, the basic human right of self defense, personal responsibility, and government's inability to protect the populace while denying the tools to people to protect themselves. But it is about handguns. Nothing more.

To hear Henigan and company, you would think the Heller story is about machine guns. But then, redirecting the argument is something he, Helmke, Brady, Sugarmann, Hoover, et al do so very well. Oh, and BATFE might suggest, too, that the case is about machine guns.

But then, what they are really worried about is the agency's very existence, and preserving jobs. It's as if they are staring at the end of Prohibition all over again, and let their surrogates warn people about the evils of demon rum. Only this time, it is guns they continually demonize at the expense of taxpayer rights.

Captain America Is BACK!

Back in October of last year, I told you about Captain America's planned return from the grave. Only this time, the plan was for the superhero to be packing heat. Well, he's back!

The storyline is this. Less than a year after the legendary star-spangled superhero was killed off in his comic book, his former teenage sidekick is being promoted to fill those big red boots in the latest issue.

A New York Daily News reporter noted that there is bound to be a backlash when fans see Bucky Barnes, the new Cap, toss the famous shield and whip out a firearm. The person in charge of the Captain America storyline replies: "It's a little jarring for some people to see that," said the book's writer, Ed Brubaker. "[But] people forget that Captain America carried a gun a lot in World War II. Every three covers there was a shot of Captain America with a machine gun or a flamethrower - or an atom bomb."

The "new" Captain America hits store shelves tomorrow!

Atlanta Self Defense Shooting By Wheelchair-Bound Man Illustrates Need For Tort Reform

Yet another reason why "No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine" legislation is so sorely needed in the Buckeye State.

"A homeowner who is confined to a wheelchair shot and wounded a man who confronted him on his door step, Atlanta police told 11Alive News."

He had no ability to retreat, regardless of his "duty." If he lived in Ohio, the homeowner would likely be sued by his attacker in civil court for defending himself, even if police and prosecutors determine the wheelchair-bound homeowner's actions were justified.

Pure idiocy.

NOTE: There is a hearing on SB184 tomorrow (Wednesday) before the Ohio Senate Committe on the Judiciary - Criminal, starting at 10 am on this very subect. Proponent and opponent testimony will be heard.

Gun Rights Town Hall Meeting In Alaska Features Ron Paul

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is holding a gun rights town hall meeting in Alaska today.

No Star Trek Phasers Yet, But . . .

"For the Second Amendment, the results could be double-edged. If the Glock and SIG Sauer handguns of today were replaced by nonlethal stun guns, bans that covered these new weapons would be much harder to sustain under the Second Amendment. What would drive the push for gun control in the absence of bullet-ridden bodies? Legal rationales that may have seemed reasonable to deal with lethal firearms will seem embarrassingly unconvincing when applied to the nonlethal weapons of the future."

An interesting examination at Law.com on whether technology would change the way people look at self defense tools.

28 January 2008

It Must Be The Dirty Politics

Hmmm . . . my online journal, The Ready Line, has received this rating because I used the word "gun" 39 times; "crap" twice; "death" once, and "shooting" once.

HELLOOOO!!! It is a gun politics blog!!!

ABC's 'Match-O-Matic' Matches You To Your Perfect Presidential Candidate

ABC News has a new online gizmo -- the "Match-O-Matic."

By answering a series of questions it will tell you which presidential candidate -- of any party -- most closely matches your philosophy. Sort of an e-Harmony for presidential link-ups!

But I'm not sure how well it really works. After running through the questions, the Match-O-Matic said my No. 2 choice was Fred Thompson (though he has dropped out), and my No. 1 is Rudy Giuliani. Uh . . . I'm not buyin' that one.

Still, try it out for yourself.

Bush Makes Farewell State of the Union Address

Updated Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2008, 11:29 pm -- This writer from The Hill newspaper observed something that was missed by the TV audience watching the speech last night -- all eyes in the House of Representatives chamber were on Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Everyone was frequently looking over to see how they reacted with each other, and with President Bush's final State of the Union address.

Not boring, not brilliant. But pretty damn good. George W. Bush has always been good on delivery. Except for when he's smirking. Personally, the smirk never bothered me. It was the body language that came out of his confidence. But as a former PR practitioner, I knew it would piss off his opponents, and be used to suggest he was just a cowboy.

Nearly an hour long. Lots of applause -- some genuine, some staged. Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama looking happy. Hillary Clinton looking like she's had a bad day. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's meds must have worn off after about 10 minutes into the speech. Her machine gun fast eye-blinking started up again. Maybe the Associated Press has the answer (I haven't read it all yet).

BTW, here is the full text of his address.

After a brief time talking about domestic issues -- particularly the habit of loading up bills with earmarks (pork projects) -- Bush spent quite a bit of time talking about freedom for oppressed peoples, and strongly tweaked his critics regarding military progress in the Middle East. Supposedly, some of the Code Pink war critics, were going to be seated in the gallery. If they were there, they didn't seem to make a peep.

Bush ignored the gun issue in America and the debate which pits advocates of control over individal safety against those who cherish individual responsibility and the basic human right of self defense. Of concern was the news that one of the people invited to sit in the gallery near First Lady Laura Bush was Kevin Sterne, the student photoraphed being carried out of Norris Hall on the Virginia Tech campus after the shootings there. The Eagle Scout had fashioned a tourniquet around his leg, and the video and photos were carried worldwide.

Sterne's mother, Suzanne Grimes, has been involved since the incident last year with gun control organizations, particularly the so-called Protest Easy Guns group that failed in an attempt to push through several draconian legislative proposals in the Virginia legislature in just the past two weeks. In the name of safety, lawmakers there rejected the feel-good provisions being pushed by Virginia's governor.

In this, President Bush's final State of the Union address, he pledged to keep America safe by advancing freedom worldwide. I would have settled for him pledging to keep America safe by opposing ridiculous, politically motivated gun control laws. Laws that do nothing but control honest people, and give criminals free rein to terrorize urban neighborhoods and shoot up "victim zones" such as schools, universities and shopping malls.

Safety comes from people looking out for one another, not cowering, waiting for overworked police to arrive. Safety comes from the provisions of our Bill of Rights being safeguarded, and not chipped away.

This time next year, I truly hope the person behind the lecturn isn't slashing and burning their way toward the "change" all the current presidential candidates say is necessary. The only changes necessary are to quit penalizing Americans for being successful, and infringing on our right to protect our lives with the tools of our choice.s

Zap Him In The Nuts Annually During His Four-Year Sentence (To Toughen Him Up)

This steams me. I think this clown got off easy with only a four-year prison sentence, considering what he did to his 18-month-old son.

And Now For Something Completely Different

You may have watched self defense videos before. But you have never seen anything like this! Simply put, Monty Python's "Defense Against Fruit" is pure silliness.

I suggest a glass of wine and some Python to put you in a relaxed mood before tensing up later this evening, wondering what President Bush has in store for firearms owners, and the nation's security, in his State of the Union address (his last).

DC: Do You Remember?

Before they were known as the Washington Wizards, the NBA team in our nation's capital was known just a few years ago by another, less politically correct name . . .

Here is a promo video from the mid 1990s for the team BEFORE the thought police pushed for a name change.

Status Of The Unorganized Militia

A nephew, Luke, whom I mentioned was visiting, was back in Columbus from his college visit and we had long conversations Sunday about a multitude of subjects. Government, religion, politics, Ohio, Maine, college, pressure, balancing studies and play . . . you name it. Part of our conversation was about the Unorganized Militia and its relevance today.

Ironically, Clayton Cramer on Saturday posted on this same subject. Seems he has found evidence that the Unorganized Militia's relevance is more than anecdotal. He has unearthed significant information regarding such from Alaska, Maryland and Oregon.

Very interesting reading.

Oh Crap

George W. Bush's last State of the Union address is tonight at 9 pm eastern. There is some concern over what he might say regarding firearms.

Bitter says his guest list should raise a few eyebrows.

Supposedly the theme of his address is "Empower and Trust." I hope he's talking about "the people" of the nation being empowered and trusted, and not another a plea for us to trust government.

DC Incompetence

Clayton Cramer, by way of David Hardy, uses a story from the Jan. 22 edition of the Washington Post to illustrate the gross failure of the DC criminal justice system.

Says Clayton: "It is a reminder of why they have strict gun control laws there--because the alternative is for the criminal justice system to work."

Read Clayton's analysis, and link back to Dave Hardy's take on the situation.

Quote of the Day

An oldie but a goodie . . . and as relevant today as when it was published in the 1800s.

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money." -- Alexis de Tocqueville

"The Ultimate Jew" Discusses Gun Control

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership does a fantastic job of promoting the life-saving benefits of gun ownership.

But another well known jewish personality is making a strong stand, as well. Self-professed "Ultimate Jew," world famous comedian Jackie Mason, recorded a vlog (video blog) last year talking about gun control. If you look at no other vid today, check out Mr. Mason. His down-to-Earth approach is hard to argue with. He talks about firearms equalizing a conflict with violent criminals, the mystery of why politicans don't ban hammers and automobiles (these items kill people), and much more. Here's a brief excerpt:

"Gun control is a fake and a fraud and the people who fight for it are low lifes and liars. They don't care about your life, they don't care if you die. As long as they prove that they are interested in saving human life. They might be interestd in it. But they don't care if it happens or not." A brilliant online speech. Check it out.

Note: I take one exception to Mr. Mason's video essay. His statement that everyone needs to be licensed to have a gun. Strongly disagree. Those lists have led to confiscation, not just overseas, but in this nation in the past 20 years, as well. When antis claim that registration is reasonable, they have as a goal some five, 10 or 20 years later of using such lists to confiscate that which they irrationally fear.

More On John Edwards 'Field & Stream' Answers

Bitter has a postscript to what she wrote about "Mudcat" Saunders, the so-called "rural liaison" for the Edwards campaign.

BTW, ole "Mudcat" has never responded to her queries. Perhaps he didn't want to fess up about his contradictory viewpoints on gun ownership. You see, apparently it all depends on who he's talking to at the time.

Word Play (of the bad kind)

Ahab has caught the Roanoke Times with some flimsy reporting.

He titles his his post: "Your Bias Is Showing." It has to do with the state of Virginia tightening laws regarding reporting of mental health records in the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings. And the observations the editors are making in light of those changes.

Nice catch Sir!

Chris Matthews Is . . .

Well, you fill in the blank after you read this transcript.

Nuts, wacky, an idiot . . . many words come to my mind.

Remake of 'Spy Who Loved Me'

"Nobody needs America's help . . . until they need it!"

Funny clip from the animated American Dad series.

Just because . . .

Zogby Now Asking About Gun Ownership

I have been a participant in John Zogby polls for many years. This morning, in addition to questions about the economy, success, t he workplace, religious habits, investment habits, shopping trends, etc., there were questions about firearms ownership. The questions specifically asked about membership in the National Rifle Association and whether I am or ever have been a gun owner.

That is a first. As we approach arguments in the DC v. Heller case before the Supreme Court, I would guess that pollsters will be asking more questions along these lines.

Anti-Gun NY Guv Spitzer Vilifies Firearm Owners, Paroles 215 Hardened Criminals

Not unexpected, but perhaps Mr. Spitzer did not anticipate this news being made public. He's tough on crime, you know. That's why he's going after the guns!

Memo to the Governor: Ahem . . . Sir? It's the criminals, stupid!

DC v. Heller Update

Two recent pieces have been written. One is an excerpt, published on the History News Network, of an amicus brief filed by a number of anti-gun scholars, including the occasionally factually challenged Saul Cornell of the Second Amendment Research Center, John Glenn Institute at The Ohio State University. To read the amicus brief in its entirety, click here.

The second is a view from a columnist in Maryland who suggests the Supreme Court should not just judge the meaning of the meaning of the 2A, but also determine whether Americans have a right to a zone of privacy in their home when it comes to firearms ownership.

Both make interesting reading.

History News Network-- "Can Washington DC legally stop residents from owning a handgun?"
Frederick News-Post -- "The Second Amendment, gun control and the right of privacy"

Surviving In The Wilds of Utah

A writer from Popular Mechanics magazine "survives" the wilds of Utah for 72 hours. Oh, he was taking part in a class on survival skills.

h/t to Instapundit

27 January 2008

Ammo Grab In Tennessee

Horrible legislation being offered in Tennessee that would require identifying information be etched on the "base of the bullet projectile."

David Codrea at War On Guns has the details.

And Now, Some Poetry: 'Electile Dysfunction'

"It’s abundantly clear and I charge without fear
Nor the slightest degree of compunction,
Proven night after night both on left and on right,
Our media have electile dysfunction."

Read the rest of this cleverly crafted prose (and "right on," I might add), courtesy of Old War Dogs.

Hate Speech

With all the news coverage from Canada, Holland, Britain, and elsewhere claiming that certain news commentary is somehow anti-Islamic hate-speech, why wouldn't British comedies poking fun at the French be viewed as the same?

From the brilliant, and somewhat warped, mind of the Dissident Frogman.

The Last Time I'll Comment On Fred (Probably)

It is being suggested that the GOP presidential field is now incredibly boring. What's changed?

Fred Thompson dropped out of the republican primary race.

Personally, his down-home common sense opinions resonated with a lot of Americans (including your Ready Line author). Just not enough Americans saw it his way.

The Death Of Evening News

Katie Couric is among the captains of sinking ships -- aka, the evening television news, which is dying a slow, painful death.

Political Bloodlines

Updated Sunday, Jan. 27, 2008, 5:49 pm -- Sen. Ted Kennedy is expected on Monday to endorse Barack Obama for president. For Kennedy, it breaks more than year of neutrality on the presidential race.

Today, Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama for president, saying he was most like her father.

Roger Simon's take is that we should be doing away with the political bloodlines. End the monarchies. No more Clintons, Bushs, Roosevelts, Kennedys -- or their recommendations.

My Nephew Is In Town, We're Going Shooting

One of my nephews, a high school senior, is in town from the New England area. He attended a leadership conference at an Ohio college Friday and Saturday, where he plans to enroll as a freshman this fall.

I'm trying to make some time this afternoon so we can head to the range for a bit. But he has a lot of studying he's catching up on and that takes priority.

Luke and I haven't been shooting together since "The Great Winter Porcupine Hunt of 2006" in Maine (he is on the right in the photo, his older brother on the left, with me and "porky" in the middle).

Time and Change

Mike, the creator of Mike-istan, is Breda's better half. And he has a very well crafted short essay on "change," and how we are hearing it ad infinitum during the U.S. presidential campaign.

Crossing Into, Out of Canada Becoming More Difficult

Terrorism concerns are escalating the requirements necessary for Americans to re-enter their country if they travel to Canada. For hunters, fishing aficionados, hikers, etc., a trip to the Great White North takes a bit more planning.

South Carolina: Barack Clobbers Hillary

In a 55 to 27 percent rout, Barack Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in the South Carolina democrat primary race. Native-son John Edwards came in third.

Next up: Florida primary for republican candidates on Tuesday. Delegate votes for democrats don't count because of national democrat party rules.

And then "Super Tuesday" on February 5, where primaries or caucuses will take place in 22 states.

26 January 2008

'Indoctrinate U' Filmmakers Schedule New Screenings

Next Tuesday, the "Indoctrinate U" campus tour kicks off at Duke University in North Carolina and Louisiana State University (Shreveport). The Duke screening has also just been opened to the public.

If you have not seen this independent film, which showcases the incredible lack of diversity of thought and speech on today's college campus, you really should find a way to screen it. I had planned to see it during a special screening in Cleveland late last year but scheduling problems on my end prevented the trip. But I have been in touch via email with a handful of people who have seen the movie. They say it is awesome, and eye-opening, especially for anyone who doesn't know what is happening on today's U.S. college campuses.

Here is the current schedule of screenings:

- Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Duke University (Durham, N.C.)
- Tue, Jan 29th -- 07:00PM -- Louisiana State University (Shreveport, La.)
- Wed, Feb 13th -- 07:00PM -- San Diego State University (San Diego, Calif.)
- Mon, Feb 18th -- 07:00PM -- Ottawa, Ontario (non-campus)
- Mon, Feb 25th -- 07:00PM -- Indiana University School of Law (Bloomington, Ind.)

There are a number of additional screenings in the works, although the producers of the film will not announce dates until all details are finalized.

The latest information is available on the Screenings page of the Indoctrinate U website.

More recently I have had the screening at the Indiana University law school on my calendar, but I am just reading that the event is open ONLY to faculty, staff and students. Hmmm . . . If I sign up for an online course at IU, would that make me a student?

Of Interest to My Fellow Ohioans

The Ohio State Journal of Criminal law has launched a blog. Check it out here.

I'll peek in on it from time to time to see whether any Second Amendment related submissions find their way onto the site.

Massachusetts Proposes Law To Ban Ownership Of More Than 15 Firearms

The arsenal permit proposal resurfaces.

"Yep. Even if you successfully jumped through the financial and bureaucratic hoops required to get a License to Carry a Firearm (LTC) in Massachusetts, it would be against the law for you to have more than 15 firearms in your possession at any given time.

"Unless, of course, you applied for, and were issued, a state license to 'sell, rent or lease firearms, rifles, shotguns or machine guns.' Apparently, as soon as the state gets another $100 out of you (and forces you to navigate a second round on the feel-good, do-nothing licensing obstacle course), your gun collection would magically cease being a threat to THE CHILDREN(tm) of Massachusetts . Can't you just hear the crime rate falling?"

Massbackwards has the full story.

I sent a note with my best wishes to Massachusetts activists, hoping that they are successful in shooting down this irrational proposal. For it if gains a foothold there, we will see it exported for introduction in statehouses across the nation. We've seen it proposed in my parts, but never introduced for consideration.

Of course, its supporters will say its . . . yes, let's say it altogether . . . "for the children."

Here We Go Again; This Time Its Cleveland

An elementary school principal in Cleveland is proposing a gun buyback program for kids. Valerie Flowers, the principal at Empire CompuTech, suggests that young children turn in their guns in return for a gift card or cash.

Once again, where to start. It's not about guns, it is about parents and other role models who should be teaching kids about right and wrong. But they are not. I was on my way to the Dayton area yesterday and while in the car, listened to comments over the radio on this story. The adults interviewed were supposedly quoting kids who were saying how easy it is to get guns. But I heard no children interviewed, just the adults making the case.

Folks, turning in a broken gun for a gift card toward a new pair of Nikes, or cash, or whatever, is not going to stop the culture of violence and fear that is permeating parts of our society. Kids who don't get good parenting at home are turning to the streets and gangs for "family advice." And those "families" have no respect for life -- or the law.

This school administrator will probably have her buyback. And they will collect a few guns. Yet nothing will change until kids are taught right from wrong. And God forbid what happens when some young person grabs "Granny's" firearm she keeps in the home for self defense, and turns it in for some candy. What will Granny do if she has been rendered defenseless by someone in her own family at the request of a well-meaning, but clueless, school principal?

The very reason Granny keeps a sidearm in her home is to protect her family from neighborhood violence; because so many other families aren't teaching kids right from wrong.

In Columbus, in 1999, Elizabeth Mitchell-Dulaney, "Granny'' as she was known by the neighborhood, from her front porch shot a criminal who was threatening her great-grandchildren. The judicial system jailed her for aggravated assault, and most of Columbus was outraged. Her sentence was commuted to time served by then Gov. Bob Taft in 2002. Here is the report on her gubernatorial clemency as published by the State of Ohio. She was never able to care for children in a daycare, something she loved, after her release because she was forever labeled "a felon." Her story was told by the OSU Lantern, Ohio State University's student newspaper (Note: the newspaper historically has not been a fan of private gun ownership, BTW), in piece where she was nicknamed, "The Fighter."

After her death about a year after she was released (she died of natural causes), Taft granted her a posthumous pardon. Scroll to Page 16. The reason cited? She had no prior record and was trying to protect herself and her family.

What if Granny had not had the tool to defend those kids? Would they be dead? Despite her sentencing, she always believed she did the right thing. I am rambling on at this point because I just cannot understand the thinking of school administrators and others who think the gun is the problem. Someone who want kids to just take a gun from the home and turn it in for movie tickets.

All the candy and gifts and gift cards and tennis shoes in the world won't make the streets any safer. Two things will help reduce violence -- reducing the drug trade and finding a way for kids to have positive role models as influencers. I'm done.

Early Machine Gun: The 'Puckle' Gun

Updated Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, 3:31 pm -- Sebastian over at Snowflakes In Hell has commented on the same story at his site with the following: "It’s interesting, because we constantly hear 'The founding fathers could never have imagined something like an Uzi.' It’s becoming more and more likely that they indeed could have imagined it." I concur.

Clayton Cramer has been doing some research on the "Puckle Gun."

Not something that fired at lightening speed, but in the 1700s there is evidence that one inventor tested fired a Puckle Gun, firing nine rounds a minute -- a big improvement over muskets of the day.

Only In California

So why can't we have vending machines that sell ammunition?

Judge Denies BATF Request For Summary Judgment In Idaho Case

It appears the BATFE's argument against Red's Trading Post for, what appear to be, minor paperwork infractions is going to trial. The agency had asked for summary judgment and the judge said "no."

At issue is the meaning of the word "willful." WOW! I just had a flashback to transcripts of a certain chief executive trying to explain what the meaning of the word "is" is. Okay, Brent, no more warmed up leftover spicy chinese food for breakfast . . .

Read more about the case against Idaho's oldest firearms store, and the upcoming trial.

A Question One More Time

Just what the heck is an "illegal gun?" As one commenter wrote awhile back, "They must mean an 'undocumented' gun" but don't feel the need for political correctness in these matters.

Seriously, if they mean they are rooting out "criminals," shouldn't they use that language? But then, to target criminals would miss the point of demonizing a legal tool, right?

From New York's Newsday.

Ohio SB184 To Receive Opponent/Proponent Hearing On January 30

Ohio's long-overdue Castle Doctrine/No Duty To Retreat legislation, Senate Bill 184 will have a third hearing on Wednesday this coming week.

Members of the Ohio Senate Committee on the Judiciary -- Criminal, will hear both proponent and opponent on January 30 starting at 10 am in North Hearing Room of the Senate Building (that's the old Statehouse annex, located directly east of the main Statehouse building). Members of the committe have heard earlier testimony on this important legislation. Opposition is expected to come from Ohio's prosecuting attorneys who object to a change in the law that would put the presumption of innocence on people in their homes or out of doors who use force to defend their lives. Most importantly, the bill would eliminate the possibility of frivilous civil lawsuits being filed against innocent individuals by the very criminals who attack them or their families.

I expect to be in the hearing room, though I will not be testifying. I know that representatives from Peoples Rights Organization and Buckeye Firearms Association plan to testify. Please make every attempt to attend this important hearing. It is important to demonstrate that Ohioans believe it is wrong for criminals to have the right to sue a victim if the criminal is injured in the course of committing a violent crime.

Bigoted Lawmaker Opens Mouth, Inserts Foot

Updated Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, 1:31 pm -- It appears the Virginia senator's amazing remarks are hitting the media and he is refusing to return phone calls, except to that of the Washington Post. If you wish to politely inform the good senator of your opinion on his remarks, scroll down to the comments section. Sailorcurt has been kind enough to share with Ready Line readers Sen. Saslaw's contact information.

A senator in Virginia, a supporter of three anti-gun bills that went down in flaming defeat this week, isn't happy. What's more, prior to the debate, he had some interesting things to say about law abiding firearms owners.

Too bad he forgot the only way to keep a secret is not to tell anyone what you really think.

The hard working volunteers at Virginia Citizens Defense League have the details.

Major Media Picking Up Story On BATF's 'Maximum Mike'

The sage of Mike Sullivan, beleagured nominee as full time head of BATFE, has been picked up by the mainstream media. And they are pushing him (big surprise).

From the Associated Press.

25 January 2008


In doing some online reading tonight, I came across a site called The Citizens Journal. That name holds strong meaning for many, for the words it uses are simple and to the point. It holds a slightly different, "special" meaning for me. For I spent a few years in the 1980s cutting my reporting teeth at the state desk of a major metro morning daily by the same name (well, close enough -- The Citizen-Journal). It was a great newspaper, with a great staff.

Anyway, the guys who write the CJ (wow, I just got a chill writing that) have a page describing the pamphleteers of old, and today's version. It is an interesting read and worth your time.

Take a moment. And to the gentlemen who write The Citizens Journal, thank you for your service.

Vodkapundit Profiles Tonight's GOP Debate

With a belly full of steak, fries and red wine, Stephen Green gives running commentary on the republican debate that took place tonight in Florida.

Read the entire post (it's entertaining as hell), but pay particular attention to the post at 7:54 pm. Mitt Romney commenting on firearms ownership and gun control. Enlightening or confusing?

Let me know what you think. The comment line is open!

The Tesla Roadster

The newest electric car on the market, and an innovative product with huge potential. Named for the brilliant scientist and inventor whose creations were often co-opted by other, more marketing-saavy inventors and industrialists.

Note: Obviously not firearm related, but Nicolai Tesla was a genius. I have been a fan of his for more than 20 years. It is fitting that such a creation (Have you seen it? It's GORGEOUS as cars go!) be named for the Romanian national, who often (and wrongly, in my opinion) was relegated behind Edison, Marconi and others.

Dem Party In Full Meltdown (For Now)

For no other reason than neither Barack nor Hillary like the private ownership of firearms, it is interesting seeing these two party standard-bearers at war with each other.

From Newsmax.

Don't Drive Through Philly; Mayor There Announces He Will Break The Law

You or I would be hung up in a cell to dry, or to calm down, if we boldly announced we were going to flout the law and do whatever we want. Well, of course, its not a crime to say such -- it's a crime when you actually do the deed.

Anyway, Philadelphia's mayor is giving "the finger" to the Pennsylvania state legislature, which has refused to pass his senseless legislative proposals. Read about it in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

h/t to Alphecca.com

Ohio Police Department Getting 'Around The Corner' Gun?

I wonder if the Akron PD ever got ahold of this interesting piece of technology? A dad of one of my college buddies is a retired Akron, Ohio homicide detective. I'm going to give him a ring and see what he knows. He is still hooked in up there and I'm just curious as hell about this new type of toy that was created in Israel.

BTW, the Gun Guys website (they are a folksey, thinly camoflaged anti-gun site, funded by Freedom States Alliance, if you were not aware) says they just know the NRA is itching to have this legalized all over the nation for home use. Personally, I have no interest in owning such a device, but if someone wanted to I would not object.
Still . . . it would be fun to play with for an hour or so! ;)

Abundant Deer Raise Safety Fears, Divide Communities

From The Enquirer newspaper in Cincinnati:

"Jennifer Cowgill never cooked venison, so before she handed out 1,000 pounds of it at Parkside Church's food bank in the East End, she sat down at her computer to look up recipes. I was sitting there and a lovely doe walked past my window,' Cowgill said. 'My daughter said, 'Mom are you really going to take that deer meat?' I love deer so much. But people are starving. You have to make choices . . .' "

" 'There isn't really a good answer,' Christine Crawford said. 'It's the price of progress in some people's minds. . . . We keep (developing) south of Cincinnati, taking the deer's habitat and putting up houses that are so huge.' "

" 'We believe in doing something for somebody else,' Boling said. 'My husband likes to hunt and this gives us an opportunity to give. The average deer is going to have enough meat to serve 200 people, easy. The bigger they get, the more they can feed.' "

A fairly well balanced (with a few exceptions) discussion on the explosive growth in deer populations, booming suburbs, and hunting as a highly effective conservation tool.

Brady Supporter Sly Stallone Endorses McCain

Updated Jan. 26, 2008, 12:06 am -- Ahab has an interesting take on the Stallone endorsement of John McCain. Says he, "There is so much hypocrisy in that one endorsement that it’s going to make my computer explode.

"Example 1: McCain is constantly grandstanding about steroids in baseball. Stallone has admitted to using Human Growth Hormone.

"Example 2: Stallone, who has a record as being anti-gun but also has a CCW permit endorses McCain, whose positions on the 2nd Amendment are anyone’s guess.

"Like the Rolling Stone editorial that I linked to, maybe McCain just wanted something to counter the power of the Chuck Norris’ endorsement of Mike Huckabee; which when you think about it, is pretty sad. I mean, if you make your voting decision based on which idiot celebrity has endorsed a candidate, you probably aren’t smart enough to be voting anyway."

Nicely said, Sir.

Murkier and murkier . . .

Brady campaign supporter Sylvester Stallone has now offered his endorsement of Presidential Candidate John McCain.

Says Ryan Horsley over at Red's Training Post, "If McCain thinks this is going to help in with republican gun owners he is WRONG!!"

A Different Sort of Sexism In Presidential Politics

Apparently, John Edwards has a grassroots operative on staff -- a so-called "rural liaison" -- who has been talking up the presidential candidate with firearms owners in online forums at Field & Stream magazine. Only, the power of the internet makes it easy to find out that this same individual has a history of sexist and negative rhetoric about gun owners. In particular, in the past he has been fond of referring to gun owners as "Bubbas."

Bitter over at The Bitch Girls has called him out.

Handgonnes And Matchlocks

I found this very interesting and educational site this morning. A look at the history and develoment of "Handgonnes and Matchlocks." Someone has compiled a pretty comprehensive online history of firearms up through the 1700s. I haven't seen anything like this online before; the best comparison is W.W. Greener's hard-copy "History of the Gun." This site is worth the time to check out.

From the site:

"Why the handgonne came to replace other projectile weapons in the late medieval period is not immediately clear and a bit beyond the scope of this short paper. The introduction of the English longbow to European warfare in the early 1300s coincides closely with the invention of the gun. The rapid improvements in armour that this innovation caused eventually dulled its effectiveness. Longbows were cheap and powerful, but required large expenditures in training and feeding troops so that they could be skilled enough and strong enough to use the bow."

24 January 2008

I'll Trade That Tax Rebate For Something With A Chrome Finish

Updated Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008, 7:20 pm -- YES YES YES, I am aware that the so-called "tax rebate" many Americans will receive is actually our own money coming back to us! I've had a handful of emails from readers questioning why I'm so excited about the money "the government" is giving me. If you read between the lines, my "excitement" was heavily veiled sarcasm at the action, which pretty much every first year economist knows will do nothing to stimulate the economy. But I do plan to make a purchase, as I indicated.

Thank you President Bush, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid for the neat little rebate you plan to give me to help jump-start the economy. As a taxpayer I appreciate your asking my expert assistance in lending a helping hand to our ailing retailers. I am honored. I assumed you only thought of me as a number at tax time, just another commercial Realtor working hard to keep food on the table.

Until now, I guess I never understood your unwavering belief in me and my power over the economy. Thus, I am truly humbled that you have empowered me with this awesome responsibility.

Soooo, in order to help boost the economy, I plan to immediately plow that "up to $1,200" right back into my community with a local retailer. There is a nicely-fitted little chromed item I have had my eye on for some time now.

It needs a home. I will give it a home. And in doing so, I will do my part as a patriotic American to support your economic stimulus package, and our future.

The 'Loophole' Discussion

Private transactions of legal goods, subject to government intervention and approval of your commercial exchange.

On its face it doesn't sound pretty. Sounds Orwelian. It is a reality in a only a handful of states. But to hear anti self-defense politicians and shrill demonstrators trying to sell their version of reality, it is a tsunami of "common sense" that has somehow escaped the Old Dominion. Today, it is the root of a contentious argument in Virginia's state capital, Richmond. Below are editorials and a letter-to-the-editor regarding the battle over the so-called "gun show loophole." So far, the victim disarament/close-the-loophole crowd is not faring too well. Thus, the push in the media attempting to win over public opinion with statements that are . . . well, questionable in their accuracy.

Anti editorial from the Daily-Press
Anti editorial from the Virginian-Pilot
Anti column from the Richmond Times-Dispatch
LTE in Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star

Note: The columnist from the Times-Dispatch asked the following: "And why should unlicensed gun dealers have liberties that licensed gun dealers don't?"

Answer -- Because the young lady who comes in to sell the rifle that was her Daddy's, and who perhaps carries a concealed handgun for personal protection on the mean streets of Richmond, is not an unlicensed gun dealer. In fact, she is not a dealer at all.

She is a private citizen, selling an item privately in a transaction that is no different than selling a used car herself, or selling an old chain saw she doesn't need. She is NOT a dealer. She does NOT make her living buying and selling firearms. As such, to call her a "dealer" is intellectually dishonest.

Quit playing word games. You don't do it very well.

Does Texas 'Castle Doctrine' Law Make Residents Quicker To Pull Trigger?

No, silly. The law makes criminals think twice before breaking into a home or attacking a woman out on the street.

How does anyone NOT understand this? If they only had a brain.

Congressman Calls For Withdrawl of DOJ Brief; Brady Campaign Director Lauds Bush's New Love Of Gun Control

Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA) has sent a letter to the White House asking them to undo the huge harm they have caused the Second Amendment with the brief they filed in the DC gun ban case. His request? Withdraw the brief supporting the DC gun ban.

In the meantime, Paul Helmke, who heads the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.), is practically hyperventilating about the Bush administration's new-found love of gun control (referring to the above-mentioned Department of Justice brief).

Note: Mr. Helmke references some nine police organizations who have signed on to the Brady Campaign amicus brief filed with the High Court. Eight I have never heard of. The ninth, the International Association of Chiefs of Police, is a funded by the deep-pocket, anti-gun Joyce Foundation.

'Gun Crime' Rises In So-Called 'Gunless UK'

"Politicians have reacted with alarm to the news firearms offences have risen by four per cent. The rise is set against a generally stable level of crime overall. Provisional statistics show gun crime rose by four per cent in the year to September 2007. Despite this the number of fatalities fell from 55 to 49, including high-profile cases such as the murder of 11-year-old Rhys Jones in Liverpool. Serious injuries from firearms fell by 16 percent. Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman Chris Huhne said violent, and in particular gun crime, is 'still far higher' than ten years ago. Mr Huhne challanged the government to do more: 'Police should be devoting more time to stop- and-searches for knives and guns.'"

Random stops and searches??? Wow.

Okay, where to start. First off, the ministers told the populace that if they did away with gun ownership, crime would go away. Then the ministers passed gun bans and forced our British cousins to turn in their guns. Well, at least the law abiding English did. Which left guns in the hands of who . . . .?

. . . yes, that's right Ministers, you can say it. It won't hurt much. Your actions left guns in the hands of criminals and left your law abiding citizens virtually defenseless.

And so-called "gun crime" continues to rise. The unintended -- but not unexpected -- consequences of gun control.

Read the full story at Politics.co.uk

Guns Give Meaning To 'Protection'

"Colorado Springs deserves an award. In three consecutive months, private citizens have taken responsibility to stop violent crime in its tracks, shooting five violent predators. They’ve sent a powerful message to criminals everywhere, and it goes like this: There’s no easy prey in Colorado Springs."

From the Colorado Springs Gazette. Jeff Soyer at Alphecca predicts this is an editorial you may NEVER see reprinted anywhere else, particularly the New York Times.

Somewhere, Teddy Roosevelt Is Smiling

The U.S. Border Patrol is returning to the use of horses to help secure the border. While the transportation of choice this past decade has been 4x4 SUVs, horses have been part of the Border Patrol since the agency was founded to secure the United States borders against liquor smugglers and unlawful immigrants in the 1920s, and now they are making a comeback.

"Agents dressed in leather chaps and broad-brimmed hats are increasingly being used to regain control over the most rugged areas of the southwest frontier with Mexico and now on the northern border with Canada. 'Most of the traffic is being pushed into these mountainous areas which are harder to work. They are very remote,' said Bobbi Schad, a horse patrol supervisor from Tucson. 'With a horse you can get up in there.'"

A great read.

Kucinich Drops Out; Ohio Black Caucus Endorses Obama

Updated Jan. 24, 2008, 6:33 pm -- The Associated Press is reporting that the Feb. 5 "Super Tuesday" primaries will not crown a presidential nominees in either major political party.

" 'A lot of people were predicting that this presidential election on both sides was going to be this massive sprint that ended on Feb. 5,' said Jenny Backus, a Democratic consultant who is not affiliated with any candidate. 'Now it's looking as if the primaries after Super Tuesday - including such big, delegate-rich states as Texas, Ohio and Pennsylvania - could grow in importance.' "

Well, well. Looks like the eyes of the world may be on the Buckeye State once again. Lucky us.

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer newspaper is reporting that Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the race for president.

Many people in northeast Ohio feel he must seriously, very seriously focus on his re-election campaign to Congress.

In the meantime, the Ohio Black Legislative Caucus, state lawmakers all, are going to endorse Barack Obama for president, according to an Obama campaign aide.

23 January 2008

Ban Assault Limbs

Check out Breda's latest. She fears it will soon be high time to ban "assault limbs."

And Miss Breda, I completely agree with your hesitation to go through airport security these days, particularly facing TSA with a prosthetic limb. Somehow, being "swabbed" seems a rather icky way to begin a flight.

Jeff Knox On Bush And The DOJ/DC Brief

Updated Jan. 25, 2008, 8:26 am -- Faux paus on my part. Neal Knox was head of NRA-ILA from 1978 to 1982. Chris, thanks for the correction!

Updated Jan. 23, 2008, 10:57 pm -- BTW, Jeff was present for the "lie-in" gun show protest, where some 200 pro-self defense activists, quietly observing the goings-on, picked up more publicity than the gun grabbers. He noted to one of the protesters that he was armed when he was in college, though it is illegal now, and that if students had been armed at Virginia Tech, the massacre would have been stopped shortly after it started. The young man, who survived four gunshot wounds during the attacks, told Jeff he felt sorry for him.

Jeff Knox, along with his brother Chris, run The Firearms Coalition. Great thinkers, even better writers. They carry on a tremendous legacy left to them by their dad, Neal Knox, the first executive director of the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA).

Here is Jeff's take on the Department of Justice brief backing the District of Columbia's handgun ban:

"It appears that the "pro-gun" Republican Department of Justice fears that any decision from the Supreme Court which held that banning any class of weapons was an infringement of the Second Amendment, might open the door to challenges against bans on dreaded machineguns. It is worth noting that Congress recognized back in 1934 that banning machineguns would be a violation of the Second Amendment, so they instead devised a plan whereby they could control such firearms with burdensome taxes and paperwork restrictions."

You should take a moment to read his full commentary. Nicely written Jeff!

Ban Assault Plungers

A drunken man in Leavenworth, Kansas attacked his father early Monday morning, stabbing him 16 times with the handle of a toilet plunger. The victim survived the attack. The assailant is in jail accused of attempted murder of both his parents.

But America will soon be asking, what reasonable steps can we take to avert plunger violence?

Great Report From Weekend Virginia Counter-Protest; State Senate Ultimately Rejects 3 Bad Gun Control Bills

I strongly urge you to take some time to read this report from the weekend counter-protest staged over the weekend outside the Virginia General Assembly building. Photos included. Pro-self defense advocates outnumbered the antis 2 to 1. Many were armed and no one got shot. It was probably the safest place to be in Virginia that day, though gun controllers would never admit it.

The good guys won this round. Three gun control measures were defeated in the Virginia Senate just yesterday and today, and a big reason (besides the senseless nature of the proposals) was the ongoing efforts of the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League. One of the bills was to close the so-called "gun show loophole," which, as everyone knows, isn't a loophole and was not a factor in the Virginia Tech shootings last year. If they only had a brain. Fortunately, senators did think it through and made the common sense choice. Check out the reaction by anti-gun senators to the defeat of the gun show sales ban bill.

Back to the report on the weekend protest/counter-protest. In this piece, the author notes something that has been echoed in other states (fellow blogger Ahab over in Indiana has noticed it, too), as well as here before our own Ohio General Assembly. The people who want to pass gun bans and stringent regulations are often very angry. I haven't seen it always. But when it comes out, you see it in their eyes and their body language. It manifested itself in a big way (and opened my eyes) when several of these advocates for registration of people and firearms refused to step onto an elevator with me a couple of years ago. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they wanted to plot strategy in private. Or. . . .

The report from Virginia about the counter-protest to the “lie-in,” the latter staged by a new anti organization -- "Protest Easy Guns" -- is a long read, but definitely worth your time. Please see what can happen when people ACTUALLY get involved, instead of just sitting back and firing off emails to their legislators.

Kudos to SailorCurt at Captain of a Crew of One for his excellent overview of the events this past weekend. And congrats to all the folks at VCDL for a job well done!