29 October 2008

Delaware Woman Denied Gun Purchase Because She Is A Woman

Updated: Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008, 6:27 AM -- The outrage in Delaware continues to grow over a state police decision to illegally prevented an elderly woman from purchasing a firearm for self protection.

And old . . .

"Delaware State Police stopped Alvina Vansickle from purchasing a .22-caliber pistol for self-defense because she was too old and a woman, said Superintendent Col. Thomas MacLeish."
Okay, first . . . can you believe a police agency would admit to such? But it gets worse:
"The outrage that followed led to the revelation that Delaware State Police had been keeping lists of gun buyers for years; state law requires them to destroy these records after 60 days."

Without so much as a traffic ticket, the 81-year-old Lewes resident should have sailed through the mandatory state police background check when she tried to buy a Taurus revolver from Charlie Steele's Lewes gun shop last August.

Read the full story. This is not the stuff of black helicopters. It is what has been warned about for years. One state's willful and deliberate violation of the law out in the open.

So here's a question to ponder: What is the likelihood anyone be charged with a crime in all this?

Ban The Assault Screwdrivers, Especially From HuffPo Writers

A writer for the anti-gun Huffington Post stabbed her ex-lover some 220 times . . . with a screwdriver. After reporting her former partner missing, she then took her own life with a firearm.

A screwdriver . . . outlet for the rage of the political Left? Hard to tell. Still, the assault screwdrivers must be banned, and particularly kept out of the hands of Huffington Post writers.

Do it . . . for the children. Oh, and for Huffington Post writers.

28 October 2008

Battleground Ohio

Updated: Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2008, 9:20 AM -- WELCOME Examiner.com readers! Thank you David Codrea for thinking this post worthy of a mention on your Gun Examiner column and linking up.

A lot of pundits are saying the fix is in regarding the "selection" of the next American president, and it appears so. Ohio continues to be in the news as well, much to my chagrin. But more on that in a moment. The legacy media, giddy about an Obama presidency in the United States, is looking the other way at so many gaffes, missteps and now a trail of bread crumbs that lead back to the Illinois senator's:

1) More than distant relationship with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers

2) Close relationship with ACORN, which is under investigation in more than a dozen states for voter fraud, and

3) Long, LONG history of support of draconian gun control schemes.

4) Bigotry against gun owners, evidenced by lip-service to firearms aficionados in Pennsylvania followed by verbal put-downs of the people he just hours before praised, delivered to Californians whose idea of safety is a mistaken belief that the police officer on the beat is personally assigned to them. The candidate promises he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, though The Politico reports that he endorsed a complete ban on all handguns in a general candidate questionnaire he filled out on Sept. 9, 1995. And he's done a lot of the same since.

But pay no attention. He means well. He wants to give us hope. And change. Change that, frankly, I don't want any part of.

Without question, hypocrisy of the worst sort.

Even Sen. Obama's accidental revelation (he knows he stepped in it) about the re-distribution of wealth in this country started a "blame Joe the Plumber" firestorm among the left and the useful idiots in the MSM. It is all one of the many reasons why I got out of journalism years ago. I read recently at ABC News of one reporter who refers to himself as "a writer" because even the unbridled partisanship within the media embarresses him, and because the electorate has noted in poll after poll it has little faith in any kind of objectivity when it comes to daily journalism.

Now comes word that the Obama campaign, so confident they are already measuring curtains for the Oval Office, is examining the current approval system for firearms transactions. Such targeting of FFLs is yet another indicator of what a Barack Obama presidency would be like. His home town of Chicago is a virtual killing field, partly because of strict gun control there which leaves only the most violent of criminals allowed (well not legally, but that doesn't stop them) to have guns. And what is his team doing? Looking at how law abiding firearms owners purchase their guns. Anyone see anything bizarre with all this?

And sadly, once again, Ohio is a sort of "ground zero" in the presidential race. While several polls say the state is leaning left this time around, the anecdotal evidence (criminal investigations are ongoing) that all kind of shenanigans are at play in the Buckeye State is about neck high.

We've got:

1) ACORN running around in all of Ohio's big cities (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Canton, Dayton, etc.) registering people to vote. Then word coming back that multiple names at the same address, and multiple names in the same handwriting are the norm among this paperwork.

2) Voters, mostly advocates for Obama, admitting they registered to vote up to 70 times. Some may be charged with crimes.

3) Out-of-state voter registration advocates all living in the same house in Columbus, registering to vote in Ohio, voting early, then heading back to their home states where they also are registered to vote. The Franklin County prosecutor declined to charge them with crimes, opting instead to merely throw out their votes.

3) The debate over paper or electronic balloting. Federal court cases have bounced around and been decided, ultimately, by the U.S. Supreme Court. Each side accuses the other. On the right, there is clear evidence of registration fraud. From the left come accusations of voter supression. Trust me, more court cases are coming.

Frankly, I don't know how there could possibly be voter suppression when we have early voting in Ohio, and groups like ACORN and others who were happy to transport folks to register and vote early at the same time (there was a brief window for this from Sept. 30 to Oct. 6). Its comforting, don't you think, when the person who has just voted admits that they took the ballot, signed it and did with it whatever the folks who gave him a ride told him to do?

4) Leaders of AHSA visited the state. No, I am not referring to the American Hampshire Sheep Association (though the sheep analogy is fitting), but the so-called American Hunters and Shooters Association (AHSA). The president of this small but shrill group stopped by the Buckeye State to tell residents that Obama has no designs on their firearms, despite his relationships with the Joyce Foundation (a huge financial contributor to anti-gun causes), and his record on the issue.

4) A plumber named Joe from the Toledo area notices this same presidential candidate wandering into his neighborhood, shaking hands. Surrounded by a phalanx of reporters, neighbors are asking questions of Sen. Obama. "Joe the Plumber" asks his question and gets the "spread the wealth around" answer. Oops. But only now is Obama being grilled on this out-of-date, discredited approach to economic parity. But Joe has received an anal probing the likes we have not seen since Clarence Thomas was being grilled by the Senate during his U.S. Supreme Court confirmation hearing.

It is all so transparent it isn't funny, and yet people go along with it.

The Obamas, as individuals, I am sure are nice people. But we do not need them and their out-of-the-mainstream ideas in charge of this nation. They don't understand how 401(k) investments work (witness their silence on a controversial proposal trotted out by Congressional democrats), they have no clue about capital gains taxes (other than if you say you want to raise them that people jealous of folks with a little more will vote for you), and the mounting evidence that the senator truly believes that the redistribution of wealth is a good thing should be of monumental concern to anyone to has dreams of owning her own business.

Further, Michelle Obama some months ago remarked that she understood why people in rural areas kept guns. She was scared there thinking how long it would take police to respond to an emergency.

Yet in Chicago, America's killing field, a place where guns are banned, its okay to leave grandmothers, moms and dads defenseless? Even if it takes 911 emergency responders a long time to bring help? They may be nice people. But politically, these are not rational people. Utopian idealism is one thing. But forcing Utopia through dangerous programs and proposals isn't smart. It ain't real, folks.

I worked a gun show in Columbus over the weekend, signing up attendees who wanted to join the National Rifle Association. Turnout to the family event was heavy. Not unexpected in a presidential election year, but heavier than I had seen in a while. Many, many many joined. With each, I reminded them to be sure to vote on November 4. With few exceptions, every individual I talked to assured me they would not be missing this election. It is far too important for firearms owners to miss.

Judging by the firearms and ammunition leaving the show here in Battleground Ohio, however, one thing was clear. Barack Obama is single-handedly arming America, or at least Ohio. There were people of all colors and walks of life there, but the "make-up" of the crowd was different this time. Though these are always family events, there were a lot of people from the central city and suburbs -- clad not in camo or jeans, but in polo shirts and dockers -- both buying a lot of ammunition and their first firearms. These are thinking people in the Buckeye State who have looked at the evidence, the duplicity, and fear an Obama presidency will result in cost prohibitive taxes on ammunition, severe licensing or worse.

Get that? His words and past actions are single-handedly arming the central cities and suburbs because a lot of people, even on the left, believe more severe restrictions on lawful firearms ownership is coming.

For all his talk of wanting to get guns out of "criminals' " hands, he has done more to make people come to some conclusions, perhaps, they have wanted to avoid. That they are responsible for their own safety. And that for all the talk of no plans to go after the guns of law abiding citizens -- be they competition rifles or self defense sidearms, the message from the Obama campaign and its candidate is probably just that -- talk.

In business, when you have momentum steamrolling along, we call it "The Big Mo." People say the Obama machine (reminiscent of the Chicago political machine from which he emerged) is rolling so hard it cannot be stopped. Which is why, some suggest, McCain supporters should just stay home and not bother voting. Because the Arizona senator doesn't have a chance, they say.

Perhaps such recommendations from the political left are being made before additional revelations about Obama and his cronies come forth. Such as the news this week that ACORN, which since 1998 has received an estimated $31 million in government fundint, has now intervened in a New Jersey gun rights case in defense of a one-gun-a-month ordinance that violates that state's pre-emption statute. The statute has already been deemed illegal by a court there. Make sure you understand this -- ACORN is working in New Jersey against the ability of law-abiding residents there to exercise a constitutionally protected individual civil right to own a handgun.

So how long will it be long before ACORN is bringing this same nonsense to a city in Ohio? If they can turn the voter registration process on its ear and no one is prosecuted, what will happen in Ohio's urban centers with this group if a very supportive President Obama is in the White house, and anti-gun politicians here work every angle to get back into the gun control business?

Battleground Ohio. Where a great idea in early voting has been abused. Where well-meaning efforts to register new voters is resulting in fraud (this very afternoon a federal judge here ruled that park benches may be called a legal residence by homeless voters). Where anti-gun groups that call themselves pro-gun are trying desperately to convince firearms owners they have nothing to fear from a candidate whose political record is littered with anti-gun initiatives, support and relationships. Where a wink and a smile has people fainting at mere words that cover no legislative accomplishments, all in the name of "change."

So here it is. I am throwing in my lot with John McCain. I have never been impressed by this man. He has been anti-gun, and his campaign finance reform efforts were thoroughly misguided and destructive to this nation's political processes. With a McCain presidency, however, there would at least be some balance. I am a believer that gridlock is good. Those who worry about McCain on Supreme Court justices would find that his choices likely are rejected by the Pelosi/Reid Congress. When the Congress and president are sniping, they are not making mischief that impacts you and me. When they are in lockstep, however, particularly with this Congress and an Obama presidency, I shudder at what kind of Supreme Court justices might be nominated and confirmed. Remember, the Heller opinion squeaked by by a one-vote margin from the Justices.

Worse, I shudder to think that so many firearms owners here might be buying into this. Think The Time Machine, and the Eloi, who have lost all motivation and ambition for the future, and retain no memory of the past. They are obligingly drawn forward, seemingly with no will power, when summoned.

Toward a fate they don't know, or really seem to care about.

If you don't take advantage of early voting, be sure to vote November 4.

A Great Question: 'When Did Self Defense Become Morally Wrong?'

David Codrea, author of the War On Guns blog, has an excellent column today at Examiner.com. Titled, "When did self defense become morally wrong?" his piece looks at how Americans -- when analyzing ahead of time their choices if faced with a threat upon their very lives -- have no one to turn to except themselves.

"You can't pass this off on your neighbor who has time for these kinds of things. You can't hire someone to come out and do this for you. You can't elect someone to represent you on the green. You must make a choice, and then you must act upon it."
A good read, and one worth passing on. Nicely written David!

26 October 2008

Texas College Bans Students From Discussing Firearms

Okay, the jokes are only borderline funny. A little on the tacky and tasteless side. But still, they were a way to humorously draw attention to a group on campus. Who could find problems with a harmless Top 10 list?

Well apparently a college administration with no sense of humor, and rather full of itself in believing it can censor student speech. Specifically, administrators at Lone Star College-Tomball, located near Houston, have forbidden members of Young Conservatives of Texas to ever talk about firearms on campus again. Never ever! If they do, administrators say, they will no longer recognize the YCT group as an official campus student organization.

Read it here.

Clearly this is a censorship of speech by the college. They may want to think twice, but then again, it may be too late. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has stepped into the fray. And they don't lose their cases.

24 October 2008

Big Gun Show This Weekend in Ohio

C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows are back in Columbus, Ohio this weekend with a big event at the Westland Mall on the city's west side. These family-oriented shows are put on by Steve and Annette Elliot, two great people from Virginia. They know how to run a gun show like no one else.

Click here for details on the show, directions and info on admission, etc.

I will be working one of the front tables at the front of the show selling NRA memberships. Stop by and say hi if you have a chance!

Mayor Daley, What Do You Tell Jennifer Hudson?

Once again, Chicago is perhaps the most dangerous city in America. Yet another killing there in a city where the law abiding are not permitted to carry a firearm for their protection.

The latest? American Idol finalist, and Broadway star, Jennifer Hudson's mother, gunned down today along Jennifer's brother, Jason.

Regardless of the circumstances . . . Mayor Daley, when are you going to do something about the carnage?

The Second Amendment that you so vilify is NOT about hunting. It is about, among other things, the basic human right of self defense.

22 October 2008

Open Carry Problems In Cleveland

The police chief in Cleveland, under orders from Mayor Frank Jackson, continues to disobey state law.
Open carry is legal in Ohio under two points:

1) The Ohio Supreme Court stated it was legal is an opinion nearly five years ago, and

2) All gun laws in the Buckeye State are made by the state legislature only. And there is no prohibition on open carry.

Details here.

20 October 2008

And They Say 'Get Rid of Guns You Get Rid of Violence'

We need a new campaign:

"Ban the sashimi knives!" For the children . . .

Why? Because of this sad story out of South Korea.

Lemmings In Cleveland

"For example, the city no longer requires people to register their handguns with City Hall. But some people continue to do so, and the city willingly takes down their information, said Lt. Thomas Stacho, a police spokesman."

You would think that officials in Cleveland would turn people away, telling them the law no longer is in effect, rather than continuing to register people's personal firearms. But again, gun control isn't about safety, is it?

It's about control . . .

Read the full story here.

Letter Writer Sticks Up For Ohio Univ. RA Who Took Students Shooting

A letter to the editor of the Ohio University Post newspaper defends the action of a resident adviser at the campus, who took his students shooting.

"Ryan Dunn’s story on the RA who took his residents to the shooting range should not be condemned, by any means. That Crawford RA did his residents a service, and Ryan Dunn had every right to write upon it, and The Post has every reason — and responsibility — to publish such news.

"All advocates of the First Amendment should understand this duty. They should also understand that naturally following the First Amendment is the Second Amendment, which is often demonized in liberal culture."
Frankly, I think these students have a very smart resident adviser!

Nicely written.

19 October 2008

Soccer Mom Gets Her CCW Back

The soccer mom from Lebanon, Penn. who unlawfully had her CCW permit revoked because some parents didn't like the fact that she open carried at her kid's soccer matches (though it is legal in Pennsylvania), has gotten her license to carry back.

Sadly, it took the court overruling the judge. Kudos to the judge for making the right decision -- actually he followed the law in his ruling.

It's too bad it was taken away to begin with. But I am guessing that that unlawful revocation will not result in anyone losing a job or being reprimanded. Just a hunch . . .

Anti-Gun PA Guv Signs Pro-Gun Bill

A governor who has not been terribly pro-gun has signed a pro-gun bill into law. Ed Rendell, governor of Pennsylvania, late last week signed into law legislation that would prohibits the confiscation of firearms from otherwise law abiding citizens during a state of emergency. The bill also contained an important provision permitting concealed carry in the Keystone State's state parks.

The bill signing was important enough that NRA-ILA wrote about it. Check it out by clicking here.

17 October 2008

What Does The Well-Heeled Anti-Gunner Wear On The Red Carpet?

You have got to read it to believe it.

Of course, what is hypocritical is that for a few years, Madonna was quite the "gunner." Her now nearly dissolved marriage to estranged hubby Guy Ritchie (they have announced they are divorcing) was highlighted in the early years with stories of their exploits as wingshooters.

Turns out, Mr. Madonna . . . er, I mean Mr. Ritchie . . . introduced The Material Girl to shotguns several years ago and she was quite proficient hunting upland game birds in England.

But no longer . . .

BTW, there was no "orange tip" as required by law on these "guns." David Codrea suggests there is little chance BATFE will come after her (like they would you or me).

16 October 2008

Debate Tightens Race; Ohio Fraud Case Appealed To SCOTUS

After the U.S. presidential debate last night, new polls today show a virtual dead heat. A new Gallup daily poll of likely voters shows Sen. Barack Obama at 49percent to Sen. John McCain's 47 percent. Well within the margin of error.

These final two weeks of the campaign are going to be interesting to watch. Of course, I am ready to turn off my television and radio.

If I see one more "Did you know that my opponent . . . " ad I think I'll throw up.

In the meantime, evidence of voter registration fraud in Ohio and the issue of what to do about it are now being pushed up to the U.S. Supreme Court for review.

14 October 2008

Circular Logic . . . Or Lack Thereof

Sen. Barack Obama, running for president of the United States, claims he has no designs on anyone's hunting or sporting firearm. Some groups have even come out and said both his political party and other supporters have never urged the ban on sporting firearms.

Though he has said he dislikes the "scary black rifle," which is one of most widely used sporting firearms in the nation. Sigh . . . Okay, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Now, the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) has formally endorsed Obama for president. But his position is at odds with theirs, right? Or is he at odds with his own position? Okay, still trying to give parties the benefit of the doubt. BTW, the Brady Bunch once again has come out against the possession of competition rifles, saying that "X-number" of people have lost their lives since the widely criticized ban on so-called "assault weapons" expired -- as it was intended to when passed into law by a democrat-controlled Congress and signed into law by a democrat president in 1994.

Quite a stretch to suggest that were that law still in place that there would have been songs in the hills, pink ribbons on pretty boxes and harmony in every neighborhood in the U.S.

If you remember, Sen. Obama was also a director at the Joyce Foundation, which has been working for years on gun control measures and is the bankroll behind a lot of statewide gun control groups in various states, including my own Buckeye State. Hmmm . . . but if he isn't about taking away hunting or sporting firearms, how come that is what the Joyce Foundation has been working on through the various shell organizations it fronts?

Yesterday, there was yet another murder here in Columbus. A guy was found dead in his apartment on the city's east side, and the man's pit bull, also found dead, had been hung. Violent. Horrible violence. Retribution the LEOs say for some other altercation or drug incident. It had nothing to do with competition rifles.

But if they could, the other side would paint it as such. The logic of these arguments escapes me. So back to Obama. The man says one thing, his surrogates echo him. But the bills he has sponsored say another. The organizations he has associated himself with clearly have other ideas in mind. And while he says he has no designs on sporting rifles, the largest gun ban group in the United States endorses him and once again starts rolling out reasons why one of those very popular sporting rifles that he doesn't say he will ban . . . should be banned.

Is anyone else confused? Or raising an eyebrow?

Attorneys Say 'Heller' Has Created Whole New World

As expected, while the Heller ruling generally was a good event for firearms owners and supporters of constitutional rights overall, everyone in the know was sure that a positive ruling for gun owners in the District of Columbia would open up a whole new legal can of worms.

With suits filed within days in Chicago and San Francisco following the Heller ruling blasting DC's antiquated ban on handguns, pro-self-defense attorneys have their sights set on other targets as well. And to be sure, there will be counter suits filed by municipalities arguing that the Supreme Court did not say something in its 5-4 ruling.

As counsel and hunting buddy Dave Buda might say, "the Heller ruling may as well have been called the 'lawyer's full employment act of 2008.' "

The "incorporation" argument is going to play a huge role in this debate. Look it up, learn it. I will have a post later talking about incorporation in detail to explain exactly what it means.

In the meantime, read this very well crafted article in the ABA Journal.

11 October 2008

Finally, Some Real Scandals In the Race For U.S. President

Lots of innuendo, suggestions of one candidate being "erratic" while the other is accused of having been buddies with a "domestic terrorist."

This week, two potentially explosive scandals hit the news . . . real issues that might have an impact on the Obama vs. McCain presidential race.

1) Convicted fundraiser, real estate developer and well-connected Chicago type Tony Rezko is being pressed about corruption in Illinois. Of course, what the rest of the nation considers corruption, is referred to in the Land of Lincoln as "The Chicago Way. Could this have an impact on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign?

2) A report is out stating that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power regarding the firing of a state trooper. Could this have an impact on Sen. John McCain's campaign?

Developing . . .

Dave Hardy: Joyce Foundation Anti-Gun Efforts Bubbling Under Surface of Presidential Election

Dave Hardy is an incredibly gifted and respected attorney. He has written several books and is one of the pre-eminent scholars in the United States regarding the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and the right of private citizens here to own firearms. He has argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

A bulldog of a researcher, he has been digging into the Joyce Foundation's decade-long anti-gun programs. After considerable research he is convinced that numerous efforts were made -- some successful, some not -- to:

1) Manipulate the Supreme Court
2) Buy legal scholarship, and
3) Obliterate the individual right to arms.

With that said, Mr. Hardy comes to the following conclusion:

"Voters who value the Constitution should ask whether someone who was party to that plan should be nominating future Supreme Court justices."
Worse, I am sad to say that my alma mater, The Ohio State University and its (then brand new) John Glenn School of Public Affairs, was a willing participant -- or useful idiot, I'm not sure which -- in this effort.

I first met Dave at a Gun Rights Policy Conference more than a year ago. He knows his stuff, and he was one of the writers of a key amicus brief presented to the Supreme Court in the Heller/District of Columbia case.

His essay is worth reading. Then pass it on.

Turmoil In Illinois

Observers say this isn't likely to touch the Obama presidential campaign, but jailed Obama supporter Tony Rezko is reportedly "talking" to federal investigators.

Speculation is that some elected officials of the Illinois political machine may have some explaining to do, starting with anti-gun Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

The AP has the full story.

10 October 2008

Court Rules Against Akins Accelerator

Not unexpectedly, federal courts have sided with the U.S. BATFE in the Akins Accelerator case. Sadly, investors have lost a ton of money after relying on ATF's initial findings that the device violated no laws.

After it went into production, BATF changed its mind. Dave Hardy has details and a link to a PDF of the court ruling.

Very sad that a federal agency can, at a whim, destroy a company simply by "changing its mind."

Quote Of The Day

"No people will tamely surrender their liberties, nor can any be easily subdued when knowledge is diffused and virtue is preserved. On the contrary, when people are universally ignorant,and debauched in their manners, they will sink under their own weight without the aid of foreign Invaders."

-- Samuel Adams

NRA Endorses McCain-Palin Ticket

The National Rifle Association yesterday made it official -- it endorsed John McCain for president.

09 October 2008

Something Different

For the man or woman on your shopping list who has everything, and deserves something really cool . . . Introducing the AK Ice Tray.

Now your friends, neighbors and co-workers will be talking about you for days after you serve cocktails complete with ice cubes (well actually, they aren't cubes) shaped like AK-47 cartridges. Each $13 ice "magazine" produces 12 cartridge-shaped ice pieces!


h/t to Robb Allen at Sharp As A Marble

Robber Attacks Car Occupants, Robber Dies

"A Columbus, Ohio man was killed this evening when, witnesses told police, he tried to rob a couple in a North Side parking lot.

"Witnesses told police that Thomas Goldsmith approached a couple in their car at Kenmore Square Apartments holding a gun and demanded money from the man at the steering wheel, witnesses said. Goldsmith's gun misfired and the man in the car, identified as Deandre R. Henry, began shooting his own gun.

"Henry, 24, of 3490 Derrer Field Drive on the Hilltop, called 911 from his cell phone and told them he had shot someone. Witnesses said he told police, "I shot this dude because he tried to rob me. What was I supposed to do? My girlfriend's pregnant." He emptied his gun of bullets and stayed in the parking lot until police arrived, witnesses said."

As with all shootings, citizen or police, taking place in Franklin County, Ohio, the case is going to the grand jury. Police say self defense is "definitely a possibility" in this case.

Quote Of The Day

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."
- Benjamin Franklin

08 October 2008

Do We Laugh Or Do We Cry?

Newsweek magazine has a photo of VP candidate Sarah Palin on the cover. A blogger for the Los Angeles Times wonders how the magazine convinced the Alaska governor to pose with her rifle.

Ummm . . . rifle? What rifle? I guess the LA Times blogger means that "gauge gun" kind of rifle. Sheesh . . . I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

Read it and pass it on.

Okay, I have to say this -- the MSM is is marching in lockstep suggesting Gov. Palin isn't very smart because she's a regular person, and they don't like how she "performed" in a couple of interviews They have absolutely no idea how clueless they are on matters of importance to mainstream America, do they?

New Orleans Settles; Judge Signs Permanent Injunction

After a year of stonewalling, the city of New Orleans has admitted it illegally confiscated firearms from residents in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

How the city could have argued otherwise still boggles the mind. But city leaders there did just that, wasting precious financial resources in a court case they were destined to lose because of their blatantly illegal and unconstitutional actions.

Today, the city agreed to settle a case brought against it on behalf of residents there. The suit was filed by the National Rifle Association. Further, the judge signed a permanent injunction against the city, and Mayor Ray Nagin.

Read this important decision for citizen safety by clicking here.

If Sen. Obama Does Not Want To Take Away Guns (As Biden Says) Then Why Is ISRA Issuing Warnings?

The Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) knows something about Sen. Barack Obama, who now has a slight lead in polls leading into the U.S. presidential election. It makes you wonder what Sen. Joe Biden was thinking when he claimed that Sen. Obama has no plans to take away anyone's shotguns.

For me, I have issues with the writers at the Huffington Post. Frankly, I'm not sure what they've been huffing lately, but the very suggestion that democrats have never tried to take away anyone's firearms is more than laughable.

Once again, Ms. Swenson, you have committed a gross error of fact. But then it was an opinion piece, right? Masquerading as news?

Sen. McCain has never been strong on the 2A. But the alternative in this election, based on history, is far worse. ISRA has a rundown on Sen. Obama's gun ban past, if there are still any doubts. It is rich. It is full of fact.

Here is the partial text of the announcement:

"One of the most blatant lies ever to come from a politician's mouth," is how the ISRA is characterizing a recent statement by U.S. Senator Barack Obama. Speaking in the latest issue of "Field & Stream," Obama claims that Illinois sportsmen know him as an advocate for their rights. On the contrary, Obama's voting record while a state senator clearly indicates that he has nothing but contempt for the law-abiding firearm owner.

"Any sportsman who counts Barack Obama as one of his friends is seriously confused," said ISRA Executive Director Richard Pearson. "Throughout his tenure in the Illinois Senate, Obama served as one of the most loyal foot soldiers in Mayor Daley's campaign to abolish civilian firearm ownership. While a state senator, Obama voted for legislation that would ban and forcibly confiscate nearly every shotgun, target rifle and hunting rifle in the state. Obama also voted for bills that would ration the number of firearms a law-abiding citizen could own, yet give a pass to the violent thugs who roam our streets. And, inexplicably, Obama voted four times against legislation that would allow citizens to use firearms to defend their homes and families."

"Let us also not forget that Obama served as a director of the Joyce Foundation," continued Pearson. "While on the Joyce Foundation board, Obama funneled tens of millions of dollars to radical gun control organizations such as the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Violence Policy Center."

"If Senator Obama considers his legislative record and his philanthropic endeavors to be acts of advocacy on behalf of sportsmen's rights, then I submit that the Senator is seriously confused as well," asserted Pearson.

"Nobody knows Obama's record on guns better than I do, and it's rotten to the core," said Pearson. "I've been involved in Illinois politics nearly as long as Obama has been alive. In that time, I have never encountered a legislator who was more hostile towards or more disinterested in sportsmen's rights than Barack Obama."
This two-faced approach in politics is business as usual. For firearms owners, I view it as in-defensible. Released on Sept. 24 of this year, the ISRA news release, excerpted above, is worth passing on.

'Huff-Po' Says Left Has Never Pushed to Prohibit Sporting, Hunting Firearms

Hmmm . . . so the "black rifle" that is the most popular firearm at weekend Civilian Marksmanship Program competitions around the nation has never been under fire? This widely used competition rifle has never been attacked? Has never been marked for a ban? And what about my semi-auto deer shotgun? I can point out numerous pieces of legislation in Congress where bills have been introduced, by the Left, to ban this essential hunting tool.
Here is what one writer, woefully out of touch and careless with fact, had to say:
"In fact, Democrats have never challenged the right to own hunting or sports guns. Yet, in classic bait-and-switch fashion, leaders of the National Rifle Association incite the masses by raising the specter of Democratic "gun grabbers" confiscating citizens' "hunting" and "sports" guns - even as NRA leaders promote "sporting" events with automatic weapons and .50-caliber
military sniper rifles (deadly at a mile, with a range of over four miles)."
But the good people at the Huffington Post are not ones to let the facts stand in the way of what they think is a good story. BTW, CMP matches are not fired with "automatic weapons."

Check out Ms. Michele Swenson's rambling, mistake-riddled piece by clicking here. Sit down and have a phone ready to dial 9-1-1. Your brain may explode.

A Quiet Milestone

A year ago today I kicked off The Ready Line. Many have stopped by, many have said hello, many have sought me out months after at some event or another to introduce themselves and shake my hand.

My inspirations were Clayton Cramer and Dave Hardy, who discussed at last year's Gun Rights Policy Conference in Ft. Mitchell, Ky. what they were doing with blogs. I had been blogging for my real estate practice for some time, but the light bulb went on on the drive back to Columbus that night as good friend, attorney and hunting partner Dave Buda and I discussed the possibilities.

So once more, I send thanks to you readers, thanks to my periodic contributors, Mr. Jude Cuddy and Ms. Ellen Wickham, and most of all, thanks to those who hate guns (a reminder; please get help . . . "hate" is a sickness) for giving me so much material about which to write.

This is a pivotal election year . . . one candidate who has been wishy-washy on firearms, and the other who epitomizes the mindset of the gun haters. We will continue to bring you news and insight, humor, and most of all, intellectual honesty as we discuss that most abused civil right of every American -- the basic human right of self defense.

07 October 2008

MSNBC's Balanced Story Confuses A Few Things

Sebastian over at Snowflakes in Hell reports that MSNBC tried to do a decent job with a gun story.

And they messed it up. Sort of.

Generally balance, one of the most crushing indictments against much of the MSM is the lack of basic knowledge about firearms. Even general assignment reporters are expected, as generalists, to have working knowledge of most of the issues they cover. So what does MSNBC say or report that shows how out of touch they are?

The reference to semi-automatic ammunition. As if there is a difference between fully automatic and semi-auto ammo.

Still, its worth reading. Then pass it on.

The Debates: Round 2

Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain square off tonight in a town hall format. Well, sort of. The audience is being kept back 100 feet -- or 100 yards, its hard to tell. But the questions do come from the audience.

Pundits are saying this is make or break time for the pro-gun McCain, who is trailing in the polls. The left is hitting him with everything, and he seems to want to be the nice guy and not get his hands dirty. A a rally a few days ago, a woman in the audience asked him when he was going to take the gloves off and really get into the race.

He indicated it will be tonight. We will see . . .

Denny Crane On Office Safety and Self Defense

Denny Crane, the fictional character on the ABC television drama Boston Legal, has some ideas on office safety. And on quickly bringing to an end an office crisis.

Did you know he is mostly a skeet shooter now?

And check out this clip from the latest episode of the show. Just remember the following:
"Gun, Knee, Right Foot, Left Foot!"

Clearly self defense. You never know . . . such entertainment just might get through to some folks.

BTW, one thing that drives me batty about this clip is that someone has labeled it "Vigilante Justice," which clearly it is not. The Crane character is in fear for his life. His co-worker clearly is terrified. If the television character were acting as a vigilante, he would be chasing the guy, acting as a police officer.

Anyone else find this "vigilante" label odd?

06 October 2008

Quote Of The Day

"(We're) both small town girls, both a Pentecostalism and we both carry an AK-47."

-- Singer/songwriter/actress Dolly Parton on why she is supports Sarah Palin for vice president.

02 October 2008

Live-Blogging the VP Debate

In this corner, weighing in at 90-pounds soaking wet with a rock in her pocket, the diminutive pro-gun Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, moose hunter extraordinaire.

In the oppsite corner, one of the lions of the Senate, he of the perfect hair from the little state of Delaware, anti-gun Sen. Joe Biden.

The prize: the vice presidency of the United States.

Several writers are live-blogging the debate. Here are a few worth tuning into (its going on now, BTW):

- Steve Green is drunk-blogging the Palin-Biden clash
- Ann Althouse has her up to the second take on the debate
- TigerHawk is liveblogging from Madrid, where it is the middle of the night
- TalkLeft is on the scene as well, giving up the second impressions
- Jules Crittenden has the Car Crash Liveblog, as well
- Hit & Run has live blog updates as the debate enters its second hour

A Sneek Peek At Gwen Ifill's Questions For Tonight's Big VP Debate

If you haven't heard the latest potential scandal, Gwen Ifill, moderator of tonight's debate between Gov. Sarah Palin and Sen. Joe Biden, as part of the U.S. vice presidential sweepstakes, has written a book about how Obama's ascendance is a result of the work civil rights activists pushed forward over the past half century.

So there is concern that she won't be even-handed in her questioning of Gov. Palin, a staunch 2A advocate. And apparently, those critics are right.

A list of her questions has been spirited out of MSM headquarters. Because of my dedication to public service, open records and the public good, here is the list.

01 October 2008


Question: What happens then someone has an idea about how to make a buck, and the huckster in them comes out promoting a product they think everyone needs, yet they have no clue what they are talking about?

Answer: They seriously . . . very seriously . . . wind up giving their customers a false sense of security, thereby putting those same customers' lives in danger.

Presenting . . . the "subtle safety" ring.

The makers of the ring say the "Subtle Safety" line is "a reminder to make safe choices." Folks, this isn't one of them. It's just plain dumb.

h/t to Breda