30 July 2009

Buy A Piece of History In Utah: John Browning's Home Is For Sale

A beautiful home in Ogden, Utah, formerly the mansion of John Browning, is on the market.

Sweet on so many levels!

27 July 2009

Sarah Palin Goes Out On A High Note

Yesterday, as she gave one last speech before leaving the office of governor of the State of Alaska, she gave a wide-ranging speech on the Second Amendment, the legacy media's laziness, why ALL the children of politicians should be off limits to pundits, and how she's not going away.

Three of the best lines . . .
"We eat, therefore we hunt."
"Our new governor has a very nice family too. So leave his kids alone."
"How about in honor of the American soldier, you quit makin' things up! (a reference to members of the military who are willing to risk their lives to protect, among other things, the right to freedom of the press)

24 July 2009

Another Anti-Gun Mayor Nailed For Corruption

No wonder they fear their citizenry possessing firearms. They, themselves are crooks. and everyone knows that criminals fear law abiding citizens who keep guns.

The latest from the federal sweep of New Jersey, where numerous public officials and even religions leaders were arrested for bribery and corruption charges.

One of those, Joseph Doria, when he was mayor of Bayonne, N.J., was among those eagerly signing on to New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg's anti-gun mayor's club.

22 July 2009

Two Votes

The legacy media may be portraying this as an amendment that never stood a chance, but the "Thune Amendment," an addition to a military appropriations bill that would have legally enabled anyone in the U.S., with a CCW license to carry in any other state that permits CCW, failed by a mere....2 votes.

Some 20 democrats broke with their party and voted for the amendment. Incredibly, even Sen. Harry Reid, the embattled Nevada senator who is in the political fight for his life, voted for the amendment. This goes against years of anti-gun, anti-self defense votes. I believe, however, that the vote counters knew the amendment would fail -- even narrowly -- giving Reid political cover to vote in the affirmative.

Anti-gun groups are crowing at their so-called great victory. A rare victory for gun control advocates, those who choose to obstruct vital citizen safety legislation such as this amendment have been on the ropes for several years now as more and more Americans have become enlightened about their personal safety, and their personal responsibility to such. Even much of the media doesn't get it. Check out Bryan Miller and USA Today.

Here in Ohio, both my senators -- Brown (D) and Voinovich (R) -- voted against the citizen safety amendment. The votes were not unexpected. Brown has long opposed the basic human right to self defense, and Voinovich is pretty squishy on the issue, as well.

Sebastian, over at Snowflakes in Hell, posted real-time coverage of C-Span news reports leading up to the vote. It makes for interesting reading.

Most importantly, this issue isn't going away. The National Rifle Association, noting the close vote, has pledged to keep this issue in the forefront of national firearms rights and self defense policy.

Two votes . . . A slim margin and the anti self defense scare-mongers know it. And they are frightened by the continued loss of their power and influence.

19 July 2009

A Day In The Life Of An 'Open Carrier'

A superb piece from a publication in San Diego, Calif. shows what individuals in the Golden State are experiencing as part of the "open carry" movement.

In this case, they are carrying unloaded firearms. For an open carry protest it might be appropriate, but its not what I would do. Still, it takes baby steps to get started on the Left Coast, and the subjects of this story and their peers are turning heads and getting people to think and discuss the issue there.

A very good read. Worth passing along.

18 July 2009

A Beautiful Day For Waterfowlers and Eddie Eagle's Message Of Safety

I am just back from a spectacular day at the Cardinal Center in Morrow County, Ohio, where the Waterfowlers Bootcamp (Day 1) took place. Under partly cloudy skies, Eddie Eagle swooped in to teach kids the four main lessons of this award-winning, highly effective safety program.

Below are a few photos from the event, which concludes Sunday.

While strolling the grounds, Eddie got a crash course in duck and goose calling, and watched some fantastic dog demonstrations with expert retriever trainers. I will be back out tomorrow morning with Eddie once more, handing out stickers, temporary tattoos, coloring books, and spreading the Eddie Eagle GunSafe message.

That being, if kids find a gun in an unsupervised situation, they should:

-- STOP!

Some visitors to the Waterfowl Boot Camp pose with Eddie Eagle for a photo

Eddie comes nose to nose with some beautiful mounts created by a Central Ohio taxidermist

Wow! Who knew Sarah Palin would be stopping by....
Her cardboard cutout insisted on having her photo taken with Eddie Eagle

Eddie and yours truly pose for a photo at the end of a long day teaching the Eddie Eagle GunSafe message

One last note to share.
I was also there with a number of colleagues from Peoples Rights Organization (PRO), at the request of organizers of the Waterfowl Bootcamp, to represent the National Rifle Association and man a recruiting table. Pete Stryjewski of PRO, who also volunteers with the Ohio Waterfowl Association, set it up, and both Mike Regan and Jim Prior, two great guys, spent the lion's share of their time today at the NRA recruiting station.

I have some important thoughts . . . serious issues, if you will . . . with how that all went. And of the divide and conquer strategies that anti-hunters, those who abhore self defense, and those who are virulently anti-gun, use. I am going to write on that after I have had a few days to process it all.

To the organizers of this fantastic event, thanks for inviting Eddie Eagle to take part and spread his important safety message. I have been involved with the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program for just about 10 years. It does my heart good to see kids respond in such a positive manner when they realize they are learning something important.

Today was no exception. I look forward to repeating it all tomorrow.

17 July 2009

Ohio's Waterfowl Bootcamp

Big events across the Buckeye State this weekend, with one of the biggest being the Waterfowl Bootcamp, put on by the Ohio Waterfowl Association.

Taking place at the Cardinal Center, a premier trapshooting range in north Central Ohio that has become the new home of the Ohio Trapshooting Association, the "Bootcamp" will feature many events and programs for waterfowl hunters of all ages.

Click here for a link to the event, which includes seminars on painting decoys, calling in geese, and numerous youth programs.

Speaking of youth, I will be there with two other representatives of Peoples Rights Organization (PRO) to sell National Rifle Association memberships. Additionally, I will be teaching the Eddie Eagle Gunsafe Program, a nationally recognized and U.S. Justice Department endorsed firearms safety program for young children. The STOP! DON'T TOUCH! LEAVE THE AREA! TELL AN ADULT! message is strong, and has been adopted and taught by private citizens and police departments to kids all across North America. And with great success.

If you are in the area, stop by. The Cardinal Center is at State Route 61 and Interstate 71 in Marengo. Word is, Eddie himself will be "flying in" to teach the special "gun safe" message to kids attending the Waterfowl Bootcamp. And I am bringing a big supply of temporary tattoos, stickers, and Eddie comic books.

Mike DeWine Wants To Be Your New AG

The only sitting republican U.S. senator ever to be endorsed by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) wants to run for Ohio Attorney General.


Based on his anti-gun, anti self defense, pretty much anti freedom voting history in the U.S. Senate before he was thrown out by voters a few years ago, I vote NO!

We already have an attorney general in Richard Cordray who is, many believe, a wolf in sheep's clothing regarding the 2A. Although, to be fair, he did sign on to an amicus brief with other state attorneys general arguing for "incorporation" regarding the 2A; that is, that the constitutional provision in the Bill of Rights to right to keep and bear arms applies to the states and local governments, also. As in . . . "shall not be infringed."

David Yost, Delaware County prosecuting attorney, has a generally strong record on the Second Amendment. He would appear to be a far stronger choice as republicans go for this race.

I have a pretty good idea what Ohio's three big grassroots gun rights groups will have to say on Mr. DeWine's candidacy. When Sarah Palin was John McCain's VP candidate, she spent some time criss-crossing Ohio on a brief bus trip. She was being escorted by none other than Mike DeWine. I fired off a letter to her office and to the McCain campaign advising them that a DeWine/Palin combination is sort of like oil and water. Whether Ms. Palin picked up on the idea that former Senator DeWine is not a conservative, is anti-gun, and was rejected by most voters in his own party this last election cycle . . . well I don't know how that barn-storming partnership worked out.

All I know is that on the issues, law abiding firearms owners have many, many, many issues with Mr. DeWine. I guess he doesn't care.

14 July 2009

Obama Urges Ratification of Little Known Treaty That Would ID American Gun Owners to Foreign Governments

The legacy media, and the elitists in the United States say they just don't understand why mainstream Americans don't trust President Obama on the firearms issue and the Second Amendment.

Here is yet another reason and it is a doozy! The president is urging ratification of a little known treaty signed by President Bill Clinton when he was in office. The treaty would create a gun registry in the United States, and the names of American firearms owners would be available to foreign governments.

For those who say we can trust the current administration on matters regarding the 2A, do you still not get it?

Lou Dobbs and CNN have the full story. The crisis facing mainstream Americans, as eloquently outlined by Larry Pratt, president of Gun Owners of America, is that Americans under this treaty would regulated because of the inability of foreign governments to control crime within their borders. Reminds me of a scene from the movie "10" where a minister explains to a perplexed Dudley Moore that everytime the elderly housekeep farts, they kick the family dog.

Be sure to sit down before you watch. It will make your head spin.

Taser Rolls Out Shocking Shotgun Shell

Self defense tool manufacturers manufacturers don't usually boast about a shotgun's non-killing power, unless that manufacturer is Taser International. This month, the leading "less-lethal" device manufacturer released for public sale a new stun cartridge for 12-gauge shotguns with a range of more than 100 feet.

It was originally developed for the U.S. Marines. But for use by the public, journalists seem skeptical. Is the media finally coming around, as are an ever-increasing majority of Americans, about how firearms are in deed the equalizer best suited for self defense? And they don't like Taser as an alternative? Or is it about the demonization of Taser International by those who have failed at demonizing guns, so they go after the leading provider of "less than lethal" tools?
An interesting debate.

Still, this is another one of those things to add to my "nice to have" list. Heh . . .

13 July 2009

Words Matter

Boy is this eerily similar . . . talk about your inconsistency in reporting, and spin by those in power.

Several years ago, when the city of Columbus, Ohio was trying to ban competition rifles, the powers that be referred to these tools as "assault weapons." Simultaneously, however, the Columbus Division of Police was trying to purchase a number of these firearms. On all purchase order documents, and once the news hit the media, these very same guns were referred to as "patrol rifles."

Flash forward to summer 2009, the governor of Tennessee vetoed a bill to allow CCW holders to carry concealed sidearms in establishments that serve alcohol. In all instances, the media is reporting these establishments to be "bars." Ultimately, the Tennessee state legislature voted to override the governor veto, allowing CCW holders legal access to these facilities.

But the governor last week quietly signed a bill allowing off-duty police officers to carry concealed firearms into these same establishments. Most interesting, in all references, the powers that be and the media refer to said establishments as "establishments that serve alcohol."

It just goes to show . . . words matter.

BTW, in a related matter, a court today threw out a request for a temporary injunction to halt the implementation of Tennessee's new law, which goes into effect tomorrow. Seems a very loud, but very small handful of restaurant owners who claim they "might" face an increased liability by allowing CCW holders in their places of business filed a legal challenge. Not surprisingly, the judge rejected their insistence on an injunction to prevent restaurant goers from being able to legally defend themselves from violent attack with a handgun.

BTW, in a further related matter, the governor of the state of Arizona today signed into law a bill allowing CCW holders there to carry concealed self defense sidearms into "bars."

11 July 2009

Sotomayor Hearings Get Underway Next Week; 2A Authorities Have Issues With Her Rulings, Opinions

The hearings for Judge Sotomayor get rolling next week. And waiting in the wings to testify are a bevy of pro-rights, pro-gun, pro-self defense experts and advocates. Among them:

- Stephen Halbrook, noted 2A attorney and author (and good friend of Ohio's Peoples Rights Organization);

- Sandy Froman, former president of the National Rifle Association; and

- David Kopel of the Independence Institute.

Eugene Volokh has the full list of those individuals testifying in support of, or in opposition to, the nomination of Ms. Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court.

Big Columbus Westland Gun Show Today and Tomorrow, July 11-12

If you are anywhere near Central Ohio this weekend, you need to make time to head over to the big Columbus Westland Gun Show, taking place at Westland Mall on the city's (where else?) west side.

Sponsored by C&E/Showmasters Gun Shows, show hours are 9-5 today, and 9-4 tomorrow. Admission is $8. But if you are a Peoples Rights Organization Life Member, admission is free. Bring your PRO Life Member membership card, or your new C&E/PRO admission card.

And the best deal going is the join the NRA at the show. Join today or tomorrow and you get $10 off the normal membership rate, plus a nifty NRA hat, plus the full benefits of membership (12 months of magazines, insurance, etc.), AND you get free admission to the big gun show. All for 25 bucks.

Worth checking out!

10 July 2009

Self Defense In Public Housing Projects Advances But Some Lawmakers Say The Poor Should Be Unarmed

How is this for hateful? To make an entire class of citizens into victims -- all because of an elitist attitude that the poor should not have firearms.

Pure idiocy.

Thankfully, a growing number of lawmakers in Congress are turning their backs on the antiquated notion that self defense is somehow wrong. It is a basic human right, as more and more court decisions are showing, and as more Americans come to realize that the reason to carry a gun is because cops are too heavy.

Sorry . . . had to slip that in.

So it is good news that yesterday a U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee adopted an amendment to allow guns in public housing projects. The amendment, by Tom Price , R‑Ga., would bar any housing authority from restricting legal ownership of guns.

Jeff Soyer at Alphecca has an excellent overview, and some great commentary. And all I can say is that Emanuel Cleaver II , a Missouri democrat who sits on the committee, is a racist and an elitist. What nerve to sit on high in Washington and dictate who may live and die by arbitrarily trying to enforce his out-of-touch opinion on self defense sidearms on the poor.

He sounds like the racists of the old South, who through the mid to late part of the 1900s believed and pushed the idea that african-americans should not be allowed to vote. Because they were poor or under-educated. EVERYONE -- no matter their color or infirmity -- has the right to self defense.

Rep. Cleaver, do you even have the least comprehension how disgustingly bigoted your comments are?

No Surprise As DC Checkpoints Are Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal appeals court today unanimously ruled in favor of a group of District of Columbia residents, who challenged a ridiculous so-called "neighborhood safety program" that in essence set up vehicle checkpoints. The checkpoint program, devised and implemented by D.C.'s Metropolitan Police Department, has been criticized by many.

And rightly so.

The four plaintiffs, represented by Mara Verheyden-Hilliard of the Partnership for Civil Justice, sued the city, claiming the police "neighborhood safety zone" program is unconstitutional. The temporary vehicle checkpoints were initiated last year and set up in response to violence in a handful of neighborhoods.

Read the entire story here. It is amazing that DC lawmakers think this kind of "license to snoop" legislation is still okay. It was never okay, but no one stood up to them until recently. You would think after the Heller decision that they would understand that their provincial manner of thinking is a thing of the past. Maybe they have learned.
As the parable making its way around the internet says, "you should have stopped me at the dinner roll." Four courageous D.C. residents did just that.

07 July 2009

Ohio 15th Congressional District To See Rematch

Republican Stever Stivers will announce today he plans to run for the congressional seat he narrowly lost last November to democrat Mary Jo Kilroy.

Stivers' vote, analysts say, was diluted by the candidacies of two other individuals, who racked up 9 percent of ballots cast. Don Elijah Eckhart, a conservative independent, and Mark Noble, a Libertarian Party candidate (and a friend of mine with whom I have worked previously on 2A education issues) waged campaigns that many believe cut into Stivers' constituency (or he into their's?). In the end, Kilroy defeated Stivers by 2,312 votes out of more than 304,000 cast in the district -- my district -- which includes urban western Franklin County and parts of more rural Madison and Union counties.

Kilroy, who recently voted for the cap and trade bill, and who has taken a great deal of money -- and gladly accepted the endorsement -- of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.)., is seen as vulnerable by some analysts as public opinion wanes over leadership in Washington, and as the democrat party now controls both the White House and the two houses of Congress with a filibuster-proof Senate.

'Merry Prankster' Joins Exclusive Club - The U.S. Senate

"Franken is the only senator to joke about helping terrorists assassinate a U.S. president, to openly marvel that his cocaine habit hadn’t led to addiction, and the only salon who angrily drops F-bombs during campaign fundraisers. He is also the only senator to laud the era of Internet communications as an “exciting time for pornographers.”

One of the world's most revered legislative bodies, the United States Senate has a new member. Al Franken.

PSH In Scotland Over Airguns

People in Scotland (well not all people, just those who have nothing better to do than try to control other peoples' lives) are having kittens over airguns.
Oh the horror . . .

05 July 2009

Two More Images Of Freedom

Nothing better to celebrate freedom and our American Independence on a July 4 than putting some holes in paper . . .

04 July 2009

Images of Freedom and Remembrance

Many thoughts come to mind on America's birthday. On this July 4, I thought the old saying that a picture is worth 1,000 is appropriate. So here is my look at various images of freedom from around the nation, my hometown, and my backyard.

Ohio Statehouse reflected in downtown Columbus office building.

The next generation of Second Amendment advocates, taken on
a SE Ohio afternoon, following our annual work camp.

At the Ohio Statehouse grounds.

Immigrant American soldiers take the oath of U.S. Citizenship

Scenes from the Las Vegas, Nev. Tea Party

Letter from a veteran at Ohio Statehouse Veterans Plaza

The Pentagon Memorial, remembering the 9-11 attacks upon the United States

Bratwurst grilling in my backyard, over charcoal,
unencumbered by frivilous restrictions on fragrant emissions as Al Gore
and other fringe environmentalists advocate.

Celebrate Freedom!
Happy Birthday America! Happy Independence Day!

03 July 2009

You Know What?

I am thinking that with all that is going on in Washington DC these days, and the efforts that I believe are an affront to the freedoms that Americans enjoy (and sadly, take for granted), I want TRL readers to review the previous post.

The Quote Of The Day, found below, courtesy of the third president of the United States.

Read it . . . read it again, and pass it on.