31 December 2010

Linked To Another Blog -- In N. Carolina

A great blog written about firearms issues and other items of interest in North Carolina.

One big broo-ha-ha the author is writing about: a recent incident where an honors student might or might have not been found in possession of a paring knife (in the end she did accidentally bring it to school). And the special meeting of the entire local school board that was called to discuss the issue; and the fact that the powers that be went into executive session then came out and told the public -- and media -- essentially nothing.

Interesting reading. Scary too. People with power telling the people they represent ... nothing.

But then that's nothing new . . .

30 December 2010

RIP Aaron Zellman

Rest in peace, Mr. Zellman.

You were an acclaimed author, and a fighter. You were an inspiration, you were a leader. You were passionate, your voice is heard in so very many areas, and your "in-your-face" attitude garnered national attention -- and results.

You were a lion in the good fight. Most of all, and most importantly . . . you did well. Shalom my brother.

Other reports on the passing of Aaron Zellman, THE voice of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) can be found below:

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Time And Change

My many friends and colleagues who have fought the arms wars, and were in the trenches before me, have told me about the heady, dark days back in 1989.

That is when anti-gun laws swept the nation following a shooting at a McDonald's restaurant in California. In many cities, as in Ohio's capitol city of Columbus, laws were passed that viciously restricted firearms ownership. Or caused outright bans. Columbus city officials twice pushed to ban competition rifles, and twice Peoples Rights Organization filed suit -- and won federal cases both times. Other cities had similar experiences, and local pro-gun groups sprung up all across the United States to do everything they could to stop the push to take away basic freedoms of law abiding Americans. Some states instituted outright bans that withstood court challenges. Or passed registration schemes, simply saying they weren't confiscating, just wanting to know where such firearms were held. Then within a year or two changing their minds (now that they knew who owned such guns) and requiring they be turned in within a few months or the owners (who had registered their guns honestly thinking the government was telling the truth) would have felony charges filed against them.

I know people here in Ohio who in the years following 1989 felt they likely would wind up in prison, for there was no way they were going to give up their firearms. I know of people who bought land in order to bury firearms for the future, for the same reason. I know prominent people in important positions in Ohio, people with names you would recognize, who were convinced they would die in jail. Again, because they had weighed the possibilities and would not comply -- would not give up their firearms -- if ordered to do so.

These are not stereotyped crazy gun wingnut types that the Left likes to scare the general populace with. These were -- are -- doctors, lawyers, realtors, state employees, city employees, blue collar workers, white collar workers, architects, contractors, retirees . . . . you name it!

What would have happened was the ultimate in civil disobedience, no different than a woman who refused to give up her seat on a bus in the deep south. To do the right thing. To make a difference. To teach all Americans what it is to stand up for your rights.....

Fast forward to today. In talking with one colleague yesterday, he is still amazed. Thinking back to 1989, and to today, where we have a court ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court affirming the state's general law putting all firearms regulation in the hands of Ohio lawmakers. The recent victories over draconian gun laws in Chicago, and before that Washington DC. The passage of concealed carry laws in Ohio some years back after 15 years of slow, slow, but steady progress. The very fact that democrats, generally anti-gun across the nation, no longer talk about gun control in elections because it is obvious the argument is a poison pill that in the past decade continually sinks their party.

Time and change. Interestingly, firearms owners who see forward movement tend to quit joining groups, and no longer get fired up. Because they think everything is said and done. Things will be better now. True that, but the question is, for how long? The other side, when it wins (which fortunately for us good guys has not happened for a while), continues to push the fight. Like an army, not content with achieving the current goal, strives to take the next hill.

Pro-freedom, pro-gun advocates and supporters need to keep pushing. To not get complacent. To not be apathetic. For the other side is digging in to continue their fight even though their nose is bloodied and they've got a few broken bones.

The cause for freedom, the fight for freedom is won by sustained campaigns. Coordinated movement, strategies and tactics, proven time and again in certain states can be replicated in others. I only wish that stalwarts like Neil Knox, founder of The Firearms Coalition, who passed several years ago, and Aaron Zellman, the genius behing Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (who passed on 21 December of this year) could have seen what happened yesterday. In Neil's case, he missed the DC and Chicago supreme court victories, too. I know he would have smiled. I hope Neil and Aaron are both smiling today at what has transpired in Ohio. Neil knewmany of the advocates in Ohio, including this author, and came here about 17 years ago to conduct a grassroots training exercises so that we may take back the rights that were being bartered away by politicians seeking votes.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep fighting. Just because the tide has been turned from the very dark days of 1989 and beyond doesn't mean everyone can rest on their laurels. There is still much, MUCH to be done.

Ohio Victory As Supreme Court Rules On CCW/Home Rule Suit

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled yesterday in a 5-2 decision that the general law putting the responsibility for all firearms regulations into the hands of state lawmakers does not violate Ohio's home rule law.

Many newspapers have concluded through editorials and coverage (not all, just pretty much those in large urban areas, however) that cities -- again -- are being told they don't have a voice. They do. Its just that state general laws in Ohio have no bearing on home rule. The law was never a pre-emption bill, though anti-gun advocates and even some pro-gun organizations called it such. There is a clear difference, which is why The Ready Line years ago referred to the legislation as "a general law." Because it has meaning and legal definition. In fact, the opinion itself refers to the state's "general law." Lawmakers chose that language for a very specific reason.

Interestingly, some headlines say that state law trumps local law. No, that's not true. The reality is that the cities are not permitted to trump state law. To say otherwise is intellectually dishonest.

The implications? City officials in various pockets of the Buckeye State that want to enact bans on competition rifles and to restrict where law-abiding CCW license holders can take their sidearms cannot do so. The reality, which most thinking people and lawmakers realize, is that the nit-picky laws that had been passed in the past by these little city-states were really about control, and not about crime reduction. The Supreme Court looked solely at general laws vs. home rule. And found the argument being made by the cities to be wanting.

This, for now, pretty much ends the push by large municipalities to up-end CCW laws and restrict the right to own various rifles and other firearms for all lawful purposes. The city of Cleveland filed the case, with Columbus and other 'burgs closely watching and lending quite vocal support.

I've got to say something else, too. Richard Cordray, a democrat who lost his re-election bid as Ohio attorney general to former U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, called the ruling a victory for every gun owner in Ohio. My hat is off to the gentleman. I have always been suspicious of Mr. Cordray, for he wasn't a supporter of firearms rights some 15 or so years ago. Quite the opposite. He was a vocal opponent of private ownership of competition rifles, among other firearms. But he has truly come around. Become enlightened even. Thank you for the strong words Mr. Cordray. Now if only the man who won in November has the same feeling. Mr. DeWine has long been an anti-gun republican -- in fact is the only republican U.S. senator to ever receive an endorsement from the anti self defense advocates at the Brady Campaign.


Back to the ruling. Guess what? There won't be blood in the streets as a result of this very thoughtful decision by Ohio's high court. Because it was never about crime control. It was about politics from the beginning.

More coverage here:
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25 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

A joyous Christmas to you all! Wherever you are in the world, and no matter your circumstances, let there be peace in your heart for just this one day!

24 December 2010

The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped

Just in time for your holiday travel entertainment!!!

Great friend and hunting buddy Tom Nagel, a prominent Central Ohio attorney, has penned a hilarious song that pretty much sums up most Americans' feelings about how travelers are being treated at U.S. airports.

A fierce advocate regarding the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, his "Charlie and the TSA" just cracks me up. The subtitle is "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Here is a sample of the lyrics to give you a taste . . .

"See, Charlie doesn't like to get zapped with x-rays and he doesn't like to be seen nude.
And he really doesn't like to have his testicles fondled by a half-trained, half-wit dude.
And did he ever return? No he never returned, and he feels just like a dope.
He is lost forever in the bowels of the airport. He's "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Accompanying Tom on this video, now making the rounds on YouTube, are many of his friends who regularly join together on Thursday nights for acoustic jam sessions.

Nicely done Everyone!! Wow Tom . . . I had no idea when you were sitting up in a nearby tree waiting on Bambi's mom or dad to come by that you're not reading your paperback. You're composing! Some great rhymes, too. "Tin foil in their shorts, flight aborts" had me laughing. But "slippery slope" and "wouldn't be groped" should make everyone think. At least I hope it does.

BTW, be sure to click on the arrow to pull up the lyrics and follow along!!!

21 December 2010

Feds Declare War On Firearms Dealers, Rifle Owners

Under the guise of "we're doing it for the children," (okay they're actually saying they are doing it because the Mexican government won't enforce its own laws), the U.S. federal government via the BATF is planning to instruct gun dealers to report the names of anyone who buys more than two centerfire rifles within five days. Specifically, any rifle over .22 caliber.
"Papers please."

Again, this is because the government of Mexico doesn't enforce its own strict anti-gun laws. So because a government that is slowly being taken over by drug cartels won't do its job, law-abiding Americans are to be penalized by having their names (and of course addresses, etc.) information turned over to federal authorities here?

How does that make ANY snes?

The initiative, supposedly will start in the border states with Mexico. And it will only take place for a short period. IN A PIG'S EYE!!! Nothing having to do with more draconian gun regulations only lasts temporarily.

17 December 2010

Rare Injuries From Outdoor Gun Ranges Being Blown Out Of Proportion

Outdoor firing ranges are under fire across the U.S., and today the latest salvo is being fired by USA Today newspaper.

The story outlines "problems" ranging from the rare stray bullet, to overblown fears of lead creating groundwater problems, and of course, noise.

Read it, and please pass it on.

Quotable Quote

"Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers."

-- Aristotle

10 December 2010

Catch 22 (Chicago Style)

Oh yeah, talk about circular logic. The powers that be in Chicago USA either are both with it, or go for special high intensity training on the subject (extra points for anyone who sees the acronym).

So, you need gun range training. Only you can't get gun range training . . .

Specifically, attorney Alan Gura has filed an appeal in a Chicago case regarding that city's ban on gun ranges.

Folks it doesn't get any more interesting than this!

09 December 2010

Nutty Editorial Of The Day

From today's Columbus Dispatch, in reference to two bills before the Ohio General Assembly that would further loosen Ohio's cumbersome car-carry CCW law, and allow concealed firearms in restaurants, comes the following spoonful of pablum:

"If state Rep. Danny R. Bupb, R-West Union, gets his way, convicted drug dealers would be able to pack heat."

Hmmm . . . to the genius at the Dispatch who penned this editorial, and to the committee that rubber stamped it without so much as a though, I posit the following: CONVICTED DRUG DEALERS ARE ALREADY PACKING HEAT!!!

The ivory tower that is on South Third Street in Ohio's state capital continues to amaze . . .

Unfortunately, because of the "weenie factor" in the Ohio House of Representatives, the bills are expected to die today. The sponsor says they will be reintroduced next year during the new session of the legislative body.

08 December 2010

Bloomberg Tacks To Middle For Possible National Run

NYC's Mayor Mike gave a speech this week that has some folks wondering if he is considering a run for national office. Or at least a push toward the national stage.

In his presentation he talked much about a "middle way." Not left, not right. Interesting since while he is a registered republican he is pretty liberal on a lot of subjects. And of course, the pants shitting hysteria he feels about firearms is widely known.

Interesting position Mr. Mayor. We will all be keeping watch on you.

I wonder if he has designs on the White House, considering the republicans really have no front runner for the 2012 presidential elections? The things that make you go hmmm . . . .

07 December 2010

Day Of Infamy

Remember Pearl Harbor . . . .

Dec. 7, 1941 -- "A date which will live in infamy."

06 December 2010

OHIO URGENT: Car Carry Fix, Restaurant Carry Bills Moving; Your Assistance Needed!

***** URGENT *****

If you are an Ohio resident, discharge petitions are to be signed for Ohio Restaurant Carry and Car Carry (both CCW) fixes on Tuesday.

Click here to go to the Buckeye Firearms Association site to see who still needs to be called in order to garner support for this common sense measure.

03 December 2010

For Your Holiday Reading List

Something to read during the downtime over the holidays, or to ask Santa to put in your stocking when he visits your home.

A new book by respected writer Alan Korwin, entitled: Your Gun's Hot, The Perp's Not: Now What?

Sounds like a page turner to me! Pick it up at Amazon.com.

01 December 2010

New 'Game Changer' In Soldiers' Hands

Now this looks like something fun . . .

A prototype of a programmable "smart" grenade launcher that uses microchips as sort of a guidance tool is being deployed in Afganistan. Specifically, the shoulder-fired weapon's projectile "finds" the enemy, even if the enemy is hidden behind a wall or other cover.

Way cool . . .