19 July 2010

Dennis Henigan Inserts Foot in Mouth . . . Again

The Brady Campaign is out with more statistics and "grades" on state gun control laws.

And, as always, the metaphorical "Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" (that would be Sarah Brady, Dennis, et al) shoots itself in the collective foot with its own statistics, comments, and relationships.

The full details are here . . .

04 July 2010

Happy Independence Day!!!

Two hundred and thirty four years ago today, a group of courageous men took upon their shoulders what they knew would be a monumental task: severing ties with Great Britain.

Two days prior, they had voted after significant debate, to become independent from England. Now, they would be affixing their names to a piece of parchment that may well result in their deaths as traitors, or rebels, those who rejected the tyranny of King George.

The resulting document, the American "Declaration of Independence" was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvanie on a hot, steamy day.

It was a move that forever changed the world . . .

Happy Birthday America!!!