30 September 2008

It Begins . . .

At least here, that is.

Early voting began today in the Buckeye State. Lines were long and there are more lawsuits to come.

Sigh . . .

Big News From Virginia

Early word is that the Virginia state attorney general has ruled that open carry is legal in public parks.

The link to the opinion is here. I was forwarded the information, via the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), by my good friend Annette Elliott of ShowMasters/C&E Gun Shows in Blacksburg, Va.

Here is the text of the VCDL email regarding the ruling:

VCDL had been aware that Senator Ken Cuccinelli put in
a request several months ago for a formal opinion from
Attorney General Bob McDonnell on whether it is legal
to open carry in Virginia State Parks. The answer came in
this morning and it is YES!

VCDL expected that to be the case, but it was important
for the Attorney General to actually rule on the issue.

CAUTION: I am determining if this opinion has officially
overridden the park regulation or if the park regulation
must be rewritten before we can carry openly. SO, I SUGGEST
I have calls into Ken Cuccinelli's office, Virginia State
Parks headquarters, and the Attorney General's Office and will
put out alerts on this as necessary.

VCDL would like to thank Senator Cuccinelli, who is running
for Virginia Attorney General next year, for putting in that
request for an Attorney General's Opinion and to Attorney
General Bob McDonnell, who is running for Governor next year,
for the well thought out opinion.
In addition, Virginia and Mississippi signed a CCW reciprocity agreement today. A busy day in the Old Dominion, and good news regarding safety in Virginia's many parks.

Bulletproofing the Mind

On Saturday, I spent the day "Bullet Proofing" my mind . . . specifically, I attended a day-long seminar put on by Lt. Col. David Grossman, a psychologist, author and military instructor who teaches how to prepare to deal with high stress situations both in combat and in self defense.

Ellen Wickham, an occasional contributor to The Ready Line, and I rode over together for the Columbus seminar. We were among a packed house of more than 250 men and women. Grossman was joined by Bruce Siddle, an expert on combat human factors -- the biometrics and physiology of developing warriors for the military and law enforcement. The two talked extensively of CCW holders being the logical backup to first responders if and when another terrorist strike is exacted upon the United States. Their two training organizations have been merged into one, Warrior Science, and they continue to consult with federal law enforcement agencies and the U.S. military.

As many say, an armed homeowner is the first line of defense because the police cannot protect everyone. Grossman and Siddle state further that CCW holders will be the last line of defense in a civil emergency and that the law enforcement community will be glad license holders are there to help.

For most of eight hours (the Cherokee broke down on the way there and we walkd in an hour late) we were treated to discussions of defensive mindset, and real life examples of terrorist attacks upon civilian targets in other nations. Attacks that homeland security planners fear may be headed to our shores sooner than later. Much of what Mr. Grossman talked about I was already familiar with. Situational awareness and defensive mindset were two of the big topics, both of which I have taught in CCW classes and in Refuse To Be A Victim crime avoidance seminars. But they filled in the blanks on some areas that I generally understood, but did not have detail for.

Grossman gave detailed information about the siege against a Russian school several years ago, in which hundreds of young people were murdered by terrorists. His biggest warning was that every industrialized nation on Earth -- except one -- would call out their military to combat a terrorist incident at a school. The United States, however, would call out local law enforcement. He also talked about the many soft targets that exist in the U.S., and how the Al Quaida organization has vowed to hit the United States again, this time with multi-pronged attack. Much was said of simple things we can do to make American schools more secure, and to detect those who would attempt to probe for and identify our weak links and softest targets.

He also noted that some parents say their kids get anxious with all the lockdown drills going on. There is very good reason for the drills, which you will read and see below. Grossman has the following comment on that issue, ""Preparation doesn't create anxiety, denial creates anxiety." He added that Osama bin Laden sent forth a startling warning following the takeover of the school: "What I have visited on Beslan, Russia, I will visit on America one hundred fold."

I have taken the liberty of including a CNN report below on the brutal attacks on the Russian school children to help illustrate what Grossman described. (WARNING: GRAPHIC footage and commentary). This incident, he says, is what American Homeland Security officials are working desperately to prevent from happening at a U.S. school.

If a parent ever has thoughts about why U.S. schools now regularly conduct lockdown drills, they need to see this vid. If they still question lockdown drills, you can count them as part of the 98 percent of the population in this nation that walks around in perpetual denial.

Both Grossman and Siddle added that U.S. security experts content the next attack on U.S. soil is not an "if," but "when" and that American schools are a likely target. In Beslan, at least 330 people were killed, including 172 small children. (WARNING: GRAPHIC footage and commentary).

Grossman is the author of a number of books including, "Stop Teaching Our Kids To Kill," an examination of TV, movie and video game violence, and how it impacts juveniles; "On Combat," an examination of what it takes to perform, cope and survive in the toxicity of deadly combat as a soldier in a foreign land, and a police officer in the mean streets of urban America; and "On Killing," the an examination of the psychological cost of learning to kill in war and society. In fact, "On Killing" was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize and is required reading for U.S. Marines and FBI trainees. Grossman lectures the military on combat psychology, has been a West Point instructor, and is a consultant to a number of federal law enforcement agencies.

Away from the school attack issue, Grossman also discussed that while deaths from violent crimes has remained static, the rate of violent assaults and attacks in nations around the globe is way up. All the more reason law abiding citizens should be armed for their protection, IMHO.

Siddle, author of "Sharpening the Warrior's Edge," talked extensively about predators, "sheep," " sheepdogs," etc. Predators I had always considered to be those who commit crime. Sheep those people who are in denial about crime and violence in our society, and yet do everything they can to keep the law-abiding populace from being armed for their own safety. They also complain about lockdown drills. And sheepdogs, that small minority of us in the U.S. who look out for others. Those who understand that firearms are a highly effective deterrent to crime and would not hesitate to help a person in distress. Siddle and Grossman both noted that there is a bit of predator even in sheepdogs. There has to be, they said, to have the instinct to think like a thug and prevent or stop violent attacks by using violence.

Both Siddle and Grossman noted that everyone who shoots competitively or uses a firearm for CCW purposes should train, train, train. As we say in the CCW classes I have helped teach -- perfect practice makes perfect.

Siddle also discussed at length his study of combat human factors, survival stress and how it impacts the performance of law enforcement officers, military personnel and combat aviators. His pivotal research into the influence of the Sympathetic Nervous System on perceptual processing, cognitive processing, motor performance and memory, is actually quite fascinating. I understand the factors to which he refers, but had not heard the scientific terms for what happens to the body in stressfire situations.

All and all, it was very interesting.

The very receptive crowd was hanging on their every word, particularly Mr. Grossman. At times too receptive. I wondered whether everyone in the room was realizing the impact and import of what Mr. Grossman was saying, instead of getting all revved up, locked and loaded. I wanted people to listen and think, not just agree with every word Messrs. Grossman and Siddle uttered. There was, and is, much to consider.

I also ran into several old friends, made some new ones, and was acquainted with people I have only known online. John Lydic, down from Richwood, Ohio, and a member of Richwood Gun and Game Club was there. John was one of my instructors when I took my first NRA personal protection course years and years (and years) ago. Ellen and I went through NRA instructor training together eight or nine years ago, and John was one of our NRA training counselors. A great guy, I had not seen him in about a year and it was super to catch up.

There were a number of Buckeye Firearms Association folks present, as BFA sponsored the seminar as a fundraiser. One individual I had not seen in a few years was Pete Brucken, a BFA leader from the Dayton area. As always, it was great to see Jim Irvine, BFA chairman, who heads a super organization.

Two bloggers I read regularly, Breda and her husband, Mike (buddy, you need to write more!), came down from the Cleveland area. Both are avid 2A supporters and it was nice they came down for this event. Breda and I have exchanged emails on and off and linked to each others' posts in the past. It was nice to finally meet them in person.

And finally, a big thanks for Steve Loos and Linda Walker of BFA. They know why.

Ellen and I didn't attend this next event, but right after the seminar and only about a mile away as the crow flies, was a huge gathering of Second Amendment and hunting/fishing supporters. The U.S. Sportmans Alliance was holding its annual Ohio Rally, and nearly 1,500 people were in attendance. GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain was to be the keynote speaker but he stayed in Washington to work on the bank bailout bill and spoke to the crowd via satellite.

I can only imagine that if you attended both events Saturday, you walked away absolutely pumped up.

29 September 2008

Naked Sex Offender Dispatched By Intended Victim's Dad

All I can say is GOOD.

Read it here.

Hat's off to the dad. He is a sheepdog, not a sheep . . .

28 September 2008

Quote Of The Day

"A golf course is the deliberate and willfull misuse of a perfectly good rifle range."

-- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

27 September 2008

John and Barack and Guns . . .

John McCain is suspect to most firearms owners. But the argument that Obama is better, coming from some circles, is harder to defend.

"If Obama supported gun rights, many pro-gun people, even Republicans, would support him, because many pro-gun people are single-issue voters on this topic and Obama’s opponent has a spotty record on gun rights. (The NRA and pro-gun rights voters have supported pro-gun Democrats in many elections.) Also, if Obama really supported the right to arms, it’s likely that many additional Republican, libertarian and independent voters would support him because conservatives and libertarians often interpret a politician’s support for the right to arms as a reliable proxy for that politician’s support of other individual rights. This point seems especially strong now, since many Republican voters distrust Obama’s opponent on free speech, business regulation and other big-govt-vs-individual-rights issues.

"So on the one hand we have single-issue pro-gun people opposing Obama on guns, and on the other hand we have people who are primarily Obama partisans, not gun people, arguing that pro-gun people should trust Obama on guns. Who should we believe?"

A good read.

Two candidates. One very important issue.

26 September 2008

Is Obama Trying To Silence Firearms Owners?

Sebastian at Snowflakes In Hell has disturbing news about attempts by the Obama campaign to silence the voice of gun owners through questionable legal action. And those moms and dads who own firearms definitely have something to say about the U.S. presidential election.

What is of particular concern is that the so-called "fact check" groups being used as "evidence" aren't getting their facts straight. Don't take my word for it . . . it's been pointed out time and again.

Read it all here, then pass it on to 10 people you know and care about.

25 September 2008

Obama Better On Guns Than McCain?

In the fantasy world that is CBS News, they somehow are of the notion that Sen. Obama's position on firearms ownership is better than that of Sen. McCain.

Odd, considering that it should be the other way around, though the Arizona senator has not always been a friend to moms, grandmothers, dads, and granddads who own guns.

But consider this. CBS and the other MSM are in full pants shitting mode as they realize an issue they thought was dead -- firearms ownership -- is coming back to bite the Obama/Biden campaign. Especially with the insertion of Gov. Palin, a staunch 2A supporter, into the election soup.

I say this, in part, because of the long piece that National Public Radio broadcast yesterday morning how Obama is in danger of losing a lot of Pennsylvania voters' support because of the democrat party's traditional stance against gun ownership (despite all their best efforts to weasel word the opposite).

23 September 2008

Quote Of The Day

"Real safety has nothing to do with the police, or park rangers - it has everything to do with you as an individual being situationally aware, being mindful of your surroundings, and being ready and capable to deal with the threat of violence should the need arise."
-- Caleb, author of Call Me Ahab

The Question: 'Should Doctors Have Guns?'

The Answer: "Should Bears Leave Their Poop In The Woods?"

Okay, the REAL Answer! . . . . D'oh!

Seriously, IMHO, physicians have just as much right to self defense as anyone else.

Don't you think their right should extend beyond the entrance into their actual clinic or office?

Australian Publication Profiles Ohio, Firearms Importance, In U.S. Presidential Race

Specifically, the paper's headline notes that Ohioans are telling the Obama campaign to "watch it" on any thinking about future gun control.

". . . With just 44 days until the election, Ohio remains the ultimate bellwether when it comes to American politics.

"Opinion polls show the race in Ohio is very close, with some putting Republican John McCain in the lead and others showing Democrat Barack Obama out in front. The economy is the number one issue with voters in Ohio, but some businesses are still doing a roaring trade, despite the financial upheaval buffeting much of the nation.

"At a gun store and indoor shooting range in the central Ohio town of Lancaster, business is brisk."

A good read. A a nice profile of Ohio Outdoors, situated about 30 minutes southeast of me in Lancaster.


Its enough to make your head spin. Imagine:

A 269-269 tie in the electoral college after the November U.S. presidential election. The vote goes to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. And we wind up with President Obama and Vice President Palin . . .

Think its impossible? Think again. Read"Electoral College Doomsday."

A very good analysis of a very tight presidential race. Of course there will be the usual suspects who demand that this is a reason why the Electoral College system should be scrapped. Tell that to the residents of the smaller states, whose votes and influence the Framers had the good sense to protect with the creation of this complex, but meaningful system of electing a president.

22 September 2008

McCain Suggestion For Cuomo, Gun Buyback Lover, To Lead SEC Is A Huge Mistake

John McCain, in commenting on the fiscal crisis facing the United States and global financial markets, said if he were in office he would fire the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chris Cox. Further, he said he would like to replace him with Andrew Cuomo, a democrat who is the former head of the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

BIG mistake.

Not just because Cuomo presided over an agency that allowed scam artists to bilk the federal government out of millions, but moreover, because this same agency under his tenure was giving away million of dollars of public housing monies to police departments for . . . gun buybacks.

In housing projects that were some of the most dangerous, he diverted monies to be used for ineffective -- but politically sexy -- gun buybacks. At the same time, moms, grandmothers and others who refused to sit unarmed in their HUD housing projects . . . sitting ducks against the drug dealers and other miscreants that infested HUD housing . . . were encouraged not to keep firearms in their homes.

AND THEN he organized lawsuits against lawful firearms makers using HUD projects as plaintiffs.

Let's look at this again . . . He urged grandmothers raising kids be defenseless. And those who stayed behind rather than get out, and later were victims of the violence against which they could not protect themselves, were urged to become plaintiffs in nuisance lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

Does McCain think what Cuomo did to bottleneck lawful commerce is okay? If he so mismanaged HUD, why the hell would we want him overseeing the Securities and Exchange Commission at a time when working through our financial markets is like walking on eggshells?

The Wealthiest Members of Congress

Love 'em or hate 'em (remember, hate is a sickness), love or despise their policies -- whether they be on taxation, self defense and shooting sports freedom, or their involvement in policy making that has caused the U.S. to face not only a mortgage meltdown, but a financial crisis or gargantuan proportions -- members of Congress are people, too.

Only, some of them are among the wealthiest Americans. It makes you wonder how they come to the conclusions they draw when making policy.

With no commentary, and for what it's worth, here is Roll Call's latest roundup of the wealthiest members of the United States Congress.

An Issue Dems Hoped Would Go Away Continues To Fester

In this presidential election year, most of the top tier candidates on the left are living in fantasy land -- temporarily -- and claiming they support the Second Amendment.

. . . That is as long as there are "reasonable" restrictions (reasonable being defined by one's own perspective, of course).

Anyway, democrats had hoped that the gun issue would be off the table as we hurdle headlong toward the November election.

It isn't working out that way . . .

"Gun-owner doubts about Mr. Obama is to a large extent why he is running behind or is in a dead heat in states where a Democrat should be doing well this year - like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Nevada.

"In heavily Democratic Michigan, for example, the economy is by far the No. 1 issue, but pollsters say gun control fears are one of the reasons the race is in a dead heat in the strong union state."

The national -- some would say global -- financial crisis is fast taking center-stage as the Number One issue being discussed by the candidates. But simmering just under the surface is that citizen safety issue -- firearms. Something of great import to millions of moms, dads and families across the United States.

. . . And Sen. Obama and his surrogates are having great difficulty making a convincing argument against the basic human right of self defense.

21 September 2008

Dr. Phil Says He Would Want A Gun If In A Classroom That Was Under Attack

Kudos for Dr. Phil for speaking from the heart instead of following the usual political correct nonsense.

Check out David Codrea's site, The War On Guns, for the context in which Dr. Phil made his remarks, for commentary, and a link to Dr. Phil's webpage highlighting the on-air debate regarding armed teachers.

It is enlightening.

I Am Going To Send My Own Letter, But . . .

. . . You need to read this response from Sen. Obama's campaign people as to why the senator believes the thoroughly discredited 1994 ban on so-called "assault weapons" should be re-instated.

Specifically, he says they are used primarily for crime rather than sporting intent.

I guess he's never been to the annual National Matches of the Civilian Marksmanship Program nor any weekend high-power competition taking place across the U.S.

I am going to contact his campaign office here in Ohio to make sure that is his official statement on the matter. If so, he is woefully out-of-touch with mainstream America on the Second Amendment and the shooting sports.

BTW, word to the wise: Joe Biden, you had better lock up your shotguns.

Biden Tells Voters Obama Had Better Not Mess With His Guns

Who knew Joe Biden was a bitter gun clinger? At a recent rally, Biden told supporters he is a gun owner and that Barack Obama has another thing coming if he tries to take away his guns.

Read it here.

h/t/ to Instapundit

19 September 2008

Elitist Metro Paper Looks Down Its Nose At 'Nation's Gun Show'

Some great people whom I have had the good fortune to meet in recent months, Annette and Steve Elliot, operate ShowMasters and C&E Gun Shows. Recently, they have entered the Ohio market and put on two fantastic shows in Columbus and Wilmington.

They also operate a huge show several times a year just outside Washington D.C. Known as "The Nation's Gun Show," the Chantilly, Va. exhibition draws people from several states in the Chesapeake region. It is a very large, family oriented event, as are the vast majority of gun shows that take place each weekend in some venue across the United States.

But woe be the urban District of Columbia reporter, already filled with numerous biases (I thought reporters were supposed to be open minded and just report what they find without a lot of inuendo?), who stops by their first gun show.

Read it here. Sit down first. Your brain may explode.

Ohio Supreme Court Overturns Town Ban on CCW In Parks

The Ohio Supreme Court has overturned a town's ban on legal concealed carry in city parks. A lot of cities in the Buckeye State were watching this case, filed against the city of Clyde by Ohioans for Concealed Carry. The vote was 4-3 (why is was not more lopsided is troubling to me, frankly.)

MSM in Ohio, which really don't like CCW, and in an attempt to be relevant and sell papers, even used what they consider to be "shooting sports phrases" to describe the ruling. The most notable being the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, which stated that the ruling could "blow away gun ordinances in the state."

Bottom line: This is a ruling that protects all Ohioans, for it puts law abiding citizens' rights and ability to defend themselves on par with violent criminals who are out to harm them. The city of Clyde kept forgetting that only the law abiding . . . abide by the law. Criminals in that city were still going to carry their guns in the city's parks, putting moms, dads, and kids into victim status. That Clyde was okay with that is mind-boggling.

More importantly, it gives uniformity to Ohio's firearms laws, and prevents willy-nilly bans for political purposes from being passed at the local level.

Kudos to Ohioans for Concealed Carry for pursuing this important litigation all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Here is coverage of this very important ruling from:

Second Amendment Foundation
Plain Dealer
Columbus Dispatch
Dayton Daily News

17 September 2008

Its Time To BAN The Assault Scissors

"A Boise man is recovering after an attack outside an IHOP in Utah. Orem police say the Boise man had just finished breakfast with his girlfriend when he was assaulted by a stranger with scissors.

"Orem police say for no reason at all, a complete stranger approached the Boise couple in the IHOP parking lot and started stabbing the man. He fell, and the attacker jumped on him and kept stabbing him in his face, neck and arms."

Perhaps his waffle was overdone . . . eitherway, if we get rid of assault scissors NO ONE will ever fear entering a well-known breakfast establishment again.

Shootings In Canada?

A wave of shootings occurred in Toronto, Canada yesterday, starting at a local business school. One student was injured, but three other men were not so lucky. Police there are on the lookout for the criminals.

Of course, my thoughts go out to the family of the injured student, and the dead men, but this all raises an eyebrow. The anti self defense crowd in the U.S. says if we heavily regulate handguns -- like Canada does -- school shootings and street shootings won't happen.

"We can't guarantee 100 percent that things won't happen," a school administrator said, adding that the school is equipped with lots and lots and lots of cameras.

Hmmm . . .

16 September 2008

DC Council Member Giving An Inch

"D.C. Council member Phil Mendelson says he will propose regulations Tuesday that would legalize semi-automatic handguns in the District because the stopgap legislation the council passed in response to a Supreme Court ruling "would not stand up to judicial scrutiny."

Well, at least he's becoming a realist.

"The Supreme Court has spoken, and we have to act accordingly," he said. "We are still going to have a strong gun control law." Mr. Mendelson, at-large Democrat, said the bill will refine the city's definition of machine guns by using wording from other jurisdictions and the federal assault-weapons ban, which has since expired. The bill also will cap at 10 the number of rounds a semi-automatic gun magazine can hold.

"The bill would undercut two federal challenges to the law: a bill in the U.S. House to be considered as early as Tuesday that would relax gun-control regulations in the District, and a lawsuit in U.S. District Court filed by Dick Anthony Heller of the District v. Heller Supreme Court case."

Oh, so its not about doing right for constituents in the District of Columbia, just holding onto power.

Hmmm . . .

AHSA (Predictably) Endorses Obama

It calls itself "pro-gun," but the American Hunters and Shooters Association is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Funded by anti-gun groups, this red herring organization just endorsed Sen. Barack Obama for president.

Uncle has far more to say on this than I have time for tonight.

14 September 2008

'The Way It Should Be'

One of TRL's occasional contributors, Jude Cuddy, has had some time after his latest participation in the National Matches to think about the importance of competitive shooting. His observations, below, remind us that the use of firearms is far from uncivilized. His "My View From Behind The Berm" essay is titled, "The Way It Should Be."

The Way It Should Be

The 2008 High Power phase of the 2008 National Matches wrapped up about a month ago. Upon reflection, after time to decompress and savor the memory of that week at Camp Perry on the shores of Lake Erie, I must now conclude that this has been the best experience in my 20 plus years of shooting at this historic, tradition-bound facility. From the artillery piece signaling the call to colors at 0730 on “Day One” until being thanked collectively for competing by match officials four days later , it is an immersion into a discipline and an activity unequaled in the sporting arena.

When you arrive at the facility – note that you are now entering a military reservation – you cannot help but sense that you have left the “real” world behind. Everything is neat, orderly and in its proper place. The active duty military sentry greets you in a business like manner, asks you if you know where you are going and offers a map of the post. Of course you are loaded down with all of your accouterments to compete – either a service or match rifle – and enough ammunition to carry you through four days of firing – 266 rounds officially.

To new and experienced hands alike, everyone is polite and accommodating. Everyone being armed may have something to do with it, or perhaps in the big picture just folks who know right from wrong being courteous to one another as they normally would. The National Rifle Association (NRA), the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP), the active military service rifle team members and just plain everyday Americans mingling and interacting with a common goal in mind – to shoot their personal best.

The shooting conducted here is unequivocally the most level playing field in all of sports. From ages 13 to 86, men and women compete on the same ranges, at the same time, by the same rules, with the same conditions. Wind, rain (thankfully none this year), searing heat and humidity are all equal opportunity offenders to all who participate. Despite the advances in technology, this is definitely a low-tech sport, done the old-fashioned way.

Rifle, ammunition, paper targets and scoring by hand - as it has been done for more than 100 years – is the norm. Targets are pulled manually by your opposite numbers in the “pits” where one spends half the day in perfect safety behind a protective berm. This is where you eat, snooze, converse with your squadding partner and obey the rules and commands of the Pit Officer. Basically do as everyone else does and you are just fine.

After each day you return to the “hootch” to examine your scores, clean your equipment and get squared away for the next day. It truly is an exercise in extreme concentration, as you are actually firing for perhaps thirty minutes in a full day on the range. Mentally you are exhausted, but it is good exercise. Yes there is a lot of walking – the facility is set up for 1,000 yard shooting – but physically the demands are such that young and old alike can meet the challenge.

A great way to cap off a week of shooting is the award ceremony, held right on post at the Auditorium. All branches of the service are represented, as well as civilians who have competed. The program commences with the Post Chaplain asking everyone to stand for the Star Spangled Banner – and remain standing for a prayer. It is not often that you hear God, Jesus, the military, the NRA and shooting participants all in the same sentence, but it was heartfelt and fitting. It is a ceremony that would merit the consideration of the Commander in Chief. After all, we ultimately represent and serve our country. Awards were passed out to those that truly are the best in the business.

More importantly, all who competed are not only great shooters who display the dedication, focus and discipline to excel at their chosen sport, but are great Americans as well. After the ceremony, everyone bids adieu to one another and we all pack up and return to our respective hometowns, pledging to be back again next year. When you finally leave for good – for the National Matches are over until 2009 – one must reflect on the return to the real world.

What each and everyone leaves with is skill, discipline - and knowledge that there are still those in this country who truly represent the ideals of the founding fathers. That every citizen has a duty to preserve, protect and defend not only ourselves but our way of life. It rekindles the faith and restores the knowledge that there are fine citizens – future leaders of this country, perhaps – competing. Let us hope that the venue afforded by this storied facility is not overshadowed by those who feel the sport is somehow arcane and uncivilized.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Semper Fidelis,

Jude T. Cuddy

13 September 2008

Quote Of The Day

Voters don't decide issues, they decide who will decide issues."

-- George Will

September 11 Remembrances . . .

A number of bloggers wrote special posts on September 11, some of them intended to be cathartic, or merely reminders of what happened that day. And some were on other subjects, but prompted by memories of that fateful day seven years and two days ago. I wanted to share a sampling of a few:

The Pedalogue: World Trade Center Horror
Lucys Logic: A Memory For Today
The Anchoress: 911 Remembrance and Prayers
New Jersey Moms Blog: 9/11: A Remembrance In Film
Settle It Now: In Remembrance of September 11
Ace of Spaces: 911 Again
David Warren Online: Anniversary
Da Mihi Animas: USS New York: Never Forget

September 11, 2001. Never forget!

12 September 2008

If They Can't Ban Guns, They Work To Ban Ammunition

This is not a new tactic of the anti self defense crowd, but sadly, their initiatives are picking up steam. While their goal is to make it too expensive to shoot, meaning firearms owners will lose interest -- they are using the environment as a weapon.

"With gun control on the ropes in the judicial arena following this year's Supreme Court ruling on the 2nd Amendment, some gun control groups are looking for ways to make acquiring ammunition more difficult. Ammunition, they argue, is not protected by the 2nd Amendment. Copper is the main lead alternative in rifle bullets right now, and copper costs a whole lot more than lead. Hunters used to paying $15 for a box of 20 cartridges with lead bullets will easily pay two or three times that amount for copper equivalents."
A very disconcerting development. The worst case scenario is that if lead-based ammo were banned entirely, mere possession of the substance might be deemed illegal.

This is a news story and development worth following. Please read it and pass it along.

PRIVACY: Court Decision Affirms 4th Amendment Protects Location Info

An interesting privacy case that should be of interest to firearms owners. Details are from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which filed an amicus brief in the case.

"In an unprecedented victory for cell phone privacy, a federal court has affirmed that cell phone location information stored by a mobile phone provider is protected by the Fourth Amendment and that the government must obtain a warrant based on probable cause before seizing such records. The Department of Justice (DOJ) had asked the federal court in the Western District of Pennsylvania to overturn a magistrate judge's decision requiring the government to obtain a warrant for stored location data, arguing that the government could obtain such information without probable cause."
The court affirmed the magistrate's decision requiring warrants. A very interesting ruling. The question is, how long will this opinion stand?

Arming America 2

It has long been said -- and acknowledged by politicos on the left and right -- that Bill Clinton armed America. When he started making noise about restrictions on firearms and ammunition, women and men across the nation rushed to stores to pick up firearms and accessories. Sales went through the roof.

It's happening again . . .

"Gun sales are going boom around the country as gun owners and gun advocates brace for a potential Democrat in the White House for the first time in almost 10 years. Democrats, meanwhile, say there's no reason to worry that presidential hopeful Barack Obama would attempt to curtail access to most guns, though that hasn't stopped the buying spree.

"You'd be surprised," said Jeff Mercer, manager of George's Pawn and Gun Shop on High Street. "It's people of all races, too. People are scared."

Anti self defense advocates would have a nation of people who don't understand their rights, and don't understand the politics of the Second Amendment, believe that the National Rifle Association is arming America. It isn't. It is one particular political party and its position on the right to choose the type of tool to defend your life, the right to choose your sport, etc.

Read the full story by clicking here.

Brady Missteps Confuse Their Message . . . AGAIN

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) is still trying to paint the bill before Congress that would eliminate all of the District of Columbia's gun laws as something the NRA is pushing down everyone's throats.

They are ignoring that the U.S. Supreme Court said the handgun ban the city had was unconstitutional, and DC officials have essentially ignored the ruling. And then the Brady Bunch has the gall to complain that cities across the U.S. would be pissed if Congress tried to wipe their laws off the books. The intellectual dishonesty of these people is appalling, for they intentionally ignore the fact that DC laws, unlike those of cities across the U.S., are overseen by Congress.

What's worse is their headline says "the people" of DC are upset. In reality, when you get to the meat of their news release, they finally admit it is not the people, the residents of the District of Columbia who object to striking DC's gun laws from the books , but DC officials . . . .

The same officials who are openly scoffing at a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

How much more arrogant can people get when residents in their community are dying because the powers that be make it virtually impossible to keep a firearm at the ready to defend their very lives?

Can anyone explain this madness to me? Make it make sense?

A Plea For Screwdriver Control

For the children, we must regulate screwdrivers.

Jeff Soyer over at Alphecca gives us the reasons why.

10 September 2008

September 11 Changed Our World

September 11, 2001 changed the world. It changed life for our peoples, our families, and our children. Some for the better, some for the worse.

Our civil liberties are under attack every day from both the Left and Right. That is unacceptable. What's worse, is that very real criminals, and very real terrorists, are often at the heart of the argument as to why there should be limits on our liberties. Suddenly arguments that guns are bad because criminals might get ahold of them morphed into a full court press from the antis saying that guns are bad because terrorists might get ahold of them.

Its maddening.

Take some time out of your day Thursday to remember. Many lives were lost in the attacks of that Tuesday morning. They should not die in vain.

It you want to preserve our way of life, your basic human right to self defense, your property rights, etc., learning to fight back with a firearm is not the only answer. A huge answer is to get involved at the local, state and national level.

Politics isn't a dirty word, though many think that is the case. Do not let the brutality of the 9/11 attacks be forgotten, or worse, used as an excuse to curtail your liberties.

09 September 2008

Ruh Roh . . .

Breda is not happy with Sen. Obama right now. No sirreee . . . I would steer clear of this lady for a while.

In her own words . . .

U.S. House To Vote Today On DC Gun Bill

Updated: Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2008, 10:26 pm -- More from The Hill on the chances of this bill passing both a House committee and the potential for success during a floor vote of the entire U.S. House of Representatives.

In a look at how much the firearms debate has swung toward self reliance, individual Second Amendment rights, and against crime and meaningless laws, the United States House of Representatives is poised to vote on a bill that would repeal the District of Columbia's remaining gun laws.

That Speaker Pelosi is letting this bill even get to a vote is fascinating, and shows just how much, as Dave Hardy notes, that even the traditionally anti-gun Left wants to show that it now supports all 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including even the demonized Second Amendment. Most importantly, it would legally enable DC residents to purchase a firearm in neighboring states, and eliminate the ridiculous prohibition on semi-auto handguns.

Though there will be some testimony against this important citizen safety legislation from DC police, who have been powerless to stop violent crime -- the very reason why Dick Heller and others went to court and ultimately prevailed with a Supreme Court ruling saying the 36-year ban on all handguns was unconstitutional.

Powers that be say the bill stands a good chance of passing due to strong bi-partisan support. Even if it doesn't, Pelosi and the anti-gun leadership will be able to point to this day and say, "hey, we're not against guns." Why? Because they need pro self defense voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan to come out for Sen. Obama in November. And the record on firearms by both Obama and Pelosi and her cronies is poor. Call it self-imposed rehabilitation. They still hate guns (remember, hate is a sickness), but some politicos will do anything to win.

And as the old saying goes, nothing motivates the mind of politicians more than the prospect of an election.

08 September 2008

Liberal Media Not Happy That Obama, Biden Have Disappeared

Increasingly, online progressive media are furious that democrat Sens. Obama and Biden have "ceased to exist" in mainstream media coverage, and are not leveling both barrels (I love when the left uses firearms metaphors) with new attacks aimed at republicans.

The question of blame (someone always has to be to blame) is either between the MSM, which seems enamored by Sen. McCain's running mate, Gov. Palin, or Obama and Biden themselves, whose handlers have admitted are being forced to rethink how they run their campaign.

"Do these two guys still EXIST any more? Hey Barack! Yeah, this is America calling -- at least one of the people who got you through the primaries, before you metamorphosed into an anti progressive! I don't know. Did we just "imagine" you? Electronic technology is beyond awesome these days, so are both of you really holograms? Yeah, I bet that's it. We got suckered into busting our butts for holograms.

"Look, Western Civilization is on the line. Our very PLANET is being rapidly destroyed by people like Palin (the former bare boob queen). Wake up! Wake up! Look at John McCain. He's practically drooling on his shirt and he can't keep his eyes off of his VP beauty queen's derriere. Man, this guy is OBSESSED WITH SEX. You could take him and his bimbo religious fanatic down a hundred different ways. This is sleaze city to the max, so why are you off blubbering your lips?"

IN THE MEANTIME, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has a scathing message for his fellow party members. His words: "The democrats are in trouble." He puts the blame (always blame) on the addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the republican presidential ticket.
"Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign. Period."
Brown is a savvy politician, and nobody's fool. A very interesting statement from one of California's more popular liberal politicians who understands how the public reacts to campaign messages. Worth reading.

UK Media Fillets American Press; McCain Gets Big Bounce

Two items of note regarding the U.S. presidential election.

First . . . WOW is all I can say regarding a piece that appeared in the UK Guardian over the weekend. There, Americas reporter Nick Cohen writes that the mainstream media in the U.S. has done more to hurt Sen. Barack Obama and propel Gov. Sarah Palin forward than anything John McCain ever did, other than ask her to join his ticket.

"They might have soberly examined her reputation as an opponent of political corruption to see if she was truly the reformer she claimed to be. They might have gently mocked her idiotic creationism, while carefully avoiding all discussion of the racist conspiracy theories of Barack Obama's church.

"But instead of following a measured strategy, they went berserk. On the one hand, the media treated her as a sex object. The New York Times led the way in painting Palin as a glamour-puss in go-go boots you were more likely to find in an Anchorage lap-dancing club than the Alaska governor's office."

Like I said. Wow.

Secondly, the GOP appears to have gotten a good bounce on the heels of its national convention. Several polls show John McCain ahead of Barack Obama now that both tickets have been fleshed out. I believe that is a temporary lead. Personally, I think things will even out again and this race will go down to the wire. Presidential and vice presidential debates loom. And state-by-state politicking will be the agenda of the day.

At issue? Pennsylvania will be THE battleground state this time, just as Ohio was in 2004, and Florida before that in 2000.

Ohio Castle Doctrine Update

Castle Doctrine becomes law in Ohio on Tuesday.

It's about time. Be sure to send a thank you to your elected state representative or state senator for supporting this legislation. And a thank you to Gov. Ted Strickland, who bucked his own political party to support this important citizen safety legislation.

The 'Must-Have' Israeli Accessory

I missed this story back in March, but it is worth talking about even today.

The Times of London carried a piece about how firearms have become the "must-have" accessory in Israel. The reporter, Hannah Strange, "happened" upon her story when she noticed that a lot of men and women in Israel wear fanny packs. She saw the "bum bags" -- as they are known in Britain -- in the markets, and thought them curiously made with an odd chunk of foam inside.

Turns out they are designed specifically for carrying a sidearm and an extra ammunition magazine.

"There is a familiarity with guns in Israel that is rare among democracies, even in the firearm-friendly United States."
I, for one, think that laziness in the United States needs to change. That is, Americans should not be embarrassed to become familiar with a tool that can save their lives.

Here is another reason, which I have written on before. From the Times:

"In the early years of the Jewish state, gun laws were comparatively strict, a hangover from the days of British colonial rule. But in 1974, an attack on a school compound in Maalot by three Palestinian gunman changed attitudes forever. Mourning the deaths of 16 teenagers, the nation looked for a way to prevent future atrocities, and increased gun ownership seemed the logical answer. Regulations were relaxed and all teachers at schools and nurseries were armed in order to defend their pupils against future aggressions.

Since that time, guns have become a commonplace feature of Israeli life, with few ever questioning the efficacy of the policy. Gun ownership has been credited with saving lives of Israelis under attack on numerous occasions, establishing a firm belief that only an armed community can defend itself against Palestinian terrorism."

Yep. Thanks the late PM Golda Meir for a sensible policy shift. Slowly, ever slowly, school chiefs and university heads in the U.S. are coming to this same realization. Only the threat here is criminals going into victim-rich zones because of the weenie factor -- politicians and others dictated that schools be "gun-free" zones in order to protect kids. Now those kids as well as adult students, their teachers, staff, and professors, are sitting ducks. If they are so safe, someone needs to explain Virginia Tech, Baton Rouge, and DeKalb. How was it again that those victims were protected?

Here is Ms. Strange's full story, dated March 7 of this year. Worth the wait.

07 September 2008

2,000 and Counting

Just a quick note to Ready Line readers. The previous post regarding firearms sales resuming in the District of Columbia the day after tomorrow marks 2,000 entries into this online journal.

I had been blogging for business for several years, but launched TRL one year ago next month immediately following the 2007 Gun Rights Policy Conference. It began forming in my mind on the two-plus hour drive back to Columbus from the Kentucky conference site. To readers and especially those who take the time to comment, thanks for stopping in. I promise another year of interesting conversation.

Firearms Sales To Start In DC On Tuesday

"District residents will be able to buy handguns starting next Tuesday. The District began registering handguns in mid-July in response to a Supreme Court ruling that overturned the city's long time ban. But, as of last month, only 11 handguns had been registered.

The low number could be because there was no way for residents to buy a handgun and get it transferred into the city. That's about to change."

Much more to do to restore rights to citizens of the District of Columbia. But for now, thank you Dick Heller, Robert Levy and Alan Gura.

Enough said.

Obama Is Rewriting His History On 2A

UPDATED: Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, 8:49 pm -- A little note and observation from David Hardy. Did Sen. Obama commit a major Freudian slip during his address in Pennsylvania? While the headlines are saying the democrat candidate won't take away guns, in his address he noted that even if he wanted to he doesn't have the votes in Congress. WTF????

From FactCheck.org via Alphecca.com. Sen. Obama in a recent speech to supporters and prospective voters in Pennsylvania this week, did some weasel-wording in respect to his position on firearms and the Second Amendment.

What galls me more than anything is his statement about "gun safety." Gun safety isn't about taking away people's guns, as the senator whines. True gun safety is teaching law abiding citizens and our youth the proper use of firearms. The safe use of firearms.

The antis attempt to hijack the phrase "gun safety" was intellectually dishonest from the start. He knows it. They know it.

But it played well with anti gun focus groups, and so they still trot it out from time to time. The National Rifle Association is the world leader on gun safety. THAT is something Sen. Obama and his minions don't want to admit.

06 September 2008

Man Shot By Deranged Neighbor Reportedly Suing CraigsList

A man who was shot by a neighbor, a neighbor who had mental health issues, is reportedly suing CraigsList for $10 million. Why? Because the alleged shooter, the victim says, purchased the gun on CraigsList.

The antis are calling the firearm used "a CraigsList Gun," as if CraigsList manufactured firearms. I am sure more details will come forth in the coming days as this story unfolds.

If CraigsList is to be sued, then once again I suggest that newspapers be sued for allowing private sales of automobiles to advertised in their pages. That is, everytime one of those cars kills someone. While they're at it, sue the auto manufacturer, too, for allowing such a dangerous product out of the factory.

Slippery slopes, people, slippery slopes!

Signs Of The Times

Here are two new images created by the talented thinking person's graphic artist, Oleg Volk. They make one think about safety on college campuses, and how our young people have no one protecting them unless we work to change poorly reasoned prohibitions.

In case you didn't know Oleg's background, he is a Russian emigre to the United States who takes our Constitution and Bill of Rights very seriously.

More seriously, perhaps, than a lot of native-born Americans . . . most of whom, IMHO, take their own rights for granted.

05 September 2008

Quote Of The Day

“What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?”

“One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let's be honest, pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

“The other kills her own food.”

-- Gerard Baker, covering the American presidential campaign for the London Times

Its Time To Pull Out . . .

Not an original concept, but worth the discussion.

It's time to pull out. The death toll is just too high. We need to withdraw and let the people in the streets there just duke it out themselves. Self governance, right? May the strongest win. Survival of the fittest.

One hundred twenty five deaths just this summer alone. That's twice the death toll of American military personnel in Iraq during the same time period.

So it makes sense to get out, right?

Did you know I was talking about Chicago? The city where CCW is ILLEGAL, meaning citizens have no right to carry self defense sidearms for their self protection. They are sitting ducks, courtesy of a mayor who is more concerned about his legacy and the city-state he presides over, than the people who pay taxes and fight for survival.

Obama is a Chicago dude. Think he will authorize a surge if elected president? Or is the status quo what he prefers in order to stay "on message" regarding the dangers of lawful firearm ownership, and keep in line with what his far left financial contributors believe. Sounds to me like some lawful firearms owners is what the city needs. Sadly, it is obvious Mayor Daley is letting criminals rule the roost.

Which is odd, almost funny. Since Daley thinks HE is the one in charge of the Windy City. Crime stats point out that's not the case.

8 Weeks

Eight weeks of non-stop media blitzes, speeches, pitches, double-entendres, pandering, argh!!!

And living in one of the Battleground States, it is time to turn off the television and just read about the two candidates for president. Less noise that way . . .

Another Anti-Gun Mayor Linked To Bloomberg Thinks He Is Above The Law

For all their talk of how lawful firearms ownership is the cause of all the ills in the world, you think these people would know better than to throw their "power" around in order to get their own asses of trouble. Of course, while they look down at firearms owners, they think they are better than everyone else.

This time, it's the Jersey City, N.J. mayor's comments that are making news from an incident back in 2006. The anti-gun mayor at first tried the "don't you know who I am?" move, and when that failed, he resorted to the "can you sweep this under the rug?" feint.

Mayor Jerramiah Healy, part of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's self-funded group of anti self defense mayors, was eventually indicted by a grand jury on charges of resisting arrest and obstructing the administration of law. Justice served.

04 September 2008

Palin Rocks

I have never been a fan of John McCain. Not ever.

His continued wishy washy stand on the 2A, and the disastrous campaign finance reform legislation he authored, which was later (I still cannot understand how or why) held up as Constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court, put him pretty low on the "candidate who best represents my values" totem pole.

I have voted conservative most of my life, though I have voted for people of both major political parties. It is about the candidate and their policies, not a political party for me.

In this presidential election, all of the democrats in the field have pandered to me. Pandered to people like me -- educated people, thinking people, business people, parents, firearms owners. They say they will raise taxes on "the wealthy," particularly capital gains taxes. What they leave out is that the middle class is who usually pays capital gains taxes. Anyone who owns investment real estate -- even the smallest rental home or a duplex -- can legally avoid paying capital gains taxes using an IRS 1031 tax deferred exchange. Anyone! This includes middle class investors and "the truly wealthy." Doing so, they indefinitely defer their capital gains taxes. But "taxing the wealthy" sure makes for a hellava sound byte and buys some votes from people who don't know the difference. The MSM gleefully laps it up, passing on this powerful policy proposal when in reality it is smoke and mirrors.

This kind of "weasel wording" is intellectually dishonest, in my book. Its wrong for the candidates to propose this, knowing it is just for show. And as a former journalist, that no one in the media is even calling the Obama campaign on this subterfuge is, well . . . makes me embarrassed for my former profession.

Democrat candidates for president have also told me they support the Second Amendment. Then they tell me all the reasonable reasons my firearms rights should be limited. Regulation for the children, they say. They guilt the American people into accepting gun control that government stats, anecdotal evidence, and anyone with a brain knows does nothing to stop or even slow crime. Common sense, they add.

Even though I am a law abiding American taxpayer, because I enjoy the lawful use of firearms, I am referred to as "bitter." I'm not bitter. But I am educated. I am enlightened. Again, this is an intellectually dishonest approach. But if it helps them try to convince voters in Rust Belt states like Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania to trust them, Sens. Obama and Biden will play "the gun card."

To the GOP. The few republican choices I liked dropped by the wayside fairly early. The only one left standing was John McCain. I was not thrilled. Not one bit. He is strong on the national defense. I credit him that, and know that he understands that particular issue better than anyone else running for America's highest office. But many in the republican party have been lackluster about this choice, myself included. War hero and POW experience aside, he has done little in his time as a public servant that motivates me to push the button next to his name. In fact, he has done more to push me away than encourage me to give him a second look.

Gov. Sarah Palin changed that.

There are areas in which I disagree with her. Several actually. But most of what she says she stands for, I stand for. I am with her on far more issues that those where we part ways. She is the rugged individualist, the government waste killer, the reformer when ethics issues bubble up, the moose hunter, the limited government enthusiast, the "we can do it better here than what Washington tells us" aficionado, the self defense advocate, the firearms enthusiast, the handy-with-a-competition-rifle soccer mom -- all packed into some Prada, perched atop a pair of Manolo Blaniks, and sporting designer eyeglasses.

When her name first popped up, I, like many other Americans, said "Sarah Who?" I am not saying that any more.

Let me tell you a story. Living in Central Ohio, I am an Ohio State University football fan. Having grown up less than three miles from "The Horseshoe," I was raised on Scarlet & Gray. Several weeks every autumn found me and my dad, or me and one of my dad's friends, heading to Ohio Stadium to watch the Buckeyes. I was raised on Woody Hayes. He will always be "The Coach" to me. I have the books he wrote. I still have posters with some of his inspirational messages. I know the stories of him tearing cheap wristwatches off his arm to motivate players. One of his books is signed and inscribed to me. I will treasure the day I handed it to him and he asked me my name, then signed it. I was probably 13 or 14 then.

Fast forward to a few years ago. The new OSU football coach is being introduced. I am listening on the radio and they say it is going to be the (then) head coach of Division 4 Youngstown State University. I am asking myself, "what the hell are they thinking?" My idea of a coach was the fire and brimstone of Coach Hayes, a teacher, a philosopher, someone who motivated his players to do their utmost personal best -- not just to perform in hopes of getting to the NFL. Sure, the guy had won multiple national championships, but . . . Division 4? Why would we be reaching back to a school that many (mistakenly) likened to a community college?

Then I heard the man speak. I was transfixed. Jim Tressel was waxing poetic about growing up in Ohio, and meeting and sitting at the knees of the great coaches who knew his dad, also a college football coach. He talked about personal responsibility, doing your best, being all you can be, working for an education, and having fun playing football, too. It was like I was listening to Woody reincarnated, reanimated. I called a couple of friends, told them to turn on the radio and listen to this guy. "He's going to be awesome," I told one buddy from my college days. "He IS Woody all over again," I told another. Finally, I realized who he was. He was a teacher first, a football coach second.

He was Woody Hayes for the 21st century.

Fast forward to September 3, 2008. I am listening to this speech last night. Sarah Palin. Not a politician. A statesman (statesperson? . . . stateswoman?). Not someone who is pushing a big government agenda, but someone who lives for her family, lives to help others, and has the credentials to back it up. Like listening to Ronald Reagan, some have said. Ronald Reagan in a skirt.

There is an old saying: "If you want something done, ask a busy woman." Gov. Palin came across as someone who gets things down. I have been doing my reading the past several days. As someone who works until I'm done, rather than punch a clock, much of her "can do" attitude resonates with me. She is resonating with women, too. Many women are infuriated that the media and others suggest a woman cannot serve her country and her family at the same time. Focus groups, mainly hired by opposition researchers, are finding that people like Sarah Palin. Even if they aren't convinced she is on the ticket they will vote for, they like her. "She is real," they tell those who ask. She understands the issues families face. If you follow the more scandalous things being said about her, her family has issues alright. But they are the issues of an American Family. She, her husband and her kids are not unlike many others across this nation.

In a conversation with a good friend today at lunch, we talked about pros and cons of McCain and Obama. The choice of Biden and Palin as VP picks. The issues where we disagree with these two presidential candidates. And where we agree with Sens. Obama and McCain. Of concern was Supreme Court justices to be appointed by either of these two men. How such nominees would fare in the confirmation process through the left-leaning U.S. Senate. And in particular, where, if at all, would a president compromise in order to get their candidate confirmed. On gun rights? On abortion? Private property? Privacy? Civil Unions? Gay Marriage?

These are things to think about as every American heads to the polls in November.

So what to do? Sarah Palin rocked the house last night before delegates to the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Sent the MSM into PSH. The Obama camp was sending out rebuttals left and right to things Gov. Palin said. For someone who is such a lightweight, why were Sen. Obama's staffers scrambling to undo things she was saying? Was she resonating in the minds of people across this nation who are unhappy with the choices they have for president? With people like me?

I mean really . . . Why bother?

Until recently, I have told everyone who would listen that there is nothing that John McCain could say to convince me to vote for him for president. Not one thing. But there have been PLENTY of things that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have said that have disturbed me. That might convince me to vote for McCain. Even though the thought of such a move has been more than distasteful.

Several days ago, John McCain uttered 12 words or so (who's counting) that are causing me to reconsider. He was in Dayton, Ohio, of all places, just a little over an hour west of me. His words made me say to myself, "Hey John, yeah okay, I just might vote for you."

Those words were -- and I am paraphrasing here -- "I have asked Sarah Palin to join the ticket as my vice president."

Anti-Gun Detroit Mayor Convicted; To Resign, Serve Jail Time

Good riddance. Doing nothing to keep his people safe, but plenty to obfuscate his continued abuse of power, the odds caught up with anti self defense Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick this week.

He's leaving his job and going to jail after pleading guilty to felony charges.

And he has had the GALL to align himself with people like New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who equate lawful firearms ownership with criminal behavior. Because criminal behavior isn't the act of owning a self defense or sporting firearm.

But assault is a crime. The outgoing mayor pleaded no-contest to that charge.

03 September 2008

NRA Launches Car Buying Service

The National Rifle Association has launched a car buying service for its members. It enables members to purchase an automobile a few hundred dollars over invoice.

I'll probably never use it (I buy my vehicles at auction), but it is still another nice benefit from the largest organization helping defend the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

02 September 2008

Quote Of The Day

"It is said the only difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick."

-- Presumed GOP VP nominee Sarah Palin, responding to critics who question her insistence on ethics reform in Alaska.

01 September 2008

Labor Day A Reminder of Who Works Hardest For US

Labor Day has many meanings to many people.

But if you think about it, there is one group that labors for all of us in the United States more than any other group -- our men and women in uniform.

So with that said, I urge you to read this from Lucy, and this from Sparrow. Learn about the AnySoldier.com program, and become a part of it.

I already am.

They labor for us. The least we can do is a little something for them.

Firearms Sales Brisk In Louisiana Ahead of Gustav

More details on how firearms sales have been brisk in these days leading up to landfall by Hurricane Gustav.

If you read comments left by TRL readers, fellow blogger Brigid, who is in law enforcement, told me that .223 has been leading all ammunition sales down there.

Crime Continues To Skyrocket In Britain

Time for our cousins across the Atlantic to pass gun control laws to curtail all the . . . er, uh . . . wait a minute. . . .

Don't they ALREADY have gun control there . . . ?

The Sun newspaper has details.