30 June 2009

Quote Of The Day

"A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have."

-- Thomas Jefferson

29 June 2009

Mayor Daley's Legacy Of Blood

Illinois in general, and Chicago, in particular, hold a distinction few states and cities in the United States possess -- they powers that be in these two governments unilaterally, and without any emotion, deny the basic human right of self defense to its citizens.

And once again, this policy has had tragic consequences.

The devastation of that family that derives, in part, from such blatant disregard for the misery that so many Chicagoans face, lays solely these days with Mayor Daley. His arrogance in holding on to power, while residents in his city are gunned down because the bad guys know that law abiding moms, dads, grandmothers and the like are not permitted to carry a sidearm for their personal protection.

Mayor Daley and "The Chicago Way" dominate Illinois politics. People downstate cannot understand how Cook County politicos think. But they know that what Cook County wants, Cook County usually gets.

What downstaters hope is never exported from The Windy City, is the rampant crime that ravages that beautiful lake city.

So Mayor Daley, with these latest shootings, is your only answer (once again) to try to further restrict guns? What don't you understand about if guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns? Gun banners think it is an arful, but stupid phrase. But Mr. Mayor, you have created a situation where life is imitating art.

When will Chicagoans, and the people of Illinois, finally find the will to throw these people out of office?

21 June 2009

Lee Fisher's Gun Show

Ohio Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is running for U.S. Senate.

And up until a day or two ago, there was a video being posted around the internet entitled "Lee Fisher's Gun Show." Now before everyone (like me) pipes up and says, "Gun show? The Anti-Gun Fisher is doing something with a gun show?"

Nope, the video, which has been taken down over supposed copyright infringement (frankly, I think its because Fisher and his supporters are horrified at how bad it comes across), shows a topless senator-wannabe talking about this and that.

Most of the comments have been how hairy he is, or wondering just what the hell is it they witnessed. Sadly, you can't see it now. As I noted before, it's been taken down.

For grins, do a search on Dogpile or Google or YouTube land plug in the words "Lee Fisher Gun Show." Yu will be amazed just how many places it HAD been posted before the vid was removed.

Still unsure why it is called the "gun show?" Its older bodybuilding jargon. . .

20 June 2009

Fun And Games With Water Guns

The Top 6 Water Guns Of All Time . . .

As determined by Popular Mechanics magazine.

Did you know the first water guns showed up in the late 1800s?

19 June 2009

When You Can't Ban Guns, Restrict Access To Ammunition

California is on the verge of doing it. Restricting access to ammunition since state and local banners keep losing in the courts system.

So now we are at Dateline Sacramento .... The State Assembly (sort of a House of Representatives) has passed Assembly Bill 962, by a vote of 42-31. AB 962 now heads to the state Senate, where it has been assigned to the Senate Public Safety Committee. The bill would make it a crime to privately transfer more than 50 rounds of ammunition per month.

Sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles), the bill, if passed into law, would require ammunition retailers to be licensed, and dealers would be required to store ammunition in such a manner that it would be inaccessible to purchasers.

Further, the bill would also require ammunition purchasers submit to fingerprinting, which would be submitted to the Department of Justice. Additionally, mail order ammunition sales would be prohibited.

Bottom line: The bill would essentially criminalize the transfer of one box of ammunition to even a family member or friend, unless you are registered as a "handgun ammunition vendor" in the Department of Justice's database.
This from a man who thinks its okay to trample on access to self defense tools by law-abiding citizens, but feels it necessary to apologize for past discrimination against Chinese in California. Who will apologize to current citizens for this blatant restriction? Making lawful Californians jump through hoops to make political points?
Assemblyman de Leon is one of a handful of useful idiots. Tools of the control freaks.

ABA Journal Examines 'Incorporation'

The American Bar Association's Journal magazine has a piece regarding "incorporation" of the Second Amendment.

Read it and learn. I will be putting together a series of pieces in the coming weeks that examine "incorporation," notably whether the Second Amendment can be applied to state and local governments. Right now, several other pieces of the U.S. Bill of Rights are "incorporated." The 2A is not.

Yet . . .

Contrary to Euro Documentary, Women Have Little To Fear From Firearms

I don't think so.

Women have the most to fear from three parties:

1) Spineless politicians who push gun guntrol as a means of fundraising and to gain political power;

2) Gun control advocates who are more offended by a law abiding citizen possessing and possibly using firearms to defend their lives, than by the thought of a woman strangled or raped, and

3) Criminals hellbent on visiting violence upon them.

. . . . . IN THAT ORDER.

Why? Because politicians have power. You can avoid most crime by being a smart thinking and being aware of your surroundings. But it is difficult to rein in politicians who deny self defense sidearms to women and grandmas, while the former are protected by bodyguards and live in walled communities. As far as those gun ban advocates, to say that women need to be protected from the evil gun scourge . . . I think women need protection from these self-appointed, self-righteous groups.

h/t to Sebastian

16 June 2009

Amending Hate Crimes Bill To Include National CC Has Gun Rights Groups Split

The shooting and killing of a security guard at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC may be the catalyst that gay rights groups have been looking for to be added to protected individuals in federal hate crime legislation.

And a pro-gun gay rights organization in DC now wants national concealed carry added to the bill, saying not only are they a group that is preyed upon, but that they should have the right to carry firearms anywhere in the U.S. to defend themselves.

That has gun rights organizations split. GOProud, the organization in Washington DC pushing the issue.

"The amendment to the hate-crimes bill would allow Americans with concealed-weapons permits to carry their guns across state lines. Congress "should pass legislation that will empower individuals to defend themselves before they become another hate crime victim," wrote GOProud board member Christopher Barron in a commentary."

Interestingly, a small national gun rights organization is coming out strongly against this move. The National Association for Gun Rights' Dudley Brown has been sending emails urging that such a measure not pass. His argument:

"Hear me out. I know some of our supporters like this idea, and I can understand that. But there's more going on here than you may realize. First of all, once you let federal bureaucrats control CCW permits for all 50 states, the same bureaucrats will control the content of those permits.

"Understand this: Once you've handed the reins over to Washington to federalize CCWs nationwide, the gun grabbers would only need to amend this one piece of code to strip the whole nation of its gun rights -- because that code determines the CCW rules of all 50 states. And what's the easiest place to start with such a broadly-written bill like this? Legislate by the least common denominator: Do you want to see New York-style CCW in your home state?

"And those of you with New England-style rules who enjoy carrying in schools, restaurants, and bars: Do you want those liberties to disappear? While it may not happen THIS YEAR, it will be a constant threat and a real danger every year. In truth, this is exactly the opposite of what Montana did with its groundbreaking “Montana Made” legislation. Instead of telling the feds to get out of the firearm regulation business, national reciprocity invites them in. That’s not a good thing.

"Second, if this bill passes, the feds will have a complete list of CCW holders for all 50 states. How else would they make the states enforce CCWs nationwide? Do you want the ATF to have a list of every CCW holder in America? I know I don't. This amendment is a question of power and regulation -- and of stripping rights from states and giving them to the feds."

I still need to do some more research on this. One comment from a criminologist has some legs that, sadly, may resonate with the public, though I sense he is anti-gun. He parrots the anti self defense crowd when he states that because the recent crimes have been shootings, that public opinion may go against firearms. Frankly I doubt this. We have had school shootings in the past year and public opinion has galvanized that the public has the right to defend itself. Much to the anti-gunner chagrin, the public is coming around to the fact that violent criminals have guns. That is why we are seeing a significant uptick in firearms purchases at retail outlets, and by people attending gun shows -- who have never been there before -- to pick up books and purchase firearms and ammunition for their self defense.

This is an interesting debate. I will comment more on this as I delve more deeply into it.

Leaving Things Lying Around For Kids To Get Their Hands On

The Meigs County, Ohio Sheriff's Office is investigating the death of a 19-month-old child, who was killed by a van that adults left lying around, unsecure.

The tragedy happened nearAlbany, in southeast Ohio. A 3-year-old child, apparently a sibling, was pretending to drive a van that rolled over the child, who died Monday evening, said Sheriff Robert Beegle. Deputies plan to talk later today with the parents, who I have come to the opinion were negligent in making sure their van could not be accessed by unauthorized individuals, let alone a toddler.
Now . . .

Seem a bit over the top? That's the rhetoric that comes from the other side. Its serious. Child deaths are serious. But this was an accident.

But following the playbook of the anti gun whiners, it is only a matter of time before some class action attorney whips up a furor against the maker of the van, arguing that it isn't equipped with child safety features.

Forgive me for using this tragedy to make a point. But I hope the point was made . . .

15 June 2009

Fashion Forward

Introducing a corset that's bulletproof (I doubt it, but who knows....?), comes with pistol holster, pepper spray holster, and an "interrogation pouch."

Read about it here.


12 June 2009

Udall Says Sotomayor Accepts 2A Heller Ruling As Settled Law

I will believe it when I see a ruling. Judge Sotomayor still needs to be grilled on this during her confirmation hearings before the U.S. Senate.

"Colorado Sen. Mark Udall, a democrat, says Sotomayor told him at a meeting Thursday that she will work from the high court's decision in the District of Columbia v. Heller in future cases involving gun rights. "

Keep in mind, the Heller decision stated that Heller did not prohibit states from enacting their own restrictions on firearms. Will she support states that infringe on the rights of moms and grandmothers to possess a firearm to defend their lives against violent crime?

09 June 2009

Way Cool

How can I get one?

I had better start making some phone calls!

08 June 2009

Business Women In Florida's Palm Beach Area Arming Themselves

Know the old line about why people carry guns? Because cops are too heavy?

A number of business owners -- female business owners -- in West Palm Beach, Fla. and surrounding areas are fed up with living in fear and have come to realize that it is their own responsibility to protect themselves. Since the police cannot be everywhere (nor should we expect them to be ina free society).

So, the local ranges are seeing a significant up-tick in the number of women coming in to shoot and take firearms safety and CCW classes.

Some business women who work in an area hit hard with crime are arming themselves and taking matters into their own hands. Lake Worth business owner
Mayra Ramirez has been practicing at the Palm Beach Shooting Range in Lake Worth for months.

"I was always against guns but from watching the news and seeing so many things happen, I figured it was time to get one," Ramirez said. Ramirez is arming herself because she's fed up with the crime around her business. A week ago a man was shot just steps away from her storefront.

Ramirez's gun of choice is a 38 special. It's called the pink lady and by the looks of the bullet hole in the target, you can see she's on the mark.

"Don't mess with females," she said.

Sound advice. I try not to piss them off, too! Read the full story at the WPTV NBC television website.

07 June 2009

Quote Of The Day

Andrew Breitbart, New Media titan, nailed it when he noted the kind of war we are facing from within. It is a war of words, and firearms owners are among the combatants. Some within our brother- and sister-hood need to wake up and understand that the people who support the president hate us -- HATE US -- because of the sport we enjoy.

Click here to link to The Dissident Frogman, who has both the quote, and some brilliant commentary.

I will simply say this: I could not agree more.

Read it and re-read it until you understand it, then pass it on.

(BTW, remember hate is a sickness. People who hate need to seek medical attention)

06 June 2009

Today Is The 65th Anniversary of D-Day

A toast to the memory of the young men who sacrificed their youths, who sacrificed their lives, in the greatest invasion to free a peoples ever seen on this Earth.

65 years ago today it began as a gamble. It paid off as millions of French, German, Polish, Austrian and other peoples ultimately were freed from the yoke of Hitler's Nazi Party.

Thank you for your service gentlemen. The world must never forget.

05 June 2009

Kentucky Pastor Endorses Open Carry

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 9, 2009, 1:02 PM -- Following is a great quote a reader passed to me about this story. I had to share it.

"Gun-control advocates aren’t happy, but you’ve always got your haters with any movement for social progress."

I love it.

In the wake of a number of shootings at churches, most recently the high profile murder of a physician at his church, a Kentucky minister is urging his parishioners to carry their firearms and wear them openly at church.

Both to make the church safe, and to dispel the paranoia that is spouted by the anti self defense crowd.

"This is for anybody that believes in second amendment rights. And that is the buttress to first amendment rights," said Pagano. Pagano, a concealed carry instructor who served in the Marine Corps, is holding what he calls an Open Carry Celebration. "We're trying to promote responsible gun ownership and gun safety," Pagano said. People can come into the church wearing their gun as long as the weapon is unloaded and in a secure holster."

I think he's got the right idea, except having the firearms unloaded. No one is safer if no one has the means to defend their own life or the life of a fellow parishioner. An unloaded gun is not a firearm at the ready.

Still, he is turning heads in Kentucky and throughout the nation. Its not surprising. More and more church goers are realizing they are undefended targets for those who want to make the news.

04 June 2009

Tennessee Lawmakers, Speaking For The People, Override Governor's Veto of 'Guns In Restaurants' Bill

"Today’s override by the Tennessee Legislature of Gov. Phil Bredesen’s veto of a bill allowing law-abiding citizens to carry firearms into restaurants and bars that serve alcohol will help dispel the myth that armed citizens cannot be trusted in such environments."

So says the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA). They continue:

“We are in agreement with Senator Doug Jackson,” he continued, “who correctly told reporters that this bill has been falsely portrayed as creating a threat to public safety and that is nonsense. We believe that, given time, the public will realize that all of the inflammatory rhetoric was nothing more than a campaign of manufactured hysteria.”

This is a great step for Tennessee. Similar bills are pending in a handful of other states, including Ohio.

Read a news release from CCRKBA here, and media coverage of this positive move for citizen safety in Tennessee's restaurants by clicking here.

Hopefully, more states will follow this incredibly reasonable step forward, so a "Luby's Cafe," and Suzanna Graia Hupp's story, need never happen again.

Big Columbus Gun Show This Weekend, June 6-7, 2009

The Big Westland Mall Gun Show put on by C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows is taking place in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. Stop by the NRA table just inside the entrance doors and say hello. I will be there Saturday, and perhaps part of Sunday selling NRA memberships.

Here is a deal to consider. You get $10 off the normal annual $35 membership, making your investment $25. But you also get a nifty NRA hat (shown below, normally a $14.95 value), and entry into the gun show for both days (normally an $8 entry fee) at no extra charge.

And remember, if you are a Peoples Rights Organization (PRO) Life Member, your admission to the show is free.

A pretty good deal, most people would agree! Hope to see you there!

Next Stop: Chicago

Mayor Daley, hang on. The E-ticket ride we are on is about to get bumpy for you. Here we go!

Today, the National Rifle Association asked the United States Supreme Court to strike down strict gun control laws in the Chicago area, setting the stage for another high court battle over Second Amendment protections for gun owners. The NRA wants the court to rule that last year's gun rights decision, Heller, invalidating a handgun ban in the District of Columbia applies as well to local and state laws.

Two contradictory Courts of Appeals rulings will take center state in the debate. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco ruled a few weeks ago that the Second Amendment does apply broadly. That court is considering whether to take another look at a dispute between Alameda County and gun show promoters. The county has been trying to throw the gun show off county property. The Court opinion went so far to say that private ownership of firearms is important for fending off crime, and for protecting neighborhoods and the populace in a time when terrorism may once again visit the U.S. mainland.

In a case now pending before the Supreme Court, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld ordinances barring the ownership of handguns in most cases in Chicago and suburban Oak Park, Ill.


And I'm not talking Arkansas vs. Alaska! No, we're talking investments here.

The Daily Show With Jon StewartM - Th 11p / 10c
Money Shot
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"A thousand dollars invested in a Dow Index fund in October would be worth $600 today. That same $1,000 invested in an AR-15 would be worth $1,600, AND you'd
have an AR-15."
The Daily Show did hit one particular nail on the head with this report. The most important fear that most parents have if a child gets ahold of a firearm? ......That the child will do something stupid, like sell it for below market value!

Be sure to look at the expression on Dennis Henigan's face (he of the Brady Campaign - formerly Handgun Control Inc.) when he is asked why he would want to ban this tremendous investment.

h/t to The Firearm Blog

03 June 2009

Peace Through Superior Firepower

According to a new study, the United States ranks 83rd among the most peaceful places (nations) to live in the world. New Zealand ranked first, while Iraq ranked last out of 144 nations.

"Peace," in this 2009 Global Peade Index study by an Australian think tank, the Institute for Economics and Peace, is defined as "the absence of violence. Weighing against the U.S., among other things (risk of terrorism, etc), say study organizers, is the ease of access to "weapons."

So I ask, what is a "weapon?" Steak knives are "weapons." Baseball bats are "weapons." Ballpoint pens are classified as edged "weapons." In Krav Maga self defense classes I have taken, anything around you -- a chair, a fire hydrant, your car keys, a DVD player, anything.... -- is a potential weapon. Even automobiles have been used as "weapons."

But history has shown that oversimplification is the hallmark of these kinds of studies.

You know what? Self defense is a basic human right. The right to exist. And with that right, comes the right to obtain the means to defend one's life against the scumbags of the world. And scumbags, and crime, exist in every nation. How many time have we watched the United National stand idely by -- filmed or recorded by media -- as tribes and peoples of nations are slaughtered because they have given up their firearms in order to have peace. Then these people, whose only goal is to find that peace, are hacked to death by machete-wielding neighbors.

Enough already.

There is a reason the firearm was -- and still is -- called "the peacemaker"in the U.S. In that regard, nothing has changed. I will take the safety of the U.S., and my ability to keep myself safe (at least in my state) any day.

Peace comes through superior firepower.

So sayeth a sheepdog.

The Worst Possible Case For Gun Control

Renowned criminologist Gary Kleck, a professor at Florida State University, is out with a new study, a story about which is published in American Behavioral Scientist, stating that the specific gun control measures proposed in the aftermath of high-profile school shootings were largely irrelevant and almost certainly could not have prevented the incidents or reduced their death tolls.

Though it is an emotional catalyst, Kleck concludes that "mass school shootings provided the worst possible basis for supporting gun control."

A very compelling study. Read it and pass it on.

02 June 2009

Photo Of The Year?

Who needs a McDonald's "ball pit" to entertain children? Laurel, who writes the always witty Politics Guns & Beer blog, has a rather innovative alternative to the Golden Arches play area.
Healthier, also, to be sure. No exposing the little ones to greasy fast food.


Turn 'Em In (The Cars)

The latest proposal from the White House, as suggested during President Obama's news conference yesterday about the General Motors bankruptcy.

He said: And that’s why I’m calling on Congress to pass fleet modernization legislation that can provide a credit to consumers who turn in old cars and
purchase cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars.

"Turn in" your old car for a credit. Turn in . . . an interesting choice of words, don't you think? Words we have seen used regarding firearms. How easy it would have been to say "trade in" old cars.

Actually, eco-zealots have long opined for older cars to flat out be removed from the roadways, but that pesky issue of compensating owners for their possessions kept getting in the way. We are, at least for now, still a capitalistic society of sorts.

The first thing to pop into my head after hearing what he said is: They can have my used car when they pry the steering wheel from my cold dead hands.

Heh. My twisted sense of humor. Couldn't resist.

Gun Control Has Not Stopped Shooting Deaths In Chicago

Seven people slain in 24 hours this past weekend in the Windy City. A police officer cut down, taking most of the headlines.
Continued opposition to enabling women, parents, grandmothers, and other law abiding taxpayers the means to defend themselves.
What you end up with are killings -- the benefit of gun control, courtesy of Mayor Daley and others who proudly continue to push "The Chicago Way."
The graphic on the right is courtesy of Oleg Volk, a brilliant graphic artist who appreciates the Second Amendment far better than most anyone in politics in Chicago.
Oh, did I mention he is an immigrant from the Soviet Union? He truly understands freedom, and why it is important to be able to resist government that restricts the rights of its peoples.

For Next Memorial Day . . .

First off, let me say that every day is a good day to thank a soldier for what they do for our country. Make time to thank a veteran also, if you happen to spot someone wearing a hat or shirt signifying such.

But for those who have gone before us in the fight for freedom comes a wonderful suggestion from my fellow blogger Jeff Soyer, who writes the Alphecca blog.

I will use his words to describe it:

Skip the sales. Take your kids and visit the local town war memorial and reflect for awhile. Tell your children that, quote: “Freedom is not free.” We only enjoy what we have because of so many lives lost defending us and our nation.

The Jews have a wonderful tradition of (during Passover) opening the front door, and leaving a dinner plate and glass of wine for the ghost of the prophet Elijah.

Today, when you have your barbecue, leave a seat, a place-setting for the spirit of a fallen soldier. Explain to your children, why.

Then, enjoy the Memorial Day Holiday!

What a marvelous suggestion. It is what I will do next year on Memorial Day. Thank you Jeff!

01 June 2009

Gillibrand Throws Constituents Under The Bus (Er, Into The Hudson)

Sen. Kristen Gillibrand of New York, who took Hillary Clinton's U.S. Senate seat when the latter was named secretary of state, has long been a champion of the Second Amendment and law abiding firearms owners.

Since assuming the junior senator position, she has reversed her stance on gun rights, creating confusion in the wake of her latest moves. Observers suggest "anti-gun" has been her position all along, but that she sucked up to voters in her northern New York district, a more conservative region, in order to get elected in the first place.

Which shows, she is not a statesman. Not a lawmaker. She is an out and out politician.