23 December 2009

Gun Sales Surge, Crime Drops

What's not to understand?

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21 December 2009

Sounding Like Homer Simpson


Such is the sound being made by the chief of police in Washington DC, admitting that it was wrong for one of his officers to pull his gun during a snowball fight.

The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

Excuse Me? Justice Ginsburg Suggests Supremes May Overrule Heller

This is coming third hand and sources closer to DC are tracking it down, but Justice Ginsburg appears to be of the mind that Heller will be overruled.

If what has been reported she indeed did say, however, she is mistaken in her timing.

She is alleged to have commented that sometimes a dissent can become the majority of a “future, wiser court.” I would agree. But that future, wiser court is the one seated TODAY. And it has taken the dissents of numerous lower court cases that never made their way to the high court, and ruled pretty wisely.

I am thinking that there will be those trying to nail this one down fairly quickly.

The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

13 December 2009

Guns On Trains Controversy Continues

Clayton Cramer has some fun with the ongoing new debate about firearms on Amtrak. Check out the Lucy and Ricky video clip, and also link to the Snowflakes In Hell discussion of the whole guns on trains issue.

The anti-gun folks want it both ways. And continue to contradict themselves.

Start by clicking here.

The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

Gun Jammed On Times Square Shooter

If guns aren't held properly, they will jam. They are designed to operate in a certain fashion and to be held a certain way.

So for years one of the things I have told people, even students in CCW classes, is that the stereotype on TV and movies of gang=bangers and the way they hold a semi-auto sideways is going to get someone killed. Because guns jam that way, but TV never portrays that reality. The medium just perpetuates the stereotype and some bizarre "coolness" factor in holding a handgun in that fashion.

So it is no surprise to most knowledgable sidearm owners that the Times Square, New York shooter's gun jammed because he held it sideways like a gang-banger. Just like the TV and movie types love to portray. News reports say that witnesses saw him holding the gun on its side. The firearm jammed, because he held it sideways, and he was killed by police who returned fire after he started firing on them.

Which means that bloggers are scratching their heads this morning wondering whether watching MTV actually DOES save lives. Okay, Glenn Reynolds came up with that doozy.

Of course, once again, instead of talking about crime and criminals, Mayor Mike is still talking about inanimate objects.

The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

Houston BATF Official In A 'Hole' Lot Of Trouble

Um . . . I got nothing on this.

But the controversial federal agency is likely pretty embarrassed by one of its own this week as news of his activities in a New Orleans hotel room have the city of NOLA and Houston, Texas talking.

The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

11 December 2009

You And I Can't Pull A Gun On A Journalist, But At The Anti-Gun U.N. Its Open Season

As the inconvenient truth about fraud in climate research continues to roll out comes news that an assistant to a prominent professor, feeling inconvenienced about questioning he was getting at a United Nations event this week, asked armed security to remove an accredited journalist from a press event.

Professor Stephen Schneider’s assistant requested armed UN security officers to approach film maker Phelim McAleer, and hold him. The armed officers ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference where the Stanford academic was launching a book. Why? Because he asked Professor Schneider about the academic's opinions on Climategate – where leaked emails have revealed that a senior British professor deleted data and encouraged colleagues to do likewise if it contradicted their belief in Global Warming.

Hmmmm. . . .

The United Nation, which through its myriad of little treaties is working to disarm civilians around the globe, uses armed security to halt inconvenient questioning about a fraud being perpetrated on the world's peoples. A fraud being used as cover and an excuse to transfer the world's wealth to the third world.

And who did the researcher's assistant call on? ARMED security personnel?

Of course, not to be outdone, the anti-gun Obama Administration, through its new "we will oversee all CO2 emissions because they are a pollutant" via the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (BTW, you and I breathe, therefore apparently you and I are polluters), knows a thing or two about arming people and departments with an agenda. Not in Copengagen, but right here.

These are just the things that makes you go "hmmmmm . . . "
"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

Just In Time For Christmas

I was never much for playing with Legos, and I still wouldn't buy this for myself. I mean, just like a friend of mine says about fine furs . . . if it isn't real, why bother? Personally, if these aren't functional, they're just things that collect dust.

BUT . . . There are those who would find this to be quite fun.

Actually, assembly of such would help kids with eye-hand coordination, engineering/problem-solving and reasoning, plus provide adults with a novelty to sit on the shelf at work. Just to annoy people.


"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

NYC Mayor's One Trick Pony

UPDATED: Friday, December 11, 2009, 7:53 PM -- Not surprisingly the media coverage of the shooting -- largely because it happened in Times Square -- is getting ridiculous. General assignment reporters who don't crap from apple butter (I'm being nice, and the gothan urbanites probably don't know what apple butter is anyway) and don't want to learn anything, either, are flaming this story to sell papers. Oh, did I mention that their stories are riddled with errors of fact?


The same line uttered over and over again...."too many guns," says New York City's Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Of course, it couldn't be too many criminals, could it Mayor Mike? That the mayor's office you bought and paid for most recently with your personal fortune doesn't do enough to empower taxpayers and law abiding moms and dads to protect their own?

An exchange of gunfire in The City between a peddler and NYC's finest has the mayor rounding up the usual subjects. Only the usual subjects of his ire are inanimate objects. One-Trick Pony Bloomberg is how he should be addressed. Mr. Mayor, guns don't "just go off." To be used in a criminal enterprise they have to be used by human beings who wish harm upon others.

That's sick. But the mayor doesn't talk about the sickness. He talks about inanimate objects. In my opinion, Thats far sicker.

"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

09 December 2009

American Ex-Pats Suing To Get 2A Rights Back

Did you know that if you are an American citizen, but live overseas, that you essentially have no Second Amendment right when you are in the States?

With the Gun Control Act of 1968, and later on, Form 4473 which is filled out when purchasing a firearm from a gun store or other dealer, you must list the state in which you reside. But what if you married that hunky exchange student you met in college and today live in Greece? Took the job-of-a-lifetime transfer to Australia?

Here's the more important question. Can't list a U.S. state? Tough, says the Obama administration. Then you cannot buy a firearm.

The Second Amendment Foundation has filed an action regarding this restriction and the complaint is being heard by District Judge James Robertson in Washington, D.C. Attorneys for both sides have been arguing over whether the American expats have suffered enough harm to permit them to sue, the legal concept known as "standing. " The Obama administration claims that they haven't, arguing in a brief: "(Plaintiff's) vague allegation of an intention to acquire a firearm on some future visit to the United States does not give rise to a live controversy as required by Article III of the Constitution."

More specifically, the Obama administration appears to have taken the position that there's no way for anyone to challenge the 1968 Gun Control Act on Second Amendment grounds unless they're arrested for violating it first.

In response, the Second Amendment Foundation points out that the expats tried to purchase firearms in the past but were denied permission.

This is one to watch.

"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

08 December 2009

25 Minutes

Are you willing to wait 25 minutes? Or do what you have to do to save your life?

One woman in Oklahoma had to make that decision. 9-1-1 operators had her on the line for a long, long time. Listen to the chilling call.

Read it here, and listen.

As Jay G over at Marooned says so eloquently, "TWENTY FIVE MINUTES. Think about that. Think about that the next time someone tells you that you don't need a gun. Twenty five minutes. That could have been Donna Jackson's entire lifetime if she hadn't had a shotgun."

"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

Ultimate Skeet

Oh yeaaaaa . . . .

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then this video speaks for itself. I have nothing to add!


"The NRA: Creating or saving millions of gunowners since 1871." -- J.Cuddy

07 December 2009

Why Switzerland Has The World's Lowest Crime Rate

'Nuff said.

Click here to watch, and learn. Then forward to anyone you think needs to learn, or be reminded.

Plus, Glenn Reynolds over at Instapundit reminds us of this piece from the BBC published back in 2001. The Swiss are truly an enlightened peoples, not unlike the majority of Americans.

04 December 2009

Colorado State University Bans Firearms

Colorado State University on Friday announced it will forbid concealed firearms on campus in a decision that pitted faculty asking for a ban against students demanding the right to carry guns.

What the faculty fears? Who can guess. Students on the other hand, seem to be the enlightened population across the U.S. as they see incident after incident where shooters come onto unarmed campuses. Rarely can authorities react in time.

The full story is here.

Federal Appeals Court Rules Against D.C. in Gun Suit

A federal appeals court today revived a suit filed by the owner of a Virginia security company who was targeted, but not arrested, for prosecution in the District of Columbia on an unregistered firearms charge.

The suit, filed last year in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges the police acted in bad faith in securing a warrant for the arrest of Robert Ord, the owner of Falken Industries. Ord is licensed to carry a firearm in Virginia. Since 2006, he has provided security service in the District.

Read the full story here at Legal Times.

01 December 2009

Another Anti-Gun Mayor Convicted On Corruption Charges

Anti-gun Baltimore, Md. Mayor Sheila Dixon, who once hosted a regional conference of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's self-important (but meaningless) "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" organization was convicted today by a jury on a single charge in her public corruption trial.

Dixon is accused of stealing or misappropriating hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Defense lawyers say some of the cards appeared to be personal gifts to Dixon from an anonymous admirer

The jury convicted the anti-gun mayor on one count, but acquitted her of the most serious theft charge. The jury couldn't reach an unanimous decision on count six. The judge declared a mistrial. The state has until the end of the week to decide whether to refile the charges.After the verdict was read, Dixon promised that the city will continue to run.When asked whether the mayor would step down from office, Dixon's attorney, Arnold Weiner said, "All things are being considered."