15 November 2007

A Comment About 'Comments'

As always, I encourage visitors to The Ready Line to leave comments, or even argue with me on a subject. I am not afraid of a good debate if someone wants to take exception to original material I've written, or other linked material to which I included written commentary. And I have nothing to hide regarding my opinions.

BUT, with that said, I do have the "moderate comments" settings turned ON. This is not to keep people from publicly disagreeing with me, but to screen the spam generated by automated email systems belonging to presidential candidates, anti-gunners, and yes, even companies selling pills or creams guaranteed to engorge your goodies. Because of Blogger's system architecture, if spam attaches as comments to Ready Line posts, it is virtually impossible to remove. What I have to do is delete the entire post, then repost it at the current date. And I would lose all of your legitimate commentary and debate.

Soooo, this was a little more than I planned to write. But feel free to drop me a line, ask a question, thank me for some info, or take me to task for something you read on The Ready Line.

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