15 November 2007

NPR Has Former NRA Lobbyist On The Air NOW

If you are near a radio or personal computer right now, turn to your local National Public Radio (NPR) station. Being interviewed is Richard Feldman, author of "Ricochet: Confessions of a Gun Lobbyist." Not a bad interview with Feldman, a former regional political director for the NRA, who says the National Rifle Association is more interested in fighting (in order to bolster membership and fund causes), in some cases, than winning.

While the NRA calls his book a work of fiction, I can't entirely disagree with his assessment. I've seen both sides, too. I have seen some evidence of the NRA turning its back on no-brainer court cases, and other situations where the lobbying giant caved in on statehouse bills (that created a myriad of problems in a particular state) in order to facilitate a national agenda (so-called "right-to-carry" for example). Ohio and elsewhere. Feldman, still an NRA member, firearms owner and supporter of many NRA projects, says he was let go from his lobbying job when he brokered the voluntary trigger lock agreement between firearms manufacturers and the Bill Clinton administration. Shortly thereafter, Feldman says, the NRA announced it had always been in favor of trigger locks.

The downside to this interview is the inclusion of John Rosenthal, co-founder the pro gun control American Hunters and Shooters Association. He is using all of his time to repeat sound bytes right out of the gun control lobby. Tune in if you have a chance.

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Anonymous said...

missed it! isn'tt his guy anti-NRA? what are the anti-gun nutjobs saying about him? have they adopted him as their own?